Donald Trump IS Welcome Here !



If only Great Britain had a leader who was in tune with the people of Britain;…


  • We would dump the European Union IMMEDIATELY!


  • British Law would immediately revert to the way they were in 1972, before all of the politically correct garbage;


  • Our indigenous Caucasoid British people would be placed at the front of every queue;


  • Immigration would be stopped, immediately and millions of immigrant-invaders would be sent back to their own countries;


  • Our Constitution would be reinstated: Magna Carta 1215; Treason Act 1351; Act of Praemunire 1351 & 1392; Act of Supremacy 1559; Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688/9; and the Treason Felony Act 1848;


  • No foreign person… [would] have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority ecclesiastical or spiritual within this realm;


  • Immigrants would not be allowed to own property or hold any public office, which gives them pre-eminence over British people;


  • Our Armed Forces would protect our borders to stop any invaders sneaking in and to end drug smuggling;


  • Our neighbourhoods would be populated by British people, instead of the dregs of the earth;


  • Drug abuse would be virtually wiped-out and crime would fall to the levels of the 1960’s;


  • Elderly British people would be safe to walk the streets at any time, without the fear of being beaten up;


  • British children would be safe to be out on their own, without the fear of child-raping paedophiles;


  • Political correctness would be abolished and our Constitution would return, along with our Freedom of Speech;


  • New homes could be provided for married British couples wanting to marry and raise a family;


  • The £15 billion that Britain donates to Foreign Aid, every year, could be spent in Britain, on British people;


  • Our National Health Service could be saved from oblivion and our A&E wards would treat patients quickly;


  • The crumbling infrastructure of our once-great country would be rebuilt;


  • Unemployment would become a thing of the past and our youngsters would be trained to perform the best jobs;


  • Anti-British traitors would be prosecuted for Treason against this realm;


  • Our state sponsored broadcasting corporation – the BBC – would become patriotic, instead of Marxist.


Britain would be a democracy at last!



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