Charlene Downes’ Mother is suing the police



Charlene Downes’ mother, Karen, is suing the police for the appalling mess they have made of prosecuting the ALLEGED murderers of her daughter. Due to an extraordinary amount of bad policing and appalling “cock-ups”, Lancashire Police and the Crown Prosecution Service failed to convict the two Asian men that the police have said they believed murdered Charlene.


Charlene was just 14 years old: Born 25th March 1989 and went missing, presumed murdered, on 1st November 2003.  Charlene was last seen at Mario’s takeaway in Dickson Road, Blackpool, FY1 2EU, which is NOT an Italian takeaway – far from it! In 2007, the police said they BELIEVED that two Asian men, Mohammed Reveshi and Iyad Albattikhi, were guilty of raping and murdering 14 year old Charlene and putting her dismembered body into their kebabs!


But, the police failed to get a conviction and the accused men were awarded “damages” of £250,000 each! To this day, nobody has been convicted of her murder. Strangely (or NOT) the police don’t appear to be looking for any other suspects… I wonder why that is?


The BBC broadcast an interview with Charlene’s mother on the 20th of July 2017, and the Daily Mirror published the article below, on Friday 21st July 2017.

Missing Charlene Downes: Blackpool mum ‘to sue police’

Family of missing 14-year-old schoolgirl ‘who was cut up and served as kebab meat’ threaten to sue police


Here is the article which appeared in The Mirror…


‘The family of a missing 14-year-old schoolgirl are to sue police over their alleged mishandling of her investigation – weeks after a BBC Crimewatch appeal involving ‘new’ CCTV from the day she went missing.

Charlene Downes’ mum Karen has taken legal action after detectives released the previously unseen footage of her daughter 13 years on from her disappearance – after it was discovered ‘hidden’ in their own archives all this time.

Her daughter went missing from her home town of Blackpool on Saturday November 1st 2003 – and no trace of her has ever been found.

Two takeaway workers were acquitted of her murder in 2007 after a trial heard her body was chopped up and had ‘gone into kebabs’.

It emerged late last year that Lancashire Police only discovered CCTV of the teenager’s final movements after a new team of detectives were brought in to carry out a case review.

Karen claims it was the final straw after a series of alleged failings by the force, which included officers on the original case facing misconduct charges and a damning IPCC report into their investigation methods.

Now she is taking civil action against Lancashire police and is seeking damages and a public apology over their handling of the investigation and the newly discovered footage.

Karen said last night: “This is not about money it is about the principle. It is unbelievable that they have had that footage all those years and never used it.

“It is an absolute disgrace and an insult to the memory of my dead daughter.

“Why are they showing that footage all these years later when they could have used it to bring forward witnesses at the time?

“Where has it been kept and what exactly have the police been doing all these years since the trial?

“Maybe If the CCTV was shown at the time I could have got justice years ago and put Charlene to rest but now my pain continues.

“I am absolutely disgusted. Everyday is still a living hell. And instead of helping me the police add to it as they never tell me anything and seem determined to keep me in the dark.”



Detective Superintendent Andy Webster leading the enquiry into her missing daughter appeared on the BBC1 Crimewatch Live Roadshow last month showcasing the new footage.

In it Charlene can be seen walking with her sister in the city centre in Hey Street and the clothes she was wearing in the footage are the same as when she vanished.

This is now the only confirmed CCTV footage of her on the day she went missing.

But Karen says this is too little too late and that she wasn’t consulted on the fresh appeal.

She also claims police have not been in touch with her about the ongoing investigation for more than seven months.

She added: “I have heard nothing. I only found out about it when a friend who lives miles away rang me. The police couldn’t even be bothered to pick up a phone and let me know. I have lost all faith in them. I never stop missing Charlene that is why I am taking the action.”

In her Letter of Claim to the Lancashire Police force she states that she is taking action under section 7(1) of the Human Rights Act for “violation of investigative duty.”

It details: “Due to the fact that this footage was not found during the initial investigation and was not released to the public. This footage is likely to have had an impact on the investigation back in 2003.”

It added: “If a Potential witness, who might have seen Charlene had an opportunity to see this CCTV footage back in 2003, (s)he might have come forward with some useful information.”

Karen is suing for compensation and is hoping for a public apology.

To this day, despite a long investigation, numerous media appeals and a £100,000 reward, nobody has ever been brought to justice over her disappearance.

Two takeaway workers were acquitted of her murder in 2007 after a trial heard her body was chopped up and had ‘gone into kebabs’.

Kebab shop boss Iyad Albattikhi was acquitted of Charlene’s murder and his co-defendant was acquitted of helping to dispose of her body after a trial in 2007.

The jury failed to reach a verdict and a later retrial was planned but the CPS dropped this due to lack of evidence.

The main evidence against them consisted of a series of covert recordings which were later found to be flawed due to their handling.

The officer in charge later faced disciplinary proceedings over the case.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission later highlighted a series of shortcomings of the force in a damning 2009 report which said they had failed to keep proper records and used untrained officers.

Since then there have been no new breaks in the case despite the substantial reward for information leading to her body being found or a conviction.

Last night Peter Garsden -President of the Association of Child Abuse lawyers- said victims of abuse need to be taken more seriously.

He said: “Police and Authorities need to be held account for their actions. This case has had a devastating affect on the family of Charlene who was groomed before she went missing. They are quite rightly angry and feel they were let down by the authorities.

“It is staggering that this CCTV has only recently come to light. People in positions of power need to do more to protect vulnerable children and properly investigate their claim.”’




Here is the article we ran on the website of THE BRITISH VOICE, last November and we ask the question, again…



01 Nov 2016




Here are the facts…


By now, you SHOULD have heard about 14 year old Charlene Downes, who went missing on the 1st November 2003. The police said they were; “99.9% certain that Charlene was murdered” after being raped at a Blackpool takeaway.

The police ‘bugged’ the homes and businesses of the two men they believe murdered Charlene, and the following text is a report from ‘The Times’: (24th May 2007 & 22nd June 2007)…




Report from ‘The Times’: (24th May 2007 & 22nd June 2007)…


…‘More than 52 tape recordings were captured by covert surveillance of Mr Reveshi’s home and car between February and March 2004 by the police inquiry team set up after Charlene (Downes) disappeared in November 2003…

‘…The jury was told that in one conversation Mr Reveshi had said to Mr Albattikhi: “Well, hopefully I [done] it properly you know . . . he thought he saw me cutting her body up…

‘…“Do you remember she was bleeding to death?” “Yes,” replied Mr Albattikhi. “So that she made a mess,” Mr Reveshi allegedly added.      Later in the transcript, Mr Reveshi allegedly says: “The last one then, it was the last deep one and then it was the [heart] . . . that finally killed her”… At one point Mr Reveshi said: “I’m so worried and you was the one who killed her”…

‘…In his opening address to the jury last month (May 2007), Tim Holroyde, for the prosecution, claimed that a witness had heard Jordanian-born Mr Albattikhi ‘joke’ with fellow takeaway employees about how the teenager had been chopped up, and how her body “had gone into the kebabs”. Mr Albattikhi, of Blackpool, denies murdering Charlene while Mr Reveshi, also of Blackpool, denies disposing of her body…’

END OF ‘The Times’ REPORT.



It is now a documented fact that, several members of the jury were intimidated by friends of the defendants; “Asian men” followed them to their homes, and stood outside their gates saying; “we KNOW where you live.” It has also come to light that, during the trial, a member of the jury was intimately involved with one of the defendants and she even visited him in his cell during the trial – while she was still a member of the jury!


Also, three weeks after Charlene went missing, the father of one of Charlene’s friends (Tommy) was told by his daughter that Albattikhi & Reveshi were boasting about having murdered Charlene, feeding her body to their customers and powdering her bones. Tommy has stated that he then went to the Blackpool Police Station and reported what his daughter had told him. However, Tommy says that the police told him to get lost – actually, he said the police used an expletive (F… OFF!) which means the same thing – but, however much he insisted, the police would not accept what he was telling them, and they never interviewed his daughter, or any of her friends.


Tommy says that Albattikhi & Reveshi were supplying lots of young girls with drugs and he claims the police said…


“Why should we take your daughter’s word over that of a local businessman?”


This new information, alone, is sufficient grounds for a re-trial.


Albattikhi & Reveshi were acquitted of all charges, due to the Police and Crown Prosecution Service mishandling the case. Reveshi and Albattikhi were also awarded FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS (£500,000) of Taxpayer’s money, in ‘damages’!


With such damning new evidence, WHY haven’t they been brought back to court for a second trial?!


And, why weren’t they convicted of child rape and drug pushing?!


Can you help? Stand with us and tell all your friends about Charlene Downes. Boycott the Blackpool shops still linked to the two defendants:

Mario’s, Dickson Rd, Blackpool, FY1 2EU;

The Sea Restaurant, Church Street, Blackpool, FY1 1HW;

Beach Takeaway, North Prom, Blackpool, FY1 1NE;

Mad About Chicken, Talbot Road, Blackpool, FY3 7AS;

Cafe Express, St Chads Road, Blackpool, FY1 6BP;

The Sea Fish & Chips, Chapel Street, Blackpool, FY1 5AW;

Mario’s, Foxhall Rd, Blackpool, FY1 5AD.


Contact us if you would like to hand out some leaflets about Charlene.                                                                     


Do YOU buy from those takeaways – and do you know what you’re eating?


In 2012, Mr Bill Bunting, of Doncaster, South Yorkshire, donated tee shirts to the value of £1000 for the ‘Justice for Charlene ‘ Fund. The tee shirts are white and bear the words ‘JUSTICE FOR CHARLENE’ in black print. The logo also contains a Christian cross and the Union Jack heart logo.


Please help Charlene’s family to DEMAND a re-trial


THE BRITISH VOICE; 07598 744665; ;







  • Camulod

    There was a period, back in 2010, when Charlene’s 85 year old grandmother used to sit on a bench in Dickson Road, 20 yards from the takeaway where Charlene was murdered, wearing a sweat shirt with the words: ‘JUSTICE FOR CHARLENE’ on the front and back. The scumbag coppers moved her on and said she could no longer sit there, because her presence was upsetting Mohammed Reveshi and Iyad Albattikhi – the ALLEGED murderers!!! She was a very nice old lady and she died not long after, probably of a
    broken heart.

    In 2012, on the 9th anniversary of Charlene’s death, a delegation of nationalists visited that immediate area, with Charlene’s mum and family, to lay some flowers for Charlene – or should I say, we TRIED to. There was around thirty of us, all smartly dressed in black funeral suits and ties. As we approached to about 100 yards of the bench, we were stopped by a small army of ‘giant’ coppers, with accents from every part of Britain. They had clearly bused-in the biggest, meanest and ugliest coppers that I’ve ever seen. I’m six feet tall and the other man leading the delegation is 6’2″ and we’re not skinny, but those coppers were huge, and towered above us, snarling at all of us, like angry Rottweiler trolls – at a group of respectable men and women, dressed in black suits and ties. Their inspector said: “You can’t pass this point.”

    We quietly and politely explained that we are NOT approaching the takeaway shop and were only going to put a wreath of flowers on the bench. He replied: “You can’t do that and the closest we’ll let you get, is here (100 yards away).” We decided that, rather than cause a scene we’d leave them by a lamp post where we were standing. We gathered there and one of the ladies said a prayer and we left the wreath propped up against the post, and we celotaped a laminated photo of Charlene above it. After a short prayer, we turned and walked away. When we were twenty to thirty yards away, the inspector shouted after us: “If you leave this stuff here, it will go in the skip, along with all the other RUBBISH!”

    Two of us walked back and spoke to the inspector and said: “These days, you see photos and flowers at lots of places where someone has died; so what’s the problem here?” The inspector just repeated exactly what he’d shouted a minute earlier. I didn’t use any aggression or bad language, but I stepped toward him, and his giant Rottweiler trolls quickly appeared at his side. I said: “You
    and all of these thugs are a disgrace to those uniforms. To behave like this toward the family and friends of Charlene, is nothing less than despicable; I wonder how you’d feel if Charlene had been YOUR child?” We were threatened with arrest and had to leave.

    This was a senior member and around thirty members of HM Police, behaving in a thuggish manner toward a respectable gathering of the family and friends of a 14 child who had been brutally raped, horrifically murdered, mutilated and put into kebabs! Since that day, I can’t describe the level of disgust I’ve had for all coppers.

  • Camulod

    Take a look at this video…

    The Truth About The British Police State –

    This very astute young man is wide awake. The only point I’d disagree with him on, is his view of what he calls: “the Nazis”.

    The oppression this young man speaks of is absolutely NOT like the German National Socialist Party.

    It is actually identical to the Communist Bolsjewiks that beat, raped, murdered and ravaged Europe throughout the 20th century.

    Britain is now ruled by extreme Communism; hence the reason “racism”
    (a word which was invented by a mass-murdering Commie) has been elevated
    as a worse crime than murder.

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