Has Britain LOST London, Our Capital City?

This video in the Express online states;

‘Thug attacks man with road sign as white and Asian gangs clash on London street.’

But the obvious truth is that it is certainly NOT ‘white and Asian gangs’, it is hordes of Immigrant-Invader-Thugs beating up one white man!


White man stripped and beaten by hordes of Immigrant thugs


This happened in the east end of London in the once famous Brick Lane, which is now infamous for the numbers of Immigrant-Invader-Thugs that roam around the Brick Lane area. As two of those scumbags turn away, one says; “This is Brick Lane!” and another says; “Stay the F… out of Brick Lane!”


Those scumbag Immigrant-Invader-Thugs behave like jackals marking ‘their’ territory with the blood of their enemy – OUR people!



The above article is typical of the Zionist media. They expose just enough of the outrageous acts of the Immigrant-Invader-Thugs to make you angry enough to buy their anti-British-anti-White newspapers, but they never tell the whole truth.


Instead, they attempt to balance the story, by pretending that it was a gang war, just like the English/Welsh media did when they first reported the news that Kris Donald was kidnapped. Not long after, Kris was found to have been brutally tortured – for many hours – and then murdered by a group of Pakistani MEN, not boys.


None of the media outlets, including the BBC and ITV, mentioned the fact that Kris Donald was a 15 year old Glasgow schoolboy who was walking home with his school friend, when the Pakistani Immigrant-Invader-Thugs dragged Kris into a car and drove off. His school friend managed to struggle free and get away, and he immediately reported it to the police. Ten years later, the vast majority of people in Britain have never even heard of Kris Donald – but EVERYONE has heard of the sainted black drug dealer, Stephen Lawrence – who was ALLEGEDLY murdered by a gang of white men.


I use the word ‘ALLEGEDLY’ not because I support murderers – as all murderers are scum, regardless of their race – but because the conviction in the show trial of the alleged white murderers was determined with the use of DNA evidence, from items which had been stored and mixed together for many years, and was obviously cross-contaminated. Therefore, any sane justice system would have thrown the case out, but NOT in 21st century Britain, where ANY Immigrant-supporting-lie can be used as evidence.


Also, it’s now twelve years since the murder of 14 year old schoolgirl, Charlene Downes in Blackpool, who according to – Lancashire Police Constabulary – was murdered and dismembered, by two Muslim men. The police had supporting statements from lots of people, along with 52 tape recordings of the suspects discussing the gory details of how they murdered Charlene and disposed of her body. But, as is quite common in such cases, the Police and Crown Prosecution Service made a hash of their case – how convenient?! And, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, the ALLEGED murderers walked away – and were each awarded £250,000 in compensation, for ‘damages’!


YOU may think it surprising that, after twelve years, Lancashire Police Constabulary have still not convicted anyone for Charlene’s murder and they don’t appear to be looking for any other suspects – but I don’t find it the least bit surprising!


The mothers of Kris Donald and Charlene Downes must serve a life sentence of pain and anguish over their murdered children, whilst the mother of the murdered small time drug dealer ‘Saint Stephen’ has been made a Dame, and receives £300 a day to attend the House of Lords!


If anyone still thinks that Enoch Powell’s predictions have NOT come true, they are deluding themselves.


We need to inform every one of our people to be on their guard, and not to have any contact with the Immigrant-Invaders. Because they would be risking their lives! Britain is ruled by selfish, satanic perverts who will say and do anything they like, to preserve their traitorous plans to totally enslave and then destroy the British people.


If you were a crime writer, you wouldn’t make this stuff up, because your reader would think it totally inconceivable that such things would happen, in real life. But they do, and the extent of their crimes are regularly covered up in British courts throughout the length and breadth of Great Britain. Also, they are NOT mistakes; as the police, CPS and judiciary are complicit in court fraud, every day!

The Establishment dare not let YOU know the TRUTH!





  • Camulod

    When asked by the judge WHY they murdered Kris Donald, the 30 year old leader of the Pakistani Immigrants that murdered Kris, said:

    “Because he was white.” He went on to say, “We went out looking for someone white, to murder.”

    Most, but not all, of those scumbags were eventually convicted and are currently in prison. But, they are still ALIVE, and Kris Donald is NOT!

    • Medusa 2015

      We need to bring back execution

  • Rose of England


  • Brin Jenkins

    I have fought the battle for 14 years now and been roundly abused by those who still had blinkers on. My fight is pretty well over and I’m 80 years next birthday, thanks a lot for your disbelief those doubters. NOW ITS YOUR TURN.

  • Camulod


    You’ve been a fine example to younger nationalists and I hope you will carry your great work until you’re 100 years old.

    Please keep up the great work.

  • Dave
  • Dave

    Slightly off topic:

    Eretz Israel is the cause
    of all the conflict in the Middle East; and the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad is all part of Israel’s expansion plan’s.

    The Palestinians are
    living in refugee camps in the middle East, after about 90% of them were
    ethnically cleansed from their homeland in Palestine, and none of the Western
    Governments (Jewish controlled Governments), lifted a finger to help them; and
    Cameron instead of supporting Bashir Al Assad to destroy ISIS (Israel Secret
    Intelligence Service), which is a CIA front terrorist group; that has been confirmed by
    many sources, including the Iraqi intelligence service, who have intercepted
    their communications, and provide evidence of how they are funding, training
    and equipping these insurgent’s to overthrow the legitimate Government in
    Syria, and elsewhere.

    If they destroyed these CIA
    assets such as ISIS, then Syria would return to normal very quickly; and the
    Syrians could return home; but no,
    Cameron is visiting Syrian refugee camps in the Middle East and actively inviting them to come to the United
    Kingdom, to make way for Greater Israel and our and the Syrian peoples

    loyalty is not to us, but to his Zionist masters. As he himself identifies with
    Israel, as his great-great Grandfather is Jewish, and was involved in the opium
    trade: http://www.henrymakow.com/david_camerons_roots_in_opium.html

    David Cameron pledges
    ‘unbreakable’ support for Israel. The Daily Telegraph (Tuesday
    15 September 2015)

    Thus we
    have a Prime minister who’s first loyalty is to Israel; who is more up front
    about it, than previous Prime Ministers.

    Syrian Girls excellent You Tube Video for more evidence of this. And also note
    why Arab countries are not supporting the Syrians:


  • Medusa 2015

    Yes Londonistan is lost. 50%+ IMMIGRANTS from around the world have flooded and over populated London. We have lost our Capital City to 3rd world immigrants becuase of the mindless lefty egos of the labour party. Never vote labour again and please leave the EU

    • Sam Hebbron

      its triple the cost of housing them in London so that mean more tax payers money you just cant make this shit up wtf is cameron thinking about its not hes own peoples hes all for the scum bring back hanging make mr 2 faced murdering cameron the first please

  • I was born in London, though I am sure it would be like a foreign country to me now. Muslims want to conquer and subjugate everyone in the World to Islam (as their religion teaches) and unless we want to be beheaded, raped, exterminated – I would never submit to Islam – then the West needs to defend itself against Islam. There is no sitting on the fence – Islam and enlightened Western democratic values, including freedom of thought and freedom of expression even freedom of religion or freedom to be an atheist – are incompatible with Islam, so you have to choose – is it to be Western values, or Islam – there is no middle ground. Muslims have no respect for us or our values, and we should have no respect for Islam. It is a lot of filthy intolerant evil lies and mayhem that we don’t need or want.

    Look at this letter I read today! (I live in Australia). Muslims are 2 percent of the population – if these accused Muslims were representative of the general population there would be 1,450 people charged with grooming and sexual assault in just one court case. And what about the attempt to poison the water supply and the threats to rape and behead us!


  • Almost every where on this planet islamics are causing death and destruction but the corrupt media and criminal fools like Cameron insist that islam is the religion of peace.They have openly declared war on us but those morons in every white government insist that they are mostly harmless and moderate.How can they ignore the hundreds of dangerous “no go areas” in the UK? Our gormless gay loving PM insists on giving billions of our borrowed money away to these scum too.They revile the only true leader,Putin” while fawning over the medieval beasts from Saudi etc! Oh and dont forget the muslim Obama and the evil frau Merkel behind most of this too!

  • In regard to the murder of Charlene Downs by those two muslim kebab sellers.The BNP rep and Charlene,s mum accosted the muslim top dog from the crown prosecution service to ask him why no appeal is forthcoming and he alleged he didnt know anything about this case but he would definitely re open it.From memory this was about a year ago and nothing is happening as far as I know.I hear he has retired now.The original case was thrown out on the dodgy premise of witness intimidation etc and it was revealed that a muslim woman juror mysteriously suddenly found £80,000 in her empty account.

    • Camulod

      Yes, Paul, you’re quite right.

      During the court case, the police stated that they had the two ALLEGED murders under regular surveillance, and they had gathered 52 tape recordings of those two scumbags discussing how they had knifed and murdered Charlene. But, as is the case when an immigrant is on trial, especially one from the so-called RELIGION OF PEACE (my arse!), the police and CPS made some “mistakes”, and the ALLEGED murderers walked away, scott free.

      It would’ve been a major embarrassment to the government if their multicultural DREAM had been exposed as a nightmare!

      But, as bad as many of those immigrants are, especially those from the RELIGION OF PEACE, they are not quite as guilty as the corrupt, traitorous, anti-white and anti-British politicians that brought them here – against the will of the British people!

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