Eulogy: Sam Whitby – a True British Patriot

Our friend, brother, and fellow patriot Sam Whitby, brother of Mike, passed away recently, at the hands of the severely depleted NHS. He was living with cancer and was admitted to Wrexham Maelor Hospital with a minor infection, but, he then contracted two highly deadly viruses whilst he was a patient at that hospital – C-DIFF and MRSA.


Due to the presence of D-DIFF, a Post Mortem (PM) had to be conducted, and incredibly the Coroner ruled that Sam died of ‘Natural Causes, due to SEPSIS and (Cancer)’. Surprisingly, those deadly diseases mentioned above were not even considered by the Coroner ! This was despite the fact that the reason the PM took place was due to the presence of C-DIFF. So, it must have disappeared, mustn’t it ?!



Sam was also starved of food and nutrition over the last month of his life, as the doctors were “more focused on keeping him comfortable and free of pain”. Does that sound like the ‘Liverpool Death Pathway’ to you ? It does to me ! It certainly was, and no matter how many times we requested that he be fed with a nasal tube, our requests were ignored by NHS doctors who have the mistaken belief that they are Gods and that they should be allowed to determine who should live and who should die !


Sam had been disabled since his early teens, after a football accident, but despite that, from the tender age of eighteen he started managing rock bands and taking them on tours all over Northern England and Wales. He was also one of the first managers to take rock groups to Germany, to entertain the British soldiers that were based there during their National Service. The first group/band that Sam managed was Rory Storm and the Hurricanes, who were the biggest Northern band by far, in the early 1960’s. The drummer of that band was Ritchie Starkey (who later became known as Ringo Starr) and he was poached from the Hurricanes to replace Pete Best, as the drummer of The Beatles, who were now managed by Brian Epstein.


Sam managed lots of bands and was the agent for many others, including Gerry and the Pacemakers; and The Fourmost, before they too were captured by Brian Epstein. I was just nine years old when Sam celebrated his 21st birthday and he threw a party at our council tenement flat. Hundreds of people were crammed into our home and amongst them were very famous pop stars, including members of The Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Fourmost, The Big Three, The Undertakers, Cilla Black and many others. All of this happened before Sam was 21 and he continued to gain many friends throughout the rest of his life.


Sam was also a patriotic freedom fighter and he realised exactly what Enoch Powell was saying, in his 1968 ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech. Sam often said that, although Enoch Powell was a Tory; if he’d stood as leader of ANY political party in the 1970 General Election, his party would’ve received more votes than any other party in history, and been swept into office over night.


Sam often said that Enoch Powell was the ONLY British politician to speak the truth – and he was the best Prime Minister that we NEVER had !


Sam recognised those things almost 50 years ago (as did 85% of British people, who said they agreed with Enoch Powell) and Sam continued to speak out for the rights of true British people, until the day he died. What a shame it is that most of today’s British people haven’t got the courage to say what they are thinking. Great Britain is now in a far worse state than it was in the 1960s and we need our indigenous brothers and sisters to wake up and put a stop to the destruction of England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland.


Thank God we had visionary people like Sam, back in the 1960s, otherwise most of the British people would now be in physical chains, instead of financial ones. The British people are sleepwalking into a disaster which will crush us all, if we allow immigration to continue – it is time for the British people to wake up and take back control of Britain!


R.I.P. Sam: We thank you for your sound advice.

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