Eulogy: Mary Andersson – The most ardent British Patriot

Mary Anderson with her husband, Carl


Eulogy: Mary Andersson.

Our very good friend and prolific nationalist/indigenous British patriot passed away on Christmas Day, at the age of 79, and she is now with her departed husband, Carl, who was another excellent example of British patriotism. Their ashes will be spread on the Wirral on the 1st of April, which is Mary & Carl’s wedding anniversary.


Anyone who believes that they are too old; too weak; too unfit; too timid; too afraid; to stand up for our people and our country, should learn from the standard that Mary and Carl have shown; as their age and ill health never stopped them helping our countrymen and women. Unfortunately, Carl passed away before I got to know the Merseyside BNP team, but all of my colleagues said he was an absolute gentleman.


Mary, however, was my good friend and colleague, for many years, and she is known by nationalists all over Great Britain. Also, due to her tremendous effort and courage our Scottish friend, Joe Finnie, affectionately nicknamed her “Scary Mary”. That’s NOT because she was nasty or unfriendly, but because she was afraid of nothing and she had the heart of a lioness! Some of the comments and images below will attest to Mary’s courage in the face of political correctness, not to mention adversity. There’s a fascinating story behind every one of those images and one day I will write a book about it; because brave British stalwarts, such as Mary Andersson, should never be forgotten.


No matter where help was needed, in good or nasty weather, day or night, Mary would be there. We’ve done all sorts of campaigning, always peacefully, and we very often encountered Commie thugs who wanted to stop us exposing the truth of what is really going on in Great Britain. Those anti-British thugs are almost always backed by anti-British police officers – or ‘Tax Collectors’.


The British Establishment use those Commie scumbags to do the work that the police would like to do themselves – attack peaceful whistle-blowers – but the law says they are not allowed to behave that way. So they inform their scumbag friends and then stand there watching while those Commie scumbags attack us. Although the Commies will never attack indigenous nationalists unless they outnumber us by four or five to one, as they are spineless rats.


Five years ago, on a Saturday in the centre of Liverpool, ten of us (five men and five women, including 74 year old Mary) were collecting signatures to bring our troops home from Afghanistan and Iraq – the illegal wars that our troops should never have been sent to – and we were collecting a 100 signatures an hour! We were surrounded by Commie scumbags. They began surrounding us at 11am and by 4pm, there were 400 of them and they had completely encircled us.


Throughout that whole time, the Commie scumbags were cursing us with foul language and bombarding us with bottles and cans of liquids; eggs; tomatoes and everything imaginable – even a very powerful incendiary device, which struck Peter on his foot, instantly burning through his shoe and sock. This all took place while around 100 anti-British police officers stood there watching. After 4pm the Commies were close enough to push us around, and they were allowed to punch and kick us, with anti-British police officers just two or three feet away, viewing everything and never attempting to stop them. That experience would shake the resolve of most people, but not Mary, or Hazel, as they kept their head and their dignity throughout.


Such is the state of the so-called “democracy” that reigns in Great Britain and most people are oblivious to it; as they are far too busy watching soap operas, football and celebrity nonsense. Also, when 47 Muslim child rapists were being prosecuted in Liverpool for their horrendous acts of sexual enslavement, depravity and torture of innocent children; we were present outside the court, to alert the public to what was secretly taking place behind closed doors, and without any media reports whatsoever – despite the fact that hundreds of journalists were present. The anti-British police didn’t like our presence and they tried to contain us in a corner, but many of us know the law on such issues and we refused to consent to the police brutality, so we walked off and returned at will.


Mary and I struck up a conversation with a friendly older policeman, and he asked why we don’t like policemen. We had explained what his colleagues had done just a couple of months before (mentioned above) and, despite the fact that they know we never cause any trouble, we always get blamed whenever we get attacked! Also, that the majority of police officers treated us like dirt, while they praised foreigners who have no right to be in OUR country.


The police officer we were speaking with said: “I don’t understand why you don’t like us, as we are British people, just like you.” At that point, two other police officers approached us, and the friendly copper said: “Let’s ask my colleagues if they agree with me.” (the reader needs to understand that Mary was a very polite, little old lady; 74 years old; white haired and 5ft tall) The friendly officer called the other two over and said: “This lady doesn’t like us; can you explain to her that we are friendly people?”


“… if I thought I’d get away with it I’d kill you myself.”


The first police officer said to Mary (while I was no more than three feet away)  “Are you with that lot over there?” (pointing to the BNP group) and Mary said: “You mean the BNP; yes I am, why?” That scumbag officer then responded with: “Do you know what; if I thought I’d get away with it I’d kill you myself.” We have been threatened by police officers lots of times, but Mary was shocked that a police officer would admit something so dreadful, especially in front of witnesses, but she kept remarkable calm. She looked straight at him, without responding, and then turned to face the friendly officer – whose face had turned grey with shock – and she said to him: “I rest my case.” We both walked away and the friendly officer was left dumbstruck.


Such is the state of the British Police Force. There was a time when I would always support police officers and if they were being attacked, I would risk my own safety to help save them, because I respected them. But not any more, nowadays I wouldn’t spit on a copper if he was on fire!


In public buildings and hospital or doctor’s surgeries, Mary would not accept being attended by a foreigner and she would politely insist on being attended by an English doctor, and the staff would almost always respond with: “Sorry, but there’s none available, so you will have to let this person (a foreigner) attend you.” Mary would then respond with: “Oh; well in that case, I need an interpreter, because I don’t understand what he is saying.” The assistant would insist that ‘everyone’ can understand ‘Mr Ali Bongo’, but Mary would simply say: “Well I don’t understand him and I’d like an English doctor to attend me, please.” At that point, the nursing assistant would miraculously find an English doctor to examine her.

Mary had the courage of her convictions and she did that many times; proving that, with a modicum of courage, the British people CAN make a stand!

Mary – Hazel – Lloyd – Karl & Mike, in Rhyl…


Mary & Hazel in Liverpool when 47 Muslim child rapists were in court…

Mary & Les in Liverpool…

Mary & Mike in Liverpool…

Remembrance Sunday at Liverpool Cenotaph…

World War One One recruitment re-enactment in Chester…

Mary & Hazel leafleting on the Wirral in all weathers…

The power of ladies: Mary & Hazel after ‘saving’ Thornton Hough from hordes of Muslims…

Collecting signatures in Liverpool for the Bring Our Boys Home campaign…

A group of our TBV team at the March for England, in freezing and stormy Blackpool…

St Georges Day celebrations in St Helens…

Good night, Mary and God bless; we all miss you.

  • Rose of England

    Very good write up. Mary was a lovely lady and a staunch patriot, she will be sadly missed, but never forgotten.
    R.I.P. Mary !

  • Camulod


    This comment was refused by Disqus because I am banned.

    There are many out there who know right from wrong but are too reserved or frightened to object to our governments corruption.
    Their, your silence, is condemning our offspring to slavery.

    The globalists already have an army of mind controlled idiots masquerading as policemen. Policemen should have a unique responsibility to uphold the law and not follow the illegal instructions of their so called superiors. Their superiors are there to make sure the constables act as an army to control free speech.

    Each of us should continually challenge them when they try to stop you explaining that the Koran and the Talmud must be against our common and statute law because they promote illegal and unlawful acts.

    So speak up you people or lose your freedoms.

  • Camulod


    Very touching tribute about Mary, a wonderful, brave lady. It was an honour to have met her.

    Regards from us both.

    Take care.

    Chris and Julie

  • Camulod


    A great eulogy to remember a lovely lady.


  • Camulod


    Mary had more ‘balls’ than Margaret Thatcher.

    Mary was a lady – and a legend!


  • Camulod


    I’m so sorry to hear this news. Mary was a great lady and patriot.

    She will be catching up in the spirit world Marlene and others.


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