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You may have taken the time to visit this website for any number of reasons, but we trust that you would like to discover more about THE BRITISH VOICE and how you can add YOUR voice to the growing number of British people who are fed up, to the back teeth, of being ignored, mistreated and enslaved by the corrupt despotic politicians than run Great Britain.


You will find plenty of information on this website to decide whether or not you wish to join us, so we will not attempt to try and persuade you. After all, this is YOUR country too; it is YOUR land that is being given away to millions of immigrants; it is YOUR children’s future that is being stolen; it is YOUR job that is being taken from you; it is YOUR neighbourhood that is being destroyed; it is YOUR livelihood that is being taken away; it is YOUR culture that is being destroyed; it was YOUR forefathers’ blood that preserved this land; they fought, bled and died for YOUR FREEDOM…


Do YOU really want to dishonour their memory and throw it all away?


Please join us and help YOUR family to defend themselves against the tyranny of the anti-British despots that control Britain. Download/Complete a copy of our Membership Application Form, or contact us through the following methods;


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We need to wake up ALL of the BRITISH people – URGENTLY!

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