Muslims will destroy crusade


Are the British Police guilty of institutional anti-white, anti-British racism?


Monday 31st of May 2016 (three days ago)


  • Contrast the actions of the police in these two video’s, which were both presided over by Yorkshire policemen – one in Dewsbury, Yorkshire and the other in London, which has Bernard Hogan-Howe, born in Sheffield, Yorkshire as its Commissioner.


  • How much different have they treated muslims, compared to White British whistle-blowing patriots, football supporters and British soldiers? Read on…


  • Is this just a show of strength by muslims in Britain; or are they getting ready to try and take over OUR country by force?



The two video links, below, show huge numbers of muslims on the streets of London AND Dewsbury, Yorkshire, on the same day – Monday the 31st of May 2016.


Muslims taking over London, flying ISIS flag. U.K. May 31, 2016



Muslim colonization of Dewsbury, England. U.K. May 31, 2016



Please note that on both occasions, the police were aware of it, but chose to allow the muslims to wave the flags of the murderous muslim group known as ISIS, and to cause mayhem, on OUR streets. The muslim march through London was extremely aggressive and threatening, but Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Police Commissioner who once said he wants a “total war on crime”, ensured that his ‘men’ [and I use that word very loosely] just meekly allowed the muslims to do as they liked; intimidating and disrupting the movement of other people; behaving in a very dangerous, abusive, aggressive and extremely threatening manner.



What a ‘man’ [still being used very loosely] Hogan-Howe is?!


Keep in mind that Hogan-Howe was a relatively senior police officer in South Yorkshire when 96 Liverpool football supporters were unlawfully killed – many believe by the police – in 1989, when those innocent white British people simply attended a football match, in Hillsborough, Sheffield, South Yorkshire and were herded to their deaths by bully-boy coppers, who berated those people – young and old, able bodied and disabled – and treated those innocent people like scum! Yet they allow muslims to threaten the lives of our people and disrupt our towns and cities, whenever they like!


The Soviet Socialist Republic of Sheffield, by the way, is Hogan-Howe’s birth town, and he was pushed up the police ladder with scholarships to both Oxford and Cambridge – I wonder who he knows?! And, if anyone believes that the above statement, of police blame, is unfair then I would ask you to keep in mind that, in 1988, South Yorkshire Police behaved in an identical manner; exactly one year before those tragic deaths, at that very same football ground.


Many eye witnesses have attested to the appalling behaviour of South Yorkshire Police on both of those occasions. Thankfully, on the first occasion, nobody was seriously hurt, but South Yorkshire Police did not alter its appalling manner of mistreating innocent British people and, in behaving the way they had in 1988, for a second successive year, South Yorkshire Police ‘allegedly’ caused the deaths of those 96 people.


The details of the behaviour of South Yorkshire Police, on both of those occasions, will now inevitably come to light – and not a moment too soon!


Contrast the above actions and inaction’s, by the police, with the manner in which they deal with British patriots that try to walk through our streets, informing fellow Britons of the truth, without being molested by anti-white, anti-British policemen! The appalling manner in which those scumbag coppers treated the miners, in the mid 1980’s, is another prime example of how they disrespect and mistreat their fellow Britons. If it is OUR people they are dealing with, the boots, batons, handcuffs and water cannons are used, at the drop of a hat, but muslims and other Immigrant-Invaders can do as they like and get away with it.



Here is what Wikipedia says about Hogan-Howe:


Bernard Hogan-Howe’s position on ISIS supporters


‘…Hogan-Howe was criticised in the wake of the 2015 Sousse attacks, after a father and his young daughter paraded at Parliament Square with the flag of ISIS (ISIL). Hogan-Howe supported his men after they had refused to arrest the pair, and said that carrying an ISIS flag is “not necessarily the worst thing in the world” and should not lead to an automatic arrest. This was contrary to an earlier statement by the Prime Minister, who had written that “The position is clear. If people are walking around with Isil flags or trying to recruit people to their terrorist cause they will be arrested and their materials will be seized.”…’


Regardless of any level of decency and the feelings of millions of white British people, who abhor the murderous actions of ISIS muslims, particularly the families of the victims, such as Lee Rigby – who was horrifically slaughtered on the streets of London – Hogan-Howe appears to support the murderous muslims of ISIS, as many of the muslims in the above videos were carrying ISIS flags and they clearly support the actions of those murdering bastards. And, Hogan-Howe allowed it to continue unabated, whilst ISIS are butchering thousands of innocent people in various parts of the world, with many muslim recruits joining them from the densely populated areas of Britain.



Lee Rigby


Is Hogan-Howe an anti-white, anti-British racist traitor?


Bernard Hogan Howe

Hogan-Howe has also been given evidence of allegations of TREASON by senior members of the British Establishment and he has flatly refused to do anything about it!

Treason is THE most serious crime you can commit in Great Britain and, despite Tony Bliar’s attempts to lessen the sentence, it still carries the death penalty.

Hogan-Howe has also been informed that failure to act upon the evidence of treason is itself a capital offence – it’s called Misprison of Treason and it carries exactly the same punishment as Treason does – capital punishment!


Will the phony “knight” Hogan-Howe and his arrogant anti-white, anti-British racist contemporaries change their ways; or will they ALL face the gallows, or the guillotine?



Ultimately, the British people will decide.



    The political police are so afraid and insecure in their jobs that they just protect their pensions and hope for an early retirement asap.
    They are void of any form of pride and normally their only friends are other Political Police officers.
    In truth their w.a.g.’s are quite embarrassed and ashamed of them for what they are being paid to be, hence the high percentage of broken relationships/marriages within the political police force.
    We can get the truth from any retired Political Police officer once his pension is secured and he is out of the job, until then they are just paid Muslim appeasers who have to be seen to be arresting and making life extremely difficult for all active British Patriots

    • Camulod

      Yes, you’re right, but I’d go a bit further and say they are traitorous scum that bring shame to our country.

  • Mr Ed

    Very true. I have been on many nationalist/patriotic events and the political police are very violent and aggressive toward us.
    They let non Whites and red terrorists attack us but if we defend ourselves we, are arrested.
    The whole establishment are traitors and people need to realize that we are living under occupation.

    • Camulod

      Spot on!

      ALL of these British Establishment organisations are controlled by the communist / Marxist political charity known as Common Purpose, and they are ALL traitors to our country! …

      Government; Parliament; Whitehall; Councils; Police; Courts; Judges; Clerks; Magistrates; Lawyers; Probation; HM Prisons; Jobcentres; Revenue & Customs; Border Controls; Finance (FCA); NHS; Quango’s; Doctors; Dentists; Schools; Social Services; Banks; Universities; HM Armed Forces; Fire Brigade; Airports; Ferries; Railways; Land Registry; Ombudsman; BBC; ITV; SKY; Newspapers; Fostering & Adoption; Housing Trusts; DVLA; GPO; C.A.B; Insurance; Accountants; Architects; Builders; Dept Stores; Supermarkets; Churches; Petrol Stations; The Football Association (FA); Football & Rugby Clubs; Virtually ALL charities.

      Yes, they’ve even infiltrated our football and rugby clubs, as the FA is dominated by Talmudists, who want to see blacks and browns replacing white people in our own country – hence the huge amount of foreign players. If they can get people to like and support them, as players for their club, they will more readily accept them on our streets.

      The Talmudic controllers are very sneaky people. They did the same years ago, by bringing in immigrant doctors, nurses and dentists – the theory being that we have no choice and if we want to see a doctor, we must suffer an immigrant doctor!

      Our country will remain an immigrant-laden crap hole for as long as the British people accept it and as soon as we ALL say enough is enough, it will be stopped.

      The trouble is, soft Johnny English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish is far too nice for his own good!

      Why, oh why, oh why are our own people so accepting of everything that is thrown at them?!

      However, there IS hope on the horizon and it comes from little elderly ladies, who are demanding an interpreter every time they are faced with a foreign doctor (even if they speak good English). Rather than send for an interpreter, the hospital / medical centre simply wheel in an English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish doctor – hey presto! Job done. Everyone gets the message very quickly and they are told in no uncertain terms that – if Immigrants can demand interpreters, because they can’t be bothered to learn the language of OUR country – so WE will demand interpreters, because WE DON’T WANT IMMIGRANTS HERE!

      This tremendous example has been set by several elderly ladies in the Merseyside area.

      We at THE BRITISH VOICE salute them all!

  • Hello to all Registered Members, Associated Members and Friends,


    I have received the information below from a trusted nationalist colleague in England this morning. As can be seen the invaders are getting ever more bold and are openly parading their unity and the fact that the British ( and indeed European ) establishment are totally behind their Jihad – Holy War. It is obvious that our eternal enemy who controls both the EU and the US Congress is prepping every White country for a race war. Using this strategy our enemy hopes to complete the job started in 1914 with their engineering of WW1.

    We here in Ireland saw this first hand on February 6th last when the leader and some members of the nationalist party, Identity Ireland, were openly attacked in Dublin by gangs of traitors wielding iron bars. This and other incidents were captured on security cameras around the city yet there has not been one arrest made. As if that were not enough, on the same day we were “treated” to the sight of a muzlim cleric standing on a podium in O’Connell Street and openly declare that the GPO was “their sacred building”. This and other comments made by this invader on the day were applauded by those great “republicans” of Sinn Fein headed up by the traitor, Gerry Adams.

    Can the signs be any clearer?

    Over the past few years I have seen many people online hoping for a financial collapse in the hope that this will bring about the collapse of the power of our enemy. It is true the worldwide economy will be collapsed at the appropriate time but it will be done deliberately so as to ignite multiple race wars in every White nation on Earth. You are probably wondering when “the appropriate time” will be. It will be when the number of invaders in EVERY White nation reaches the point where they out-number us and when there are enough invaders put into positions of control in critical areas of the respective armies and police forces. At the rate things are progressing I would estimate that this point will be reached within 5 years minimum and 10 years maximum.

    In response to the invasion of Europe we have seen the rise of groups calling themselves “The Soldiers of Odin”. Standing around looking menacing and then heading off to the pub afterwards is all very fine but it won’t stop the invasion. The invaders don’t go to the pubs. They are mobilizing politically so as to take political power.

    We Europeans must do the same. We must unite our efforts to Get Active, Get Organized, Get Political, Get Power and we must do this NOW! I myself will be traveling to Britain in the coming weeks to meet up with fellow nationalists for talks on how we can pool or resources and efforts. We also have several other projects on-going designed to bring forward our political agenda which I will not elaborate on here. Suffice to say that we of The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland have put history and it’s attendant enmities firmly in the past. As far as we are concerned we are all European Brothers and Sisters and we must move forward together politically or we will be surely be destroyed separately. Unity of spirit and unity of effort is what we aim for; nothing less will do.

    I would ask you all to forward on the email below to every contact you have.

    Tony O’Neill
    The Celtic People’s Party of Ireland

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