Fake Charities

Letter from Carl Mason, of Worcester


I recently typed into Google ‘Oxfam help asylum seekers’ and up popped their page with their statement to help immigrants and asylum seekers. You can type in any organisation and see who exactly is helping the economic invaders to get housing, tax credits, free schooling for their kids.


Shelter, TUC, British Heart foundation all have links to other groups or are helping invaders to colonise the West. The charities have been infiltrated or been paid by the subversive organisation Common Purpose, or the Fabians – who are white people that hate white people. They blame Whites for all the wars, slavery, class system, economic depression.


Their aim is to create one hybrid race of negroid Asians to replace whites, no religion, a new European history, no culture, no borders or countries; their version of a brave new world. The money you give to charities helps invaders get jobs and housing to compete against your kids.


In Macedonia, the invaders have I-Pads with them, telling them what and how to get benefits in their host target country, before they’ve set foot in that land. The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan is operating in front of you.


Don’t believe me? Google organisations about immigration / asylum seekers, then ask why?


Carl Mason, Worcester






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Common Purpose Octopus


The Fabian Society – A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Fabian Society WOLF in Sheeps Clothing


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