Britain is at War – Once Again

The warmongering Prime Minister, David Cameron, has finally been given the go ahead to bomb Syria – ostensibly to stop ISIS.


Cameron wants to oust Assad


Last night, a majority of MP’s voted in favour of air strikes against ISIS, in Syria. The House of Commons voted by 397 to 223 in favour of extending RAF action across the border from Iraq. Cameron has continually claimed that bombing ISIS in Syria will “keep the UK safe”. The real reason, of course, is to use the fear factor in order to convince the British people that he is waging war – for OUR benefit, just as Tony B.Liar did in 2003, when he and the previous White House clown, Bush, claimed that Iraq had the capability to bomb British targets within 45 minutes with (non-existent) “weapons of mass destruction” (WMDs).


The reality today is that Cameron and the current White House clown, O’Bama, merely want to oust President Assad, so they can recreate the United Kingdom of Israel, which was destroyed almost three thousand years ago. The recreation of the ‘Kingdom’ has been planned for a very long time and the Controllers have now decided that nobody can be allowed to stop it going ahead. The present day countries that formed part of the area formerly known as the United Kingdom of Israel just happen to be those countries that have been conquered and subjugated by the forces of the New World Order, over the past few years. And, that illegal military action taken by Western forces has resulted in millions of 3rd world Immigrant Invaders clamouring to get into Europe. Funny that; isn’t it?


Muslims at the gates of Vienna



However, we all know that when Tony B.Liar and the Labour Party took us to war in 2003, Britain became a far more dangerous place, due to angry Muslims wishing to blame our people for the actions of those anti-British despots in the House of Traitors & Frauds. Also, the British weapons expert, Dr David Kelly, was found dead in the woods after he’d exposed the fact that Iraq did NOT have any WMDs. The evidence to suggest that Dr Kelly was murdered is overwhelming – in particular, the fact that the search for him was launched at least half an hour before he had been reported as missing! – and yet our so-called democratic government chose to bury that evidence and call it a ‘suicide’.


There is no doubt that ISIS/ISIL/DAESH (or whatever they are called THIS week) are a bunch of evil terrorists and, regardless of who is behind them, they need to be stopped, but how can Cameron claim that doing so will make Britain a safer place? And, why must an attack on the terrorists involve the ousting President Assad? Why the hell doesn’t Cameron just keep his nose out of other countries’ business, until and unless he is invited to help?





Does Cameron & Co expect us to believe the lie that ISIS is such a big and powerful army that they have managed to capture half of Syria AND half of Iraq – despite the fact that Britain has controlled Iraq for the past twelve years?! Is Cameron saying that our British Armed Forces – which are renowned to be the best in the world – have NOT been able to deal with ISIS? Get real! Given the opportunity, our forces would’ve destroyed ISIS by now, but it suits Cameron to make us believe otherwise. However, I’m certain that the truth will eventually come out that Cameron would not ALLOW our Armed Forces to rout ISIS, because he and O’Bama want ISIS to destabilise Syria and President Assad. The fact that in a very short space of time, Russia has achieved massive results in their attacks on ISIS; makes it very obvious that our Armed Forces have not been given the freedom to rout ISIS, in Iraq.


But, this new Parliamentary vote for war in Syria is very dangerous indeed, as there is a serious danger of Britain coming into conflict with Russia, due to Cameron’s desire to oust Assad and Vladimir Putin’s desire to protect him. If that were to happen, we would be tottering on the edge of World War 3, and quite frankly, I would NOT support our despotic MPs in a conflict with Russia.


Also, the Parliamentary vote leaves the Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, in limbo, as Corbyn saw half of his shadow cabinet vote against him. This photograph makes it very clear that Corbyn does NOT have the support of his shadow cabinet members, as the assassins-in-chief were two of his highest commanders, Hilary Benn and (the Nick Frost lookalike) Tom Watson.


Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn flanked by Hilary Benn and Tom Watson



Corbyn has only recently been elected to lead the failing Labour Party and, although he is clearly a Communist, he is probably a more honest Communist than the rest of the Labour Party members, who claim to be fair minded democrats (my arse!). So, what will Corbyn do now? He may decide that, as he doesn’t have the backing of his Shadow Cabinet, he will simply stand down and pass the baton to the warmongers of the Labour Party; or he may say that, as he appears to have the support of the Labour membership, he will sack all of those who have opposed him!


Although Corbyn is extremely unlikely to be elected to Prime Minister (which is probably why he was allowed to win that Leadership Election) he has made some interesting noises; he is opposed to austerity measures for ordinary Britons, whilst banksters are being protected, as are we! And, he has hinted that he may expose the scam of the millennium – which is the phony monetary system – as we are already doing!


Therefore, whilst he has the opportunity, we would invite Mr Corbyn to do the right thing and tell the British people that all of the previous British governments – for hundreds of years – have presided over an enormous scam that has kept the British people trapped in a poverty stricken state of Tax-debt slavery.


That scam is, of course, the fact that no British government has EVER received a ‘loan’ from the private corporation, known as the Bank of England. They only PRETEND to get loans, so that they can distribute the money and make the banksters ridiculously wealthy, whilst the people suffer and die!


Go on, Mr Corbyn, I dare you to expose the truth!

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