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We, in the UK and Europe – but us mainly in the United Kingdom – are being bullied like a kid in a school playground – to take millions more ‘Economic Refugees’ into our country – despite having been taking in these people and many more from varying countries over the last 50 years! It simply is not fair or reasonable to expect countries in the western hemisphere to take in millions of foreigners simply because their own countries have proved unstable due mainly to their own religious and political beliefs and actions.



A video was sent to me of Roy Beck in the United States making an excellent and sober presentation – (free of all the idiocy that surrounds talk of migrants and also free of the abject sentimentality usually accompanying such a subject) – of world poverty, immigration and gumballs!


He used gumballs to illustrate the sheer numbers of the peoples involved and there are billions concerned but that the UN and the EU are convincing us in Europe – that by taking them all in and allowing them to outbreed us (with monotonous regularity) – it will actually help ‘World Poverty’!

Now the figures in the official figures of the guys who deal in ‘World Poverty’ are shattering to say the least. They class ‘poverty’ as anyone who has to live on less than $2 a day. Probably what many of our old age Pensioners are grappling with at the same time but I digress.

Africa has 650 Million people living on under $2 a day. India has 890 Million people living on under $2 a day. China has 480 Million people living on less than 2$ a day – put that with the rest of South East Asia who contribute another 110 Million people on under 2$ a day and do the sums yourself. I make it around 3 Billion people living under the world poverty limit line. By the time Mr Beck has lined up his bottles of gumballs – they practically obliterated the millions already taken in by the United States. (Mr Beck is American)

Mr Beck had two very salient points which all the politicians in the EU, UN and NATO should acknowledge.

1. It isn’t the real poor that migrate or run – they often cannot afford to leave their countries with their families. It is an old adage that ‘if you cannot make it in your own country – you might well not make it in another one’ – harsh but true for many.

2. Leaving your country is not the long term answer for you, your families or your culture. I am not talking about the Muslims here – more of them later.

In fact the truth of the matter is that 99.9% of the World’s peoples living ‘in poverty’ will not be helped by a massive migration from their countries by the people who should be staying and helping their own poor in their own countries.

If the rest of the world has a responsibility – and I think it does – it should be making sure – very much earlier on in this 21st century – that those countries with appalling poverty incomes – should be made better for those people so they don’t leave and encroach on mainly western countries – but stay and either fight for what they need, build it or legally politicise their futures.

The West has been shoving money into Africa and India for years and now we are shoving money into China – amongst the ridiculously named ‘Foreign Aid’ is the latest joke – namely £3 Million to teach them Football – and they are paying us back in manufacturing cheap Steel on virtual slave labour to force the West out of the market – this of course appeals to our steel industry – the Indian owned TATA corporation enormously.

Most of this money has not gone into the poor or helping the poor – it has gone into arms, drugs, gangsters and corruption – whilst the West is still having to take in vast numbers of peoples from these countries on a regular basis – under the guise of ‘Helping World Poverty’.. It doesn’t help World Poverty and it never will. Even in our Bible it says ‘the poor will always be with us’ and they will be – whether it be under a Communist, Fascist, Conservative, Democratic or whatever system – we will always have people slipping under the watershed of what is commonly accepted as a normal living standard. I don’t agree with it and I don’t think it is right – but it is I am afraid – part of our world in every age or generation.

It doesn’t mean we cannot help these people in their own countries but it does mean that the whole subject and ethos of ‘Immigration’ is very, very suspect and so are the reasons for the encouragement of it from our various Governments, Think Tanks and the Establishment.

Europe and the UK are testing grounds for the New World Order – there is no doubt about that. The apparently ‘new’ surge in migration from the Arab world is a mere taste of things to come – ably encouraged by the EU and the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. I have written on length in days of yore on the brilliant and deceptive undertaking of this Plan since the last war – which has used the people of Islam to create a huge multicultural and solely religious Caliphate in Europe. The question should be – should the Muslims allow themselves to be used in this way and should our Governments also allow it – albeit under the name of a ‘Humanitarian Crisis’?





It must be obvious to all but the select few that this ‘Crisis’ is man managed and benefits only those contributing to The Plan of making not only a Multicultural society but a Caliphate of Europe but also conquering the peoples of the Nordic/Celtic lands by the lateral Consent of those Peoples.

Many of those fleeing from Syria – in fact all of those fleeing – should have settled in neighbouring Muslim countries and indeed would have in days gone by – without the ‘advertising and co-operation of greedy ‘People Traffickers’ , various interested Corporations and of course instigators of the C-K Plan – who all masquerade under the banner of ‘Humanitarian Causes’. Before the last war – such a problem as we are being faced with in Europe would never have occurred. There have always been Migrations – but never in the history of man has one particular group been encouraged in moving literally half way around the World – unasked, unwanted and despite various media outlets – unneeded!

The tragedy of the situation that has been encouraged by nefarious means is that we will have a huge stronghold of young Islamic men – of all ethnicities – deep in the heart of our countries – and we, the people will gradually be blocked from even objecting on OUR Humanitarian grounds to the encroachment by sheer numbers of Muslims, using our Benefits systems, Schools and NHS in the present day – let alone the breeding programme that all Muslim families seem to undergo of having at least 4 children per wife.

The Germans are fast learning they have backed the wrong horse in Merkel, and PEGIDA is on the march. However the bleats of protest from various Ministers in the German government are Hell bent in keeping all protests as quiet as those in the UK!

“PEGIDA has been strongly criticized by the German authorities. German Minister of the Interior Thomas De Maizière called the organizers of the rallies “far-right extremists and demagogues.” …“Stay away from those people who are injecting this hatred, this poison into our country!” he said.

German Minister of Justice Heiko Maas said that the PEGIDA-movement as well as, to some extent, the Eurosceptic party Alternative for Germany (AfD) are humiliating refugees and branding them as misfits. “That always begins with the words! At first it comes to psychological barrier and then real acts follow,” he said. The movement is usually criticized for racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia.

You see – we are all suffering from ‘RACISM, XENOPHOBIA AND ISLAMOPHOBIA’ – but what do a people do when faced with annihilation on a grand scale? How can one appeal to ones’ Government, State or President when faced with official damming at every titch and turn?

There is very little difference in the words quoted by Hitler (supposedly) to ‘wipe the Jews off the face of the Earth’ and the ones allowed by all and quoted by (and later denied) Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, a member of Iran’s Assembly of Experts. “However, we firmly believe [Israel] must be wiped off the face of the earth and we don’t recognize [its existence].” Khatami said according to IRNA, the official news agency of the Islamic Republic.


So Islam is allowed to be Racist, Xenophobic and Anti Semitic on a grand scale but the reverse is verboten!


When will the powers that be realise that we have learned what is going on and who is backing it? When will they learn that the indigenous peoples and very early migrants are suffering and will suffer more and that this suffering will not ease ‘world poverty’ –it will make it much worse and it will open the doors for countries like China to interfere and colonise? When will Islam realise it is being used on a grand scale to divide and conquer Europe?


Why oh why are we not turning back the Boats or Lorries now it is almost too late? Why are we not fortifying our borders like Hungary? Why are we in the UK and Europe Hell bent on destroying our own culture and religion? Why, why are we so weak and self serving in the face of almost total destruction – not integration or acceptance but Destruction on a grand scale?



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