Excalibur Products Are Now Available Through THE BRITISH VOICE

Most patriotic nationalists will be well aware that Excalibur is the foremost supplier of patriotic British goods. The Excalibur team have been beavering away for many years, to provide the patriotic products that help us all to get our message across to the general public. Without these products, it would be very hard to show the uninformed people just how important it is to wear our heart and our colours on our ‘sleeve’.


Also, Excalibur is now offering products bearing the logo of THE BRITISH VOICE and, as the pictures show, our logo provides a striking patriotic image. As you may be aware, our logo – the Red, White & Blue Phoenix Rising From the Ashes of Broken Britain – represents the fact that the British people are finally waking up, to the knowledge that Great Britain has all but been destroyed, by despotic traitorous politicians, who are bent on doing away with the TRUE British people, so that they can replace us with 3rd world immigrants.


THE BRITISH VOICE will not back down and allow this to happen, and we urge every true British man, woman and child , to stand up and speak out in support of the future of their family, their home and their country. Prior to last weeks General Election, many Ukip supporters, and uncommitted onlookers, fully expected Ukip to get lots of seats in Parliament. But, they have now come to realise that what we’ve been saying for many years, is true – the British Electoral system is corrupt! And those people will now understand what the High Court Judge meant when he said; “Britain’s Electoral System is akin to a banana republic”.


We trust that you will continue to spread the word to BRITISH people that our country can still be saved, if they all wake up and stop it from slipping further away from us. We all have far too much to lose, and our children’s’ future is at stake. So, we urge you to get some patriotic goods and show everyone that you are on Britain’s side!


Members and guests of THE BRITISH VOICE will be pleased to know that Excalibur will have a stall at our upcoming Spring Conference, on the 30th of May, in Blackpool.


Visit Excalibur by clicking this link – www.buyexcalibur.co.uk




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