‘Charlene Downes murder breakthrough as man, 51, arrested after Blackpool teen’s body was ‘chopped into kebabs’ following 2003 disappearance’


It’s being reported that there’s been a major breakthrough in the murder of 14 year old Charlene Downes. The text below is from today’s issue of THE SUN and it comes just a week after Charlene’s mother, Karen, has published her intention to sue Lancashire Police Constabulary. Considering that we have all pressed the police for justice for Charlene, for over 13 years, with little or no success, this seems like a very strange coincidence.


Therefore, we can’t take anything for granted and will have to wait and see. But, if I was asked to trust the police to tell the truth, my response would be to say that you’re having a laugh! Nobody, who is in their right mind and aware of the lies and deceit perpetrated by today’s British Police Force would be naive enough to believe there is any credence in this story, unless they publish some credible evidence. Without seeing the man’s identity and/or any connection he may have to the two individuals that the police have said, in the past, that they believe murdered Charlene, we should not ‘hold our breath’.


Here’s what the Sun has written, today….





‘Schoolgirl Charlene, 14, went missing nearly 14 years ago in a case that has been dogged by police blunders


‘DETECTIVES are today quizzing a suspect over the murder of teenager Charlene Downes, who is feared to have been chopped up into KEBABS.


No trace of her has ever been found but detectives believe her body was chopped up and had “gone into kebabs” at a takeaway in the town.


Lancashire Police announced a breakthrough in the cold case after a man, 51, who lived in Blackpool at the time of Charlene’s disappearance was arrested this morning on suspicion of her murder.


Last month her family reportedly revealed they are to sue police over the investigation.


Charlene’s mum Karen is said to be taking legal action after detectives appealed for witnesses with “new” CCTV footage that had been sitting in their archives for more than a decade.


The investigation has been dogged by problems ever since. A 2007 murder trial collapsed because of police errors and the IPCC watchdog ruled the force’s blunders meant the killer may never be found.


Last year a cold case team revisited the investigation and discovered CCTV footage of Charlene walking with her sister Rebecca on the day she vanished.


It was released on the 13th anniversary of her disappearance in November and again for a fresh appeal on the BBC’s Crimewatch Live Roadshow last month.


Karen says if it had been shown closer to the time she vanished it could have led to vital evidence from witnesses.


She told the Daily Mirror: “It is unbelievable that they have had that footage all those years and never used it.


“It is an absolute disgrace and an insult to the memory of my dead daughter.


“Maybe if the CCTV was shown at the time I could have got justice years ago and put Charlene to rest but now my pain continues.


“I am absolutely disgusted. Every day is still a living hell. And instead of helping me the police add to it as they never tell me anything and seem determined to keep me in the dark.”


A £100,000 reward has been offered for information on what happened to Charlene.


Officers from Lancashire Police have taken more than 4,800 witness statements and followed 10,500 lines of inquiry but the case remains unsolved.


Detectives suspect Charlene may have been a victim of sexual exploitation in Blackpool.


It was revealed that at least 60 schoolgirls were groomed for sex by takeaway workers, who would ply youngsters with food, alcohol and cigarettes in return for sexual favours.’


Where are the decent, honest police officers; and do any of them still exist?





A message to ALL British police officers….


If YOU believe you are a decent policeman; why don’t you speak out and act in favour of the British people?


By keeping quiet and following the instructions of your traitorous bosses, YOU are also guilty of Treason!


But, you can redeem your honour by speaking and behaving honestly and upholding the rights of your British brothers and sisters.



  • Camulod

    Two days ago, Nigel Lloyd, a 51 year old convicted paedophile, was arrested by Lancashire police in connection to the murder of Charlene Downes. Today, he was released without charge. How convenient is that; just after Charlene’s mother has announced that she is going to sue the police?


    Why are we NOT surprised!!!

    This smacks of a classic situation of the police arresting a convicted paedophile in relation to a murder that they know he didn’t commit, in order to make people believe they are actually trying to solve this case. They keep them in a cell for a couple of days, in the hope that the heat will come off the police. IT WON’T!

    You only have to read what was printed in THE TIMES in 2007, to understand that Lancashire Police know EXACTLY who killed Charlene and they are reluctant to re-try them. The following text is from our report last week….

    Report from ‘The Times’: (24th May 2007 & 22nd June 2007)…

    …‘More than 52 tape recordings were captured by covert surveillance of Mr Reveshi’s home and car between February and March 2004 by the police inquiry team set up after Charlene (Downes) disappeared in November 2003…

    ‘…The jury was told that in one conversation Mr Reveshi had said to Mr Albattikhi: “Well, hopefully I [done] it properly you know . . . he thought he saw me cutting her body up…

    ‘…“Do you remember she was bleeding to death?” “Yes,” replied Mr Albattikhi. “So that she made a mess,” Mr Reveshi allegedly added. Later in the transcript, Mr Reveshi allegedly says: “The last one then, it was the last deep one and then it was the [heart] . . . that finally killed her”… At one point Mr Reveshi said: “I’m so worried and you was the one who killed her”…

    ‘…In his opening address to the jury last month (May 2007), Tim Holroyde, for the prosecution, claimed that a witness had heard Jordanian-born Mr Albattikhi ‘joke’ with fellow takeaway employees about how the teenager had been chopped up, and how her body “had gone into the kebabs”. Mr Albattikhi, of Blackpool, denies murdering Charlene while Mr Reveshi, also of Blackpool, denies disposing of her body…’

    END OF ‘The Times’ REPORT.


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