A message to all activists of THE BRITISH VOICE, from Mike Coleman

THE BRITISH VOICE’S Stoke and Shrewsbury rebels were at large in Oswestry!



Oswestry campaign - Karl - Rob & Mike



The sickeningly servile, anti-British apparatchiks of the enemy state are commencing plans to introduce a consignment of what they refer to as being ‘refugees’ into this pristine town.


We at THE BRITISH VOICE moved into position as being the voice of opposition against this calculated and hostile act upon that community.


It is our intention to develop and energise the resistance to the sinister plotters in positions of power who have systematically targeted towns and cities across our dear land for several decades now….many of those poor cities are no longer recognisable as being British cities.


Oswestry campaign - Rob - Deb & Mike


Oswestry campaign - Karl

Oswestry campaign - Rob2

Oswestry campaign - Mike3

If you would like to get involved….contact me.

Mike Coleman
Stoke Organiser

Text only: 07587 690451

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