Anti-British landlords are getting rich by housing immigrant-invaders!



All over Britain, unscrupulous landlords and Common Purpose anti-white & anti-British traitors are getting rich through our social housing programmes, whilst thousands of indigenous British people can’t get houses.







The DWP Housing Partnership, which is Bournemouth’s biggest private landlord, receives £4.8million in housing benefit from Bournemouth council for accommodation provided to residents. Here’s exactly how much Bournemouth’s biggest landlord Dave Wells Properties makes from housing benefit. The amount of housing benefit paid to the DWP Housing Partnership stands at over £5million a year, it has been revealed.


The figure of £4,796,876 is six-and-a-half times the amount paid to the second biggest recipient – Scott Ford Management Ltd, who received £737,703. The DWP Housing Partnership, formerly known as Dave Wells’ Properties, also received £911,390 from the Borough of Poole and £51,776 from Purbeck District Council, the figures compiled by the Daily Mirror reveal.


If you would like to contact them and politely express your concerns, their contact details are as follows:

DWP Housing Partnership:

25a St Clements Road, Bournemouth, BH1 4DU.  PHONE NUMBER IS 01202 301244


 Shame of rogue landlords who exploit the poor






In Chester an organisation known as the Sanctuary Group, encompassing Avenue Services Housing is a private organisation and has been given huge swathes of valuable land and property in the Chester area; land which actually belongs to the people of Chester. Sanctuary / Avenue claim to be operating for and on behalf of the people of Chester and are endorsed by unscrupulous Labour councillors, but most of their activities and asset grabs appear to have been done covertly and the general public don’t have a clue of what’s going on. And, when local residents attend the public meetings of this organisation and express their concerns, they are shouted down by the ‘useful idiot’ bullies that are a major part of the Labour Party these days.


The above private corporations claim to be ‘not-for-profit’ or ‘charitable’ organisations, which enables them to access huge levels of funding, as long as they carry out the anti-British activities of the enemies of Great Britain, by placing the needs of immigrant-invaders above the needs of indigenous local people. But, their so-called not-for-profit status doesn’t stop those companies paying huge salaries to their partners.


Avenue Services, Chester

Sanctuary Housing, Chester


If you would like to contact them and politely express your concerns, their contact details are as follows:

Avenue Services (NW) Ltd, Parade Enterprise Centre, 14 The Parade, Blacon, CH1 5HN

Email:  Telephone: 0300 123 1741

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