By Whitefire66



30th September 2015.


Are you perplexed – I know I am and getting even more so with every newscast that I see. I have the distinct feeling I am living in at least three parallel universes – all saying different things about roughly the same subject and all without actually getting down to the ‘solving’ of that problem – which is, of course – the so called ‘Syrian’ ‘Refugee’ crisis – which, apparently according to at least one news source – is caused solely by Syria, Assad and the ‘suffering peoples’.


Now if you believe this load of sheer bollocks then fine, but remember that it is solely because of the Lib Dem/Conservative Coalition that Britain and Europe did not support President Bashir al Assad when ISIS first reared its ugly head-and were only too eager to heap coals of fire (as they did with Saddam) on his head and governmental processes – that we now, in Europe face the largest and most dangerous times ahead.


The Pope in Syria 2001

The Pope visited Syria in 2001 – now can you see this happening now with ISIS in control? Get real Cameron – it just ain’t happening! Now with Putin doing the right thing and supporting the elected President against these religious terrorists – at least someone has the right idea of getting to grips with the actual problem. The problem is Islam and the radical offshoots of this religion permeating the rest of the world – while the UN looks on – as usual – with a blindfold firmly in place and the proverbial jar of Vaseline.


But hark I see a light on the horizon – but is it? Cameron has pledged £10 Million to set up a ‘centre’ in London or rather Londistan as the Americans refer to it – to counter ISIS promos to what he wrongly calls ‘British Citizens’. Now I may be anti Islam – but since when did ‘British Citizens’ go to the Middle East to fight with Islam? Of course not – most of these cowards – if not all are Muslim born and those that are British or English have traitorously converted to Islam – so in any other country – they would automatically lose their ‘Citizenship’ and would not be allowed back into that country. But we in good old Blighty are actually trying to get them back and also to stop them going – why? It means that there are less of them to vote in this country – that must be the political reasoning behind trying to keep foreigners in a country to which they hold no loyalty or affection.


British-trained medic and destruction of Christian temples


Now I have no time for the Russians over here with their awful taste, worse women and showy ‘peasant-like’ lifestyles – but Putin is a man who thinks of his country, his people and the future – and, like Assad is the butt of every liberal wrong thinker in the world. If Syria was next to China or Japan – what would the West think of them fighting on Assad’s side? No Putin is right – this action should have been done by us in Europe 4 years ago – and we certainly should not have called these animals ‘Democratic Freedom Fighters’ or some such rubbish. In fact they are an insult to Animals because Animals in my book ‘Are Humans in a Different Skin’ and these ‘Jihadis’ are sub human in every respect.


So because of various terrible deeds throughout the Islamic world perpetrated by ISIS, ISIL or whatever – Europe now faces an onslaught of economic money seekers who are not fleeing persecution. Why? Because ISIS and the rest KILL when they take over and even before taking a town – so the Yazidis have gone, the Syrian Christians have gone – so who are these millions of would be ‘Syrian’ refugees? I would think ISIS fighters in disguise. It is well known they come fully armed with Mobile Phones and money. The women and kids are just a camouflage to get to the camps and borders. Many are not from Syria and throw away their passports and identification papers – which is highly suspect.


Even worse is that when they reach Germany which they have been doing for years the rapes, assaults and killings go up significantly – and it has reached a stage in certain German towns where the German women are told to ‘cover up’ because there is a camp full of Muslims nearby! You tell me what country would put up with that for very long apart from the UK that is.


German crowd



In 2012 – there were 4.5 Million Muslims in Germany – now we are in 2015 – so how many including the ‘push’ in the last 3 years? Saudi Arabia offering to build 200 more Mosques in Germany instead of taking their own into Saudi is a great indication of the mind set of not only the Saudis – but the rest of Islam. They don’t want to consolidate and help their people – they want their people to invade Europe further and convert Europe – if not by sympathy and liberalism then by the sword – and they will have the sheer numbers to do it very soon.


608,000 Muslims in Germany are, classed as we seem to do – as ‘German’. Now if I was a religious person or a racist – I would think this is very odd – as clearly to the eye they are not German and not Christian. So this seeking of another countries identity is very important to Islam – firstly because it gets them money to organise their ‘coup’ and secondly they get to be paid for breeding ever more little ‘Germans’ of a different colour and religion to other Germans. The same applies in the UK.


Cameron is taking steps you might think in the direction of naming and shaming 4 ‘British’ ISIS fighters who are already in wherever happily chopping off heads and taking ‘selfies’ of doing so – so exactly what good has that done? None – Wall, Gun and Bill for Bullet to Families springs to my mind!


The one thing the west must remember and think about is that Islam does not respect cowards or idiots – although it has more than its fair share of both. The west must gather behind Putin and get Assad back on track and get his so called people back in Syria not on Clapham High Street or a German Strasse.


German strasse on fire


These people, all these people are not British or German – they are Syrians, Iraqis, Iranians and Libyans and more and 99.9% are Muslim. Just because a person goes to a country – that does not entitle them or their children to conveniently lose their homeland status – even to get free housing and benefits. When the Europeans colonised various parts of the world they didn’t give up their ‘Englishness’ or ‘Frenchness’ did they? No, Non, Niet, Nien and Nada!


One must think outside the box – if there is a food shortage and it is either your family or a stranger’s family – which one will you fight for to get food? Our Land is running out, our whole way of life is running out and soon all the monies spent in trying to prevent Islamic terrorism and Foreign Aid promoting it will run out – then what will we do? Run out as well?


Surely Not!



  • Rose of England

    Well said, but ISIS, is a U.S. manufactured terror group.
    Nothing will change until the peoples of the west rise up and take their country back !!!

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