Has Britain LOST London, Our Capital City?

This video in the Express online states;

‘Thug attacks man with road sign as white and Asian gangs clash on London street.’

But the obvious truth is that it is certainly NOT ‘white and Asian gangs’, it is hordes of Immigrant-Invader-Thugs beating up one white man!


White man stripped and beaten by hordes of Immigrant thugs


This happened in the east end of London in the once famous Brick Lane, which is now infamous for the numbers of Immigrant-Invader-Thugs that roam around the Brick Lane area. As two of those scumbags turn away, one says; “This is Brick Lane!” and another says; “Stay the F… out of Brick Lane!”


Those scumbag Immigrant-Invader-Thugs behave like jackals marking ‘their’ territory with the blood of their enemy – OUR people!



The above article is typical of the Zionist media. They expose just enough of the outrageous acts of the Immigrant-Invader-Thugs to make you angry enough to buy their anti-British-anti-White newspapers, but they never tell the whole truth.


Instead, they attempt to balance the story, by pretending that it was a gang war, just like the English/Welsh media did when they first reported the news that Kris Donald was kidnapped. Not long after, Kris was found to have been brutally tortured – for many hours – and then murdered by a group of Pakistani MEN, not boys.


None of the media outlets, including the BBC and ITV, mentioned the fact that Kris Donald was a 15 year old Glasgow schoolboy who was walking home with his school friend, when the Pakistani Immigrant-Invader-Thugs dragged Kris into a car and drove off. His school friend managed to struggle free and get away, and he immediately reported it to the police. Ten years later, the vast majority of people in Britain have never even heard of Kris Donald – but EVERYONE has heard of the sainted black drug dealer, Stephen Lawrence – who was ALLEGEDLY murdered by a gang of white men.


I use the word ‘ALLEGEDLY’ not because I support murderers – as all murderers are scum, regardless of their race – but because the conviction in the show trial of the alleged white murderers was determined with the use of DNA evidence, from items which had been stored and mixed together for many years, and was obviously cross-contaminated. Therefore, any sane justice system would have thrown the case out, but NOT in 21st century Britain, where ANY Immigrant-supporting-lie can be used as evidence.


Also, it’s now twelve years since the murder of 14 year old schoolgirl, Charlene Downes in Blackpool, who according to – Lancashire Police Constabulary – was murdered and dismembered, by two Muslim men. The police had supporting statements from lots of people, along with 52 tape recordings of the suspects discussing the gory details of how they murdered Charlene and disposed of her body. But, as is quite common in such cases, the Police and Crown Prosecution Service made a hash of their case – how convenient?! And, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, the ALLEGED murderers walked away – and were each awarded £250,000 in compensation, for ‘damages’!


YOU may think it surprising that, after twelve years, Lancashire Police Constabulary have still not convicted anyone for Charlene’s murder and they don’t appear to be looking for any other suspects – but I don’t find it the least bit surprising!


The mothers of Kris Donald and Charlene Downes must serve a life sentence of pain and anguish over their murdered children, whilst the mother of the murdered small time drug dealer ‘Saint Stephen’ has been made a Dame, and receives £300 a day to attend the House of Lords!


If anyone still thinks that Enoch Powell’s predictions have NOT come true, they are deluding themselves.


We need to inform every one of our people to be on their guard, and not to have any contact with the Immigrant-Invaders. Because they would be risking their lives! Britain is ruled by selfish, satanic perverts who will say and do anything they like, to preserve their traitorous plans to totally enslave and then destroy the British people.


If you were a crime writer, you wouldn’t make this stuff up, because your reader would think it totally inconceivable that such things would happen, in real life. But they do, and the extent of their crimes are regularly covered up in British courts throughout the length and breadth of Great Britain. Also, they are NOT mistakes; as the police, CPS and judiciary are complicit in court fraud, every day!

The Establishment dare not let YOU know the TRUTH!





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