British Airways Plane is Grounded Due to Terrorist Threat



 British Airways Plane is Grounded Due to Terrorist Threat

• Flight BA 274 from Las Vegas, USA to London diverted to Montreal, Canada.
• The U.S. authorities received a bomb alert and grounded.
• Jumbo Jet carrying 312 passengers and crew disembark plane at Montreal.
• Airport security and Montreal police empty and dissect plane in search of bomb.
• British Airways announcement states that passengers will be provided with hotels.
• Passengers are kept at Montreal Airport all day, and only given one cup of tea and a muffin.
• This is the 4th time, this month (July 2015) that U.S. planes have had to do this!
• Most bomb alerts are NOT being reported, either by British or U.S. authorities.


BA Jumbo Jet


Flight BA274 took off from McCarran Airport, Las Vegas, U.S.A. at 9.25am Tuesday evening, heading for Heathrow Airport, in London. It was due to arrive at Heathrow at 3.25pm yesterday. But several hours into the flight, the captain announced to the passengers that they were being diverted because he received notice an “unknown device” was on the plane. Passengers said the captain didn’t use the word “bomb”, but the flight attendants did. Immediately after the announcement, the plane descended from 30,000 feet, to around 18,000 feet.


Flight attendants searched the plane while it was in mid-air; for a suspicious device, but none was found. The Jumbo Jet carrying 312 passengers and crew landed safely at Montreal, at 6 am Canadian time, and all 312 passengers disembarked. Montreal police and airport staff spent many hours dissecting the plane and searching the passengers and baggage. A spokesperson for Montreal’s airport authority said no bomb was found during the search.


Although the British Airways announcement stated; ‘passengers will be provided with hotels’, they were NOT. In fact, passengers were searched and then kept in an airport lounge, for twelve hours, and only given one cup of tea and a muffin! It would appear that everyone is regarded as being a potential terrorist, because the authorities are ‘terrified’ of being accused of so-called ‘racist profiling’. But, we all know who they bombers are, and they are trying to hold the people of the West responsible for the actions of the despots that rule us.


This sort of thing will continue and bombs MAY explode, but it will never dampen the British spirit. However, we must all put pressure on our corrupt war-mongering Prime Minister and MP’s to stop bringing millions of foreigners into OUR country, because the British people do NOT want immigrants here! Also, our despotic politicians must stop invading other people’s countries! Our government had no right to invade Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or any other country. It’s up to the people of those countries to determine their own future, and if they choose to live under a caliphate or a military regime that is their business.


Cameron, Clegg, Brown, Blair, Major, Thatcher etc have all claimed that we, in Britain, live in a “democracy”, and they claim that invading other people’s countries is an act of ‘exporting democracy’! Most ‘thinking’ people are well aware that we do NOT live in a democracy. We live in pretence of democracy, where candidates are chosen by the banksters and elections are rigged to ensure that those corrupt banksters-puppets are brought to power.


If YOU hadn’t realised this; isn’t it time you woke up?!


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