by Lynne Mozar.
2nd September 2015.




That should be our mantra! What is it about these words that the average refugee / asylum-seeker / economic-refugee / would-be-jihadi, or just plain desperate personas cannot understand? Well the first part of course is to tell it like it is – and say just that. They do not have a right to travel thousands of miles into Europe other than some verification of the Ooman Rites rules and an even odder version of the Shengen borders – both the brainchild of the Diversity and Multicultural cults of the UN and EU that have grown since the end of the last world war and had such a terrible, terrible result for the average white European.

In the UK we are lambasted by a dual publicity deal – first we issue figures and facts that show that we are, as a nation, being invaded – whilst on the opposite page there are pictures of lorries with dead bodies and some adorable little Syrian moppet sleeping. So we have it both ways over here – which is of course the whole point of the exercise – make the UK population, well those white liberals that are still just that – feel sorry and open up our borders and minds even more, if possible to accept the inevitable!


Yvette Cooper - the wife of Hasno Balls


We have Yvette Cooper or Mrs Balls if you care – saying every Council and every Town should take in 10 Syrian refugee families (note: families!). OK Mrs Balls – now your hubby may be good with figures so refer to him – but if another 10,000 are allowed in – that is 10,000 more families – they have children, they will have more children and within the Islamic breeding period of 10 years – their children will have children! Now do you see how ridiculous you are and how the figures of migrants have been cooked over the last 30 years without taking into account the breeding capacity of our invaders?


It isn’t being a racist or a bigot to see that the entire ethos of Great Britain has changed and this change is not for the better but definitely the worst!


Muslims at the gates of Vienna


Now why do we have Syrian refugees? The Christian Syrians have already fled – well those that weren’t killed; so who are these people? Before any refugee is taken in from a war zone it would help to know which side they were on. All this being in the middle and using a situation in their own country which in effect – they have allowed to happen – and then running over to Europe because their side ain’t winning is not a ‘refugee’ situation although to your eyes it looks it – believe me it aint! We could be taking in thousands of ISIS supporters and, looking at it another way – why aren’t the non ISIS guys fighting for Assad and their country instead of massing at the Gates of Vienna – which is like history repeating itself innit?

Not for them the Convert or Die ethos of Islam as they are basically Islamic. In fact nearly 90% of the latest ‘murder’ of migrants (crows, get it?) are from countries which have been or are in the process of becoming Islamic states.

Another point is that parts of Africa have never been without wars and atrocities but it would seem that the attraction and availability of coming to Europe has won. Also it must be said that with all the help the UN give to Africa and the medication it must be working as there are hordes of them around – so viva the survival rates NOT!
I may sound harsh but survival is a harsh taskmaster and I don’t think the Brits are much up to it in reality. Faced with figures, facts and God knows what else on the home front – we are still blathering about not shutting the stable doors once the horses have gone! Anyone with half a heart (as in my case) feels a great deal of pity for some little mite who clearly does not know what is happening – but that little mite will grow up, she will have children who will take the bread out of the mouths of your children – and that is an historical fact! The weaker species will die out – especially a species for whom Religion and Patriotism have been used as ‘hate words’ for many years – especially in our Education systems.

This is an entirely Islamic war we are fighting – I have no quarrel with early Indian or West Indian migrants in this country – and I mean ‘early’ as around 40 years ago – and although a few have caused us problems – for the most part they have integrated into their own communities. No, the problem is with the last 30 odd years and especially the last 10 years and indeed the last year!

Many of these invaders are young, strong men, men who can and will fight but obviously not in their own countries for their own cause. No, they regard it as a rite of passage to fight to reach Europe and then fight to reach the UK and believe me – they will fight once they are here. Why? Because the Establishment seem to want these men to clear the ground of non Liberal peoples – to establish a new moveable, workable, payable clone structure. Once Islam has done its work – the powers that be will use the Chinese to clean up the Western world – or some such large corporate like body!



The Gates of Vienna



It seems fitting that the battle has started in central Europe as that is where the battle for Christianity ended at the Gates of Vienna. You can see these invaders are young and strong and only their women and children are expendable in their eyes – true to the Q’uran – where a man is allowed up to 4 wives, and rape of subjugated peoples is the norm – their values are very different from European ones.

You see Islam has learned its lessons through the Ages – softly, softly catchee Monkey – they are applying Hearts and Minds much better than the poor old Yanks, who like our boys were sent in – not to fight and kill but to be killed!

Appeal to the better side of the western nature, send your families in lorries and boats and have the belief that you have a God given right to invade other countries because you have made your own countries so awful to live in – and what the Hell – money is money innit?



And of course the universal Migrant Song –
‘ Whats Love Gotta do with It?’


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