The health of our nation is VITALLY important!


THE BRITISH VOICE is committed to Protecting BRITISH People and that ‘protection’ covers every aspect of our well being. This page is dedicated to exposing the harmful effects of various foodstuffs and also informing people of the various ‘cancer cures’ that are available. Please note that different ‘cures’ work on different people, so you will need to find the ones that resonate with your own body.



We are well aware that food manufacturers are adding an enormous amount of harmful chemicals to our food and drink and they are doing so with the permission of the government. If the government claims NOT to be aware of things that thousands of ordinary folk are keenly aware of, then the government is LYING.


If members of the government claim they genuinely do not know – then they are still guilty, because they should know! They are responsible for food standards, so they WILL be held responsible.


Many of the additives that they are allowing to be used in our food have been scientifically proven to contain a carcinogen, which means that those additives are directly involved in causing cancer. We will endeavour to list all of the harmful additives that we discover and we would ask you to help us to help other people to avoid those poisonous substances.


For now, we will mention just one food and drink additive that we should all avoid, like the plague! It’s called Aspartame and it is a carcinogenic chemical which is extremely harmful, in fact, many people have dubbed it ‘the most deadly additive in the world’! It is reputed to rot brain cells and attack the immune system and it can be found in virtually ALL sugar-free food, diet-drinks and chewing gum.


The government has embarked upon a system of attacking sugar; implying that sugar is an appalling product, but sugar is nowhere near as harmful as its replacement – Aspartame! Once again, the government and NHS outlets promote products containing this wicked additive, and when it is pointed out, to chemist chains, for example, they say there is no evidence to support the allegations. Actually, there’s lots of evidence, but for some reason, known only to the anti-British globalists, they would rather sell us brain-rotting-poison than sell us a natural product, such as sugar.



We cannot trust governments to inform us of how best to stay healthy and many of their prescription drugs contain far more harmful additives than we should ingest. British people are bombarded with adverts asking us to donate to cancer charities, but the fact that there are lots of cures for cancer, has been kept from us. Some of those cures have been around for hundreds of years and other, more recent cures have been purposely suppressed, to ensure that we keep on using the products of the pharmaceutical companies, or so-called Big Pharma. They make mega £billions by selling their drugs to the NHS, so the last thing they want is for us to heal ourselves through natural means.


Cancer can be cured by various natural remedies and you need to find the cure that suits your own body. However, as with most things, you shouldn’t wait until you become ill, or are diagnosed with cancer, before you start taking steps to retain your health and combat all such ailments. A healthy lifestyle is always advisable, but it needs to be a lifestyle which is in tune with your body, and not somebody else’s body; as there isn’t one cure-all panacea for everyone.


British Cancer charities have been in existence for 100 years and although there are many homeopathic ‘cures’ for cancer, many of which have proven to be highly effective, the various cancer charities, that have now merged as one in – Cancer Research UK, which has an annual turnover of £537 million!!! – still haven’t managed to find a cure for cancer. But, one thing they have done, is to create a huge organisation which pays its executives very handsomely indeed, and their street collectors get paid far more than the minimum wage – and you thought they were volunteers, just like us! If you think about it, it wouldn’t be in their interests to actually FIND A CURE FOR CANCER, as their fat salaries would disappear!


THE BRITISH VOICE is committed to exposing all of the phony charities that do little or nothing for those they pretend to help, but their own people do very well out of it. Also, most of them are Common Purpose agents, with an anti-British agenda.


Watch this space.



We need to wake up ALL of the BRITISH people – URGENTLY!


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