By Lynne Mozar.


London 1953


Now this is not a message of morals or morality, fault or default or even personal opinions – it is a clear and sound warning of the way that our society is going and the almost indecent haste of the politically correct lobby to hasten the end of White Middle Class England.

Our culture or whatever you need to call it has altered beyond all recognition in the last 100 years- and let’s face it there was room for improvement – as indeed with any State or Monarchist arena – regardless of various political mores – there is always ‘room for improvement and/or change’. I am not against change even though I personally resent changes –like many I cannot cope outside my own sphere of my choosing. Countries are very much like that – the people want change but there are so many different ideas of what ‘changes’ should encompass and the wide variety of propaganda sees to it that the wealthiest or the strongest get their way – thus the Re-colonisation of England and Europe mainly due to the Kilurgi-Coudenhove plan via the European Union – on which I have written quite a lot – so won’t repeat myself.

That change in population is becoming obvious even to the most liberal personas and the confusing headlines in the papers – confuse even more – rather like the message of ‘Look but don’t Touch’! Samples are:

Genetic Mix is making us taller and smarter. No, it isn’t – and the study published in the Journal Nature did not refer to the different strains of genetic diversity and the subsequent results of ‘bad’ genetic markers – which are evident on our High Streets, Media and the Jeremy Kyle show!

Channel migrants triple in just a year. The numbers have more than tripled and they are getting dangerous – as these bastards are armed and our poor lorry drivers and holidaymakers are not! You need very strong and probably inhumane measures to stop this traffic all together – or don’t bother – just realise that within one generation (10 years) you won’t count!

Minority children who outnumber white pupils. This has been coming for years – why are we surprised? In the rush to bring in, accept and integrate foreigners both coloured and white – the Brits have, as usual, forgotten their own! Put this with the breeding pattern of mainly the Islamic population and forget any thought of ‘integration and acceptance’ of the status quo already in place in most of the educational facilities in Britain for many years.


different cultures


Now my point is that this ‘changeover’ in populations has not occurred as a natural course of events or even normal human migration – it has been forced on us and to some extent Europe – as an ‘apology’ to the rest of the world for Nazism, Slavery, Colonialism, Racism, Homophobia and God only knows what else! Of course no ‘apologies’ for Communism, Socialism, Class warfare, Industrial, Business and Banking mistakes, Immigration, Reverse Snobbery and you name it! In fact everything that has gone into destroying British culture and supplanting it with a hotch potch of gene deficient whites and a mish mash of mixed races of every description – all breeding like it is going out of fashion!

Not much of a future to be honest is it?

Of course we will have the stalwarts who say ‘you cannot blame the migrants’ oh really? Why not? They are the ones who cannot speak or understand English but understand enough to know that we will as a country with an unjustified guilt complex – take them in and pay for them and their progeny into perpetuity? They know what will happen and they don’t care – as long as they are out of the hell holes they have created or allowed to create in their own countries. Hell, most were quick enough to turn on their Colonial masters and get rid – so what is their problem?

There was an interview with Blair yesterday on the 7/7 bombings and although I have no time for Blair he was right in one thing. The interviewer, like many on ITV try to get ‘political’ with their guests and this idiot did. He tried to put the ‘blame’ for that atrocity on the fact that Blair had approved the move against Iraq – and Blair quite rightly said in a nutshell ‘that we shouldn’t seek to apportion an excuse for 7/7 and indeed shouldn’t make terrorists seem ‘good’ in pay back terms. But we do, we say ‘they have been radicalised or influenced or gone short of something or other or have many reasons to hate the kuffar – well why are we justifying these people? Why are we still taking them in? Why are we giving them houses, education and health care free? And even more ridiculous – why are we still allowing them to come in to our country?

But that is the great British ‘bake off’ we make excuses for terrible deeds when done by foreigners or Islam or both and yet punish ourselves for years over things which our ancestors did or didn’t do, without the benefit of the Nanny State of Excuses or rather the Leftist School of Indoctrination.

How could we apply this method of non blame to History? Could we say that the Jews were proving difficult to control by the Romans in their provinces – so the Romans got the Jews to sell their own kind in the form of Jesus to set an example – could we put this down to reason? No.

Could we say that the Ottomans had bred too much and had to move into Europe to survive and ended up at the gates of Vienna? No or Nein!

Could we say that Marxism and Communism promptly lost the plot over class warfare and the educated in their countries and thus massacred millions of non peasants? No.
Could we excuse the Third Reich because of the Treaty of Versailles and the subsequent strength of the Jews and Communists and the resultant war? No.
Can we excuse us Europeans for colonising the Americas with Africans and ourselves just because North America contained tribes of Native American Indians and progress was needed? No.

There is so much to ‘excuse’ History for unjust actions – why are we doing it now with Islam? Not only do we ‘excuse’ them having come over for the last 50 years and still doing so, but we have ‘excused’ them into their own ghettoes of their own choosing – using our land and properties, taking them away from our own subsequent generations but are now ‘excusing’ their progeny for becoming Jihadis. These bastards were born in a country which is and never will be their own country or culture – and we continue to allow them to abuse this to a degree where a lone ISIS supporter flew that flag before Westminster and our Police looked on doing nothing. Now if I had been there waving the Union flag with a Nationalist poster protesting at that – I would have been arrested with no excuses at all!

There comes a time when ‘Excuses’ are just that and not made fit for purpose – even the most gene deficient retard can see – we are running out of ‘excuses’ and will soon need ‘reasons and retribution’. It is not enough to build memorials for dead British holiday makers – we need to make sure it cannot happen again and only the Sword brings Peace not Propaganda


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