BREXIT – An open letter to Theresa May, from Albert Burgess



Mrs May

Below is an open letter from one of England’s foremost Constitutional experts, Mr Albert Burgess. However, before we get to Albert’s letter, there are some things you should keep in mind, when meeting with officers of the European Union.


  • The British people have democratically decided to leave the EU and leave, we will;


  • The indigenous British people are now aware that we were tricked into joining the EEC/EU;


  • In 1960, the Lord High Chancellor informed Edward Heath and Harold Macmillan that it would be Praemunire to take us into the EEC/EU;


  • In 1972, Edward Heath took that treasonous action, which inferred the death of our Monarch and removed her sovereignty;


  • Under the terms of our Constitution and common law, we could simply walk away from the EU and tear up the Treaties;


  • We do NOT need permission to leave the EU and we could invoke ‘Article 50 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties 1969’;


  • Under the above Article ‘Corruption of a representative of a state‘, we could destroy the corrupt and perverted EU;


  • The above unconstitutional act also negates the power and authority of our people, represented by our Monarch, which is an act of Treason;


  • We never informed that we would be giving away our laws, country, freedom and sovereignty to a foreign power;


  • Indeed, giving away our sovereignty to a foreign nation was also an act of high treason;


  • The British people simply want no further part of the EU, but the EU is welcome to trade with us, without any EU-imposed pre-conditions;


  • Without the shackles of the EU courts, the British people will be free to revert to our own laws, as they were in 1972;


  • Brexit also means escaping from all EU rule, so we will NOT abide by the undemocratic EU laws, so please do NOT attempt to incorporate them into our law, as that would also amount to Treason;


  • The British people will NOT be manipulated, persuaded, cajoled, coerced, threatened or bullied by anyone, whether they be foreigner manipulators or home grown traitors;


  • The British people have paid the EU £billions over the past 40+ years and only c.20% of that money has been returned to us. So, we owe the EU nothing;


  • The Brexit referendum was the only opportunity the British people have ever had to oppose enforced immigration, despite the fact that we have NEVER sanctioned immigration;


  • For over 40 years we have been accused of all manner of racism and xenophobia, simply for wishing to preserve our own way of life and not be invaded by foreigners;


  • Many thousands of indigenous British people’s livelihood, homes and lives have been destroyed by immigrant-invaders;


  • The BRITISH people will NOT accept any foreigners or immigrant-invaders, of any denomination, and immigration must be reversed;


  • We do NOT want or need the Single Market or the Free Movement of People (mass immigration) and we will NOT accept either one;


  • Any EU ‘deal’ that involves any level of control over the British people by a foreign power is totally unacceptable and will be rejected by the British people;


  • If the EU commissioners wish to be difficult, the British people will simply pull out of the EU immediately and we can get on with our own affairs;


  • The great British industry will be revived, our infrastructure will be redeveloped, our NHS will be saved, our elderly cared for, and our youngsters will have a future;


  • All indigenous British people will enjoy healthy, positive and happy lives, without the shackles of foreign interference;


  • The genocide of OUR people will be brought to a very abrupt end and the race-mixers will be expelled from this land;


  • The BRITISH people have survived for 33,000 years without the European Union, or immigrant-invaders and we will be triumphant.




An open letter to PM Theresa May, from Mr Albert Burgess….




Rt Hon Theresa May MP 

10 Downing Street






Ref:  Holding Political Office 


Dear Theresa,


I watch with dismay your being blamed over the tragedy of the Kensington block of flats which burnt down and some of your ministers plotting a coup to get rid of you.  But first I would like to talk to you about English constitutional law. Knowledge of which you seem to be sadly lacking.


I am gravely concerned over the plan to open Parliament without the Queens speech.  Parliament as set up by our farseeing and thoughtful forefathers, is a tri-part agreement.  Since 1420 when the House of Commons blackmailed King Henry V into granting them the sole right to initiate all legislation, all legislation has come from the House of Commons.  Once passed in the Commons it goes to the House of Lords who, voting purely according to their collective conscience, decide either to accept the bill, to send it back for amendment or reject it completely.  If the House of Lords pass the bill it then goes before the lawfully anointed King who strictly in accordance with his own conscience will give the Assent or reject the bill out of hand.  If he rejects the bill passed by both Houses, he cannot be asked to give his reasons – though King Edward VII gave his reasons for rejecting what became the 1911 Parliament Act because it was unconstitutional and removed a protection from his subjects.


The laws concerning the King in Parliament are all Common Law.  The King calls a Parliament and the King must attend Parliament.  Without the King, it is not a Parliament but merely a debating chamber with no law making capability.  If the King is so ill that he cannot attend, he must stay in a castle or mansion house close enough to Parliament that if necessary the Kings bed with him in it can be carried to Parliament.  In the event that the King is taken ill at the other end of the Kingdom, Parliament must meet near to his sick bed.  So if you go ahead and do not have Queen Elizabeth II open Parliament and give Her speech, you are imagining Her Majesty’s death as a fully Sovereign Queen.  You will thus be guilty of high treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act.  The penalty for treason by a woman was beheading or burning at the stake, though it is now just hanging.


The House of Commons claim as the elected House, that sovereignty lies with them not the Queen.  For the following reasons this claim is high treason.


(1) When we elected our first Kings, the people themselves decided that having elected a King then the King must be visibly higher in standing than his subjects and that he must have the final say on what happens in his Kingdom.  So the King decides.  No one else.  As a result, several Acts of Supremacy were passed by Parliament confirming that position.  On the 8th March 1784 a vote was taken in Parliament as to where ultimate sovereignty lay, either with the elected House or with the lawfully anointed King.  The vote confirmed the longstanding legal position that ultimate sovereignty lay with the King and only the King.


(2) The claim that Parliament rule by Henry VIII powers totally ignores these powers and were illegal even when Henry VIII, an arrogant bully, used them.


(3) The Parliament Acts and the 1999 House of Lords Act are contrary to law as laid down in our common and constitutional law.  They constitute the overawing of the House of Lords by the House of Commons which itself constitutes an act of treason contrary to the 1848 Treason Felony Act.  That Act predates the illegal changes to the way Parliament functions. 


I have no desire to see you hang.  But when it is a toss up between you and Queen Elizabeth II, my loyalty is to my lawfully anointed Sovereign, not you.  So rest assured I would put the rope around your neck with not one thought of regret.


Now that your position is being threatened by some of your ministers wishing to be seen as strong, sack them.  There are plenty of back benchers who will be yours for life for the sake of a ministerial job.  Strike first and strike hard.


Now for the tragic fire for which blame is being heaped upon you led by that worthless waste of space, Corbyn.


The local authority planning department are solely responsible for this tragic event.  It was they, not you, who approved plastic cladding.  Plastic burns in excess of 2000 degrees centigrade and as it burns it gives off dense clouds of highly toxic gas.  It was the local authority’s responsibility to ensure the building’s fire prevention measures were was fully functional particularly including the fire main and I understand it was not working properly.  Fighting the fire at the higher levels was thus impossible.


Jeremy Corbyn was on the committee which voted against retro-fitting of sprinkler systems in buildings older than 2007.  That committee bears a large proportion of the blame for the death toll.


As to Brexit – I so hate that word – you must be strong at home and in Europe.  Do not allow your decision on a hard Brexit to be weakened.  Sack any of your people who argue with you.  As the current British Prime Minister you must prove as did Margaret Thatcher over the Falklands conflict, that you are our modern day Boadicea. The British people will love you for it.  If you fail, there is always the rope.


Respectfully submitted 


Albert Burgess


PS: If you want a crash course on the English Constitution, I will very gladly come to Downing Street to give it.


  • Rose of England

    Well done Albert, hope she pays attention to what you have eloquently written.

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