Britain is being bombarded with IMMIGRANT INVADERS!!!

Bye Bye Europe


Parliamentary Traitors have poured scorn over the views of the 199,520 people who signed the petition to stop immigration!


You may have heard that a Parliamentary committee, consisting of just fourteen (14) MPs – out of 650 MPs, which is 2% of the total – has debated the petition to: ‘Stop allowing immigrants into the UK’. However, you will not be surprised to learn that those Parliamentary Traitors have poured scorn over the views of the 199,520 people who signed that petition. For every ONE of those Traitors that sat on that committee, there were 14,251 signatories to the petition, and of course, the Traitors believe that THEY are far brighter and have more rights than the rest of us, and they believe they know better!


Furthermore, there are millions of people that have voted for anti-immigration parties and I have no doubt that all of those people would have signed the petition if they’d known about it and had the opportunity to cast their vote. Some of the Traitorous MPs suggested that those who signed the petition were behaving in a “xenophobic or racist manner”, and whilst others didn’t go that far, they implied as much. Who the hell do those public servants think they are?!


MPs are public servants and they work for us; we do NOT work for THEM! And, if they don’t follow the wishes of the people, they are committing Treason, the penalty for which is still capital punishment.


Politicians - Stop Immigration NOW or Face the Gallows

The petition has now run out of time and it is very clear that the Parliamentary Traitors have no intention of listening to the one hundred and ninety nine thousand, five hundred and twenty people (199,520) that have already signed the petition. So I suggest that we keep on circulating anti-immigration, or more accurately anti-INVADER, information. We must impress upon members of the public that MPs are public servants and they work for us; we do NOT work for THEM!

Here are the details of the petition…


Petition to ‘Stop allowing immigrants into the UK’.

‘The UK government need to prevent immigrants from entering the UK immediately! We MUST close all borders, and prevent more immigrants from entering Britain. Foreign citizens are taking all our benefits, costing the taxpayer £billions! Many of them are trying to change the UK into a Muslim country!’


Total signatories: 199,520 signatures

Watch the debate:

Read the transcript:

The petition:





Here’s a recent quote from the Facebook page of THE BRITISH VOICE:

…‘Can you ever envisage a party political broadcast in which it claimed: “Vote for us and we will flood the country with Third World migrants that will force Britons down the housing list, and reduce public services to a shadow of their former quality and efficiency?” No, we doubt you saw anything like that at election time from any of the Political parties; however that is what the LIB/LAB/CON has bestowed upon us’…


We MUST start taking action, NOW!


It is time to wake up the Traitors and let them know who is in charge, and invoke Lawful Rebellion, under Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 and this must begin very soon, from a given date.


We must start nationwide activities to FORCE the British government to follow the wishes of the British people, and NOT what their bankster puppet-masters tell them to do. It is very clear that most people recognise the UNLAWFUL reality of Great Britain being ruled by a foreign power. In fact, it is Treasonous for the politicians to force us to accept such rule.






We do NOT need to wait until Cameron & Co to decide when they will ‘allow’ us to have an IN/OUT referendum on the European Union, as we must DEMAND exit from the evil EU, now. Our involvement with that totalitarian regime is, was and always will be, UNLAWFUL.

Furthermore, we now know – FOR A FACT – that the British people were LIED TO, in order to trick us into joining the EEC/EU. That was an act of High Treason and those responsible must be brought to trial for their heinous crimes, whether they’re alive or dead.




Also, we can’t trust the Labour Party or Lib Dems, because during the General Election the Lib Dems and Labour both said they did NOT want an EU referendum unless there were plans to transfer more powers from the UK to the European Union!


We do NOT have to remain in a corrupt and evil organisation that we were clearly tricked into, through the unlawful and treasonous actions of corrupt self-serving politicians.


Prison guards


So, we should reproduce copies of those Traitorous Treaties and publicly tear them up, which would symbolically mean immediate withdrawal from the EU! From that point on, no EU flags should be allowed to fly in Britain and the British people should ignore ALL of the so called ‘laws’ that have emanated from that satanic cesspit!


Why would anyone CHOOSE to remain a slave to the totalitarian Bolsjewik regime that is the European Union?!


Multiculturalism is Genocide



We must give the House of Traitors & Frauds, led by Cameron & Co, a deadline date to STOP immigration and withdraw from the European Union.





What if they continue to ignore the wishes and needs of the British people?


If they continue to ignore the British people and the rule of Common Law, we must invoke a number of staged actions to bring about a lawful and just outcome. Those actions will be consistent with Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215: Lawful Rebellion.


If the government continues to ignore us, we must carry out the following incremental actions…


• Introduce an alternative monetary system to maintain our vital supply lines (don’t worry it’s not as difficult as they’d have you believe). In circumstances, where their control is in doubt, the unscrupulous powers-that-be tend to close banks and cash machines, and force shop owners to close their premises, to deny the people access to food and fuel to support their families. This corrupt practice is often blamed on the fear of looters. Therefore, we will need our own Peace Keepers to ensure that the rule of law is adhered to, and that essential supplies are not placed at risk. This is entirely lawful and it will enable us to avoid the use of the Rothschild’s banknotes and free us from tax-debt-slavery;


• Demonstrate outside the House of Traitors & Frauds and Whitehall, to bar the entry of the “Useful Idiot” Traitors, and doorstep the homes of every anti-British Traitor, in public office. Regardless of the fact that we must withdraw from the European Union immediately, we must keep in mind that the policy of mass-immigration into our country began before the EU/EEC existed and long before Great Britain joined it. So we must not be fooled into believing that the members of Parliament are not responsible for all of the ills our people are suffering, as a direct result of immigration. They are most definitely responsible and we must demand that they follow the will of the British people. Provided we are not causing damage or violence, this is entirely lawful;


• Doorstep the bosses of every local authority in Britain, including Council offices, Local Education Authorities, police, media offices, and let their neighbours know the truth of what those supposedly ‘respectable people’ are doing. Why should we blame the immigrants, when the politicians are responsible for what is happening to our people and our country? Informing their neighbours of their actions and inactions is entirely lawful, so let’s name and shame them in their own neighbourhoods;


• Inform any and all anti-British Traitors that this act of Lawful Rebellion is totally lawful and that anyone obstructing us will be charged with Treason. Our inalienable rights are enshrined in Alfred’s Law 890AD; Magna Carta 1215AD; and the Bill of Rights 1689AD. With those rights, comes the responsibility to invoke Lawful Rebellion if our politicians are behaving in an unlawful or Treasonous manner. This is our lawful duty;


• Bring the British government to book, both locally and nationally, and keep it that way until we have closed our borders and torn up the original EU Treaties, and NOT when a promise is given to do so. For many years, the British people have trusted politicians to do the honourable thing and serve the indigenous population of these islands. And, we have not only been left wanting, our families have suffered greatly due to the anti-British policies of traitorous politicians, who conspire to commit genocide upon our people, under the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan to eliminate the white European race. It is our lawful duty to protect our people and our land;


• Stop paying ALL ‘taxes’ within our control, including; Council Tax; Corporation Tax; VAT; TV Licence; Excise Licence; Tax & VAT on fuel, tobacco and alcohol. And every other stealth tax that we can stop. We will come under pressure to pay these taxes, but we are NOT obliged to pay taxes and we only do so as part of a Collective (tacit) Agreement. However, it is entirely lawful to withdraw our consent to pay taxes, in accordance with our ancient rights;


• This will be a non-violent action but we will retain the right to use reasonable force to defend ourselves, should we come under attack. Nationalists have been demonised for many years, in order to stop the general public from discovering the truth of how the British people are held in a myriad of lies, deceit and slavery. The reality, of course, is that nationalists are far more loyal, honourable and patriotic than all of the Lib-Lab-Con-Green parties, put together! Our Freedom of Thought; Freedom of Expression; Freedom of Speech; Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Choice, are our basic rights and we may invoke them, in a lawful manner, at any time we choose, without oppression from any source;


• The police and private ‘security’ thugs may use force against us, but the only LAWFUL way in which they, or anyone else, can use force against the people is in a DEFENSIVE situation, and it is unlawful for the police to use force in an OFFENSIVE situation. The average police officer is dangerously unaware of the Common Law and they carry out the orders of their masters with no consideration as to whether those orders are lawful or unlawful. They often use threats, intimidation, coercion and violence – all of which are unlawful – and they claim that they’re allowed to use “Reasonable Force”. But, few of them realise that, although reasonable force MAY be used, it can only be used if they are defending themselves, when under attack. However, that same rule applies to the people they are oppressing, as everyone is subject to the same law;


• All police officers that behave in an unlawful manner are acting outside their remit and outside their insurance cover, which is bonded by their Oath of Office. If they should act in an unlawful manner – even if they are ordered to do so by a senior officer – they will be held personally responsible for their actions and their insurance bond will be null & void. They are not informed of this fact, and are simply told to follow orders, and their unlawful actions are often hidden through lies and deceit. But, if we remind them of these facts, on camera, and they continue to behave unlawfully, they will face the wrath of the British people and will be prosecuted;


• Police officers should ensure that all of their actions are lawful ones; even if they are acting under orders. Because, by acting outside the rule of law and their Oath of Office, they will be on their own and could be at risk of losing their job, their life’s savings and their home, as they will have to fund their own defence, which can be extremely costly. Under Common Law, to cause anyone Harm, Injury or Loss is a criminal offence – regardless of who inflicts that harm – everything else comes under the term of Statutory Regulations, which are NOT ‘laws’, and are always subordinate to the Common Law;


• We must film every campaign nationwide, including any unlawful actions by police officers, and send it throughout the world, instantly. The corrupt British Establishment has installed CCTV cameras everywhere, and there are more of those invasive devices in Britain than in any other country in the world. The British people suffer this invasion of our privacy under the pretence that the cameras are there for our own good, but in reality, they’re there to control us. Therefore, we must use that same method of control against the police, and use our own cameras to full effect – not just with one or two cameras, but with lots of them – this will ensure that police officers follow the rule of law;


The police must understand that they are public servants and NOT uniformed-thugs or the pawns of corrupt politicians, and their primary function is to keep the peace.

They have wives and children and have to live amongst the British people, and they must obey our Common Law, just like everyone else, therefore they must behave in a lawful manner at all times.





This MUST take place from a given date, but as soon as possible.


This is NOT a game. It is very serious indeed. Also, we cannot be accused of Inciting Insurrection if we follow the directions of Lawful Rebellion of Magna Carta 1215.


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