Communism is Synonymous with Satanism



Dear Sir,


Re: ‘We can’t go on like this’.


Constantine did impose his determination on Christian dogma such as the Sunday Sabbath but the Gospel of Jesus Christ did not advocate beheading, violence, rape or stoning but rather that they should seek forgiveness and salvation through believing in him. We should be like the noble Bereans and ‘Search scripture daily whether those things were so’. Acts 17:11.


Greek Mythology was part of the religion of the ancients which incorporated an exoteric and an esoteric interpretation which was what the Mystery Schools taught to the initiates. This ancient mystery religion is the basis of the modern New Age Movement and the occult. So if Bill Johnson thinks religion is just a matter of entertainment he is mistaken.


Perhaps he prefers Mikhail Bakunin who wrote: ‘The evil one is the satanic revolt against divine authority, revolt in which we see the fecund germ of all human emancipations, the revolution. Socialists recognise each other by the words; “In the name of the one to whom a great wrong has been done.”

…’Satan (is) the eternal rebel, the first freethinker and the emancipator of

worlds. He makes man ashamed of his bestial ignorance and obedience , he emancipates him, stamps upon his brow the seal of liberty and humanity, in urging him to disobey and eat of the fruit of knowledge.’

(Mikhail Bakunin, ‘God and the State’, page 112).

If Satan was this easy to spot


Or perhaps Bill Johnson prefers Bakunin’s associate, Karl Marx (aka Mordecai Levi), who said:

‘Thus heaven I’ve forfeited,
I know it full well.
My soul, once true to God,
Is chosen for hell.’

(Richard Wurmbrand, Marx & Satan. Op. cit., MEW,XXX, Karl Marx, ” Das Bleiche Madchen” [” The Pale Maiden”], pp. 55-57).

Karl Marx - Satanist


No further comment needed.

Yours Sincerely,

Milton Ellis (Newtown).

  • Dave

    Mordecai Levy AKA Karl Marx was a Rothschild’s third cousin; which explains why he claimed to want to overthrow capitalism, but never mentioned the Banksters, who of course were also funding his indolent existence.

    Free the working class my arse!? and the Marxists and their fellow travelers are to congenitally stupid to get it.

    • Dave

      Correction: Mordecai Levi

      “In order that the true meaning of things may not
      strike the goyim
      before the proper time,
      we shall mask it under an alleged ardent desire
      to serve the
      working classes…”
      Protocols of Zion VI
      – See more at:

    • Dave

      Karl Marx

      ‘Never ran a company.
      Never held political office.
      Never oversaw any accounts.
      Never even held a job-any job.

      Supported throughout his life by his friend Freidrich Engels, the son of a wealthy factory owner.
      Considered by many to be the biggest social, political, and economic philosopher of all times.

      All application of his theory ended in failure.’

      I wonder why???

  • Camulod

    Well said, Dave.

    Millions of very stupid people are STILL under the misapprehension that Marxism / Communism is anti-bankster !

    The reality, of course, is that the Rothschild banking family – the richest and most powerful banksters, for the past 200 years – financed Karl Marx’s pretence of an attack on the banksters, in order to fool the masses, and it worked.

    The real hidden message was:

    “Forget your individual rights and privileges and trust in the State and the Trade Unions, and they’ll do your thinking for you.”

    Millions of people believed that nonsense, and subsequently allowed ‘others’ to do their thinking for them. No wonder Britain’s in a mess!

    The Commie trade unions AND the government are ALL working for the Rothschild’s – who dangle politicians like rag dolls and hold all of the British people as Tax-Debt Slaves, through their corrupt Bank of England and their funny money.

    For nationalism to succeed and free the British people, we must start thinking and discovering the facts, for ourselves.

    • Dave

      Thank You!

      Not only must people start thinking and establishing the facts
      for themselves on any given subject, but also we must speak the truth
      objectively without fear or favour and put our predators on the back foot,
      instead of the defeatist attitude of always back peddling; because we live in
      an inverse world, and the truth is the opposite of what we are led to believe.

      This is the only way we are going to win. So it is time to stop
      pussy footing around because we no longer have the luxury of being afraid of being
      called names. “Sticks and stones will break your bones, but names will never
      hurt you”.

      So let’s always be on the front foot from now on, and we will
      get the masses behind us and lead them to victory, by setting an example of
      moral courage and fortitude.

      than the tread march of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has
      come”-Victor Hugo

      Our time has come! Are
      you ready? Or are you going to continue to procrastinate and acquiesce, while
      Rome is burning thinking about football and other irrelevances falsely
      believing someone else is going to save your sorry arses. Sorry if you think
      like that, you are part of the problem and not part of the solution; so everything
      that comes upon you, you will thoroughly deserve, and we have no sympathy for
      you now or ever.

      Its get your arses
      off sofas time! We can all do something even if it’s only leafletting or
      writing letters too local papers, etc. There is no excuse for doing nothing-period!

  • Baskar Alvar Maniccam

    Marx’s effort to derive the market price of goods from their value, the labor that went into them, was a vestige of the 19th-century economic theories of David Ricardo and John Stuart Mill. By the time Marx died, economists had already given up trying to relate price to value and were beginning to understand that value was a chimera. With the growing dominance of technology, it had become impossible to locate value in the time required to produce goods, as Marx, following Ricardo and Mill, had tried to do. Machines can make products incredibly fast; but these products aren’t worth any less than if workers had spent days toiling at them, as Marx’s theory suggests. Marx’s essential idea, influenced by Ricardo, was that capitalism would become less and less profitable and that its downward spiral toward the abyss of deflation—lower prices, lower profits—would be followed by worldwide revolution. Instead, capitalism has become vastly more profitable.

    Marx’s writing style was a calamity: full of sometimes puerile vehemence, Marx heaped scorn on his opponents, inaugurating the long Marxist tradition of mercilessly deriding anyone with incorrect opinions. Marx displayed particular contempt for the high-living, dandyish Ferdinand Lassalle, a fellow socialist also of Jewish origin. In a letter to Engels, Marx mocked Lassalle, who supposedly had African ancestry, as a repulsive “combination of Jewry and Germanism with the negroid basic substance”; “the pushiness of this lad is also nigger-like,” he added. In Marx’s pamphlets, mudslinging abounds: His opponents are generally idiots, traitors, and scoundrels, but these heavy-handed insults tend to make us doubt Marx himself, since he relies so much on vituperation instead of reasoned argument.

    The purpose of Marx’s work was to sabotage the nascent socialist movement; he reframed all of the socialists who came before him as exponents of “utopian socialism” and his ideas as so-called “scientific socialism”, the theory of which the people must follow dogmatically as a secular religion, no matter how much it fails in practice. It should be noted that before Marx ever wrote a word the socialist movement already existed in Germany, France, Britain and elsewhere, each with their own national expressions and ideas of how to improve the situation of the working-class following the Industrial Revolution. In later times, after Marx and especially after Lenin used his work to create Bolshevism, his followers have tried to monopolise the phrase and insist unless you follow Marx’s theories, you cannot be a socialist. This is a clear fraud and usurpation.

    Marx’s best known work is the book Das Kapital, which fails to mention that money is printed out of thin air and keeps the name of his cousins, the Rothschilds, out of it, despite the fact that they were the richest and most powerful capitalist family in the whole world. Rothschild hired Marx to draft a social doctrine to invert moral order for centralizing their nation state’s wealth Into Rothschild controlled coffers. Marx saw free trade as positive because it undermines established nations and cultures.

    The most pronounced and consistent aspect of Marx’s ideology was his extreme and radical hatred of Russia and everything to do with the culture of that nation. Marx and Engles regarded Russians and Slavs in general as subhuman (völkerabfall) barbarians. Marx used the newspaper Neue Rheinische Zeitung to try and incite a war against Russia. This Russophobia was also behind the strange alliance with Tory, David Urquhart, when he moved to London and Marx thus has the blood of the people who died in the Crimean War on his Jewish hands. Henry Hyndman, who spent many hours in Marx’s company in his Record of an Adventurous Life attributed this anti-Russian obsession to Marx’s Jewish ethnocentrism.

    • Camulod

      Well said, sir.

      This is an excellent appraisal of that Rothschild stooge, known as Karl Marx.

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