by Tom Steele • 5th March 2015


Gordon Bowden is an ex RAF officer who has spent the last 13 years uncovering detailed and forensic evidence of massive corruption within the British Establishment that involves Lords, Politicians and the Monarchy.


The evidence that he is witnessed and recorded handing into the BBC to do their own full investigation, is set to reveal the biggest political corruption scandal in British history, that included the setting up of two hundred and fifty thousand (250,000) phony oil and gas companies, registered from a few addresses in Finchley Road, London, and linked to the most prominent people at the core of the British Establishment. These companies were deliberately set up to steal BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of pounds from the public, and asset-strip the whole country!


This information was given to the BBC months ago; why hasn’t the BBC exposed this enormous Establishment scam, yet?!


The BBC must investigate this as they cannot have plausible deniability now they have clearly been shown the factual and forensic evidence that backs up Gordon Bowden’s claims. A story was recently highlighted about David Cameron, Tony Blair and the Stolen Nuclear Bombs…


BBC Journalists

Gordon Bowden confirms by his own investigations that this was also part of the massive corruption, money laundering and even murder committed by the organised criminal syndicate that has taken control of the levers of power in Britain. The police must now recognise that they are protecting a criminal cabal and start making arrests with the help of the British military if necessary.


I questioned recently why Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind jumped ship so quickly and without the usual outraged denial we expect from politicians caught lining their own pockets, I think the reasons have now become obvious, in my opinion they are “taking a hit for the team” because they are afraid they may share the same fate as others and get all “suicidal” because they know too much.
Since this article was written, on the 5th of March 2015, both Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind have resigned their seats in the House of Parliament. Was the water getting a bit too hot?!

Cockroaches caught in the light!


We all need to visit the ‘surgeries’ of our local MPs and hold them accountable for this corruption, and we can ask serious questions and demand full answers, and not be distracted by talk of tuition fees and a few extra nurses. I would urge readers to share this information far and wide and prevent these crooked and corrupted criminals scurrying away into the darkness like cockroaches caught in the light. The last thing that cockroaches want is to be caught in the light – so get after them, with your ‘torches’ and your megaphones!


  • jeffrey davies

    Bbc upset their masters nay they inbed with them

  • Jen Xela

    Channel 4 might do better?

  • Jackie Cairns

    We can now ALL ask questions WHY it hasn’t been reported on the BBC ,
    Instead of drooling on about how it’s Jeremy Corbyn who’s a national threat to this country.

  • Citizen Shaggy Smith

    Give copies to Channel 4, RT, and Al Jazerrah.
    Spread the truth far and wide.

    • Camulod

      Before it was sent to us it had been sent to all of the news programmes. And when we published it, we sent it to all of them, inc RT and Al Jazeera. Nobody wants to follow it up, presumably because it’s dynamite!

  • Fiona Gregory

    BBC always do what the government tells them to. Propaganda machine.

  • Brian

    Send it to Vladimir

  • Raife Keller-cooper

    why not make all this information freely available online?

    • Trig

      Indeed, giving it to the BBC is a waste of time, should of gone independent..

  • rtj1211

    I”m afraid that the BBC is involved in all kinds of shady shenanigans themselves, so they really wouldn’t be in any position to expose anyone in the Establishment, who would undoubtedly cut the license fee hugely and quite possibly sell off the BBC to Murdoch. Things the BBC are involved in: MI6 surveillance, disinformation and warmongering; hacking private citizen computers; tailing citizens in the streets using tracker methodologies including mobile phones and credit cards; communicating fixes in major sporting events, notably tennis grand slam events; fixing SPOTY votes as insider trading gambling heists. Just for starters.

    That’s not even mentioning the Dame Janet Smith report into the BBC’s covering up of Savile et al for years.

    No: the BBC is the last place to expect the story to be trumpeted.

    Your only hope is viral marketing via the alternative media. News Corp, Telegraph Group; Rothermere Group and Desmond Group won’t go near it. The BBC, ITV and Sky won’t go near it.

    You should go to RT first. Putin needs some dirt on the British Establishment so he would leap at it if he thought it would do him some good.

    • Camulod

      Hi rtj1211,

      I believe the author sent the evidence to the BBC to put them on the spot and to be able to prove that they’ve been informed of those facts. I’m sure he realised that the BBC bosses would do nothing, but for the BBC it is a LOSE LOSE situation; either way they’re stuffed!

      Thanks for the extra reminders of BBC crimes. I don’t if you’re aware of it, but about four years ago, two BBC reporters visited a man in his multi-story flat. They were after information and the man refused to give it to them. So the BBC reporters took him out onto his balcony and dangled him over his railings, in mid air; holding him by the feet, with a 70 foot drop below!

      The man was frantic and when they pulled him back onto the balcony, he suffered a heart attack and subsequently died!

      No members of the BBC were EVER prosecuted for that crime and they effectively murdered him.

      When we were with the BNP, our colleague Simon Darby confronted the BBC with the above facts and it was shown on BNPtv, but the corrupt police did nothing!

      • Camulod

        BTW, we send ALL of our articles to RT News and we have done since we created this website. As yet, they have failed to cover any of the articles we’ve published.

        Unfortunately, we have concluded that RT is part of the problem, but it’s still a fact that RT publishes more ‘British’ news than any of our own news channels.

        • vermilion J

          Gordon says that he has documents that show that RT is part of the criminal network he is exposing.

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