Hidden Knowledge

Hidden Knowledge


This page of THE BRITISH VOICE will continually add information on the Hidden Knowledge which has been kept from the British people. We would be grateful if you would help us to inform people.

What do we mean by ‘hidden knowledge’?


You may be amazed to discover that there are lots of things that have been kept from us, and the powers-that-be have done this purposefully, to ensure that we keep touching our forelock to the controllers; we don’t ask awkward questions; we behave like good little boys and girls, and we continue to pay taxes. On the subject of Taxes – did you know that they require our consent to tax us?

TEXE MARRS – White People Must Be Suppressed, White Privilege – September 17th 2016

Here’s what is being planned for us white people…


The use of Latin by the Controllers

Did you know that the ruling classes have always taught their children to speak Latin – because Latin is the ‘hidden’ language of the ruling class – which is designed to keep YOU in the dark. Legal terms are almost always quoted in Latin.


The Police, Courts, Magistrates, Clerks and Judges use terms that sound like plain English, but, in truth, they mean quite the opposite. In a fair and equitable society, no honest person should give an advantage to someone that is dishonest and unscrupulous. However, those people who are guardians of the law and the public should not seek to gain any unfair advantage, or use chicanery to deceive the layman – but it happens every day, in Great Britain! Our Common Law states that we are Innocent Until Proven Guilty, but successive governments have conspired to lead us toward a European style of ‘justice’ which states that you are guilty until proven innocent.


Under Common Law there are just three laws and that is all we really need. They involve Harm, Injury & Loss. Essentially, the Common Law revolves around the principle of ‘do unto others, as you would have them do unto you’. There are many thousands of Statutory ‘Laws’ (Parliamentary Regulations) which are enacted, supposedly, for the common good. But, these statutes are not real laws and they often have the opposite effect and can benefit despotic rulers instead of the people. Also, …’ignorance of law does not excuse’…


To arm yourself against the unscrupulous ones, you should do your best to understand why they use certain language, because if you don’t know what they are doing you could inadvertently provide tacit consent. We are not obliged to give our identity or personal details to anyone, instead, you can say; “I do not consent”. For example: a common trick, often used by police officers seeking to gain your tacit consent to their actions, is for them to say; “Do you understand what I am saying?” – sounds open and honest doesn’t it? But, what it means is; “Do you stand under my authority?” In reality, that police officer is actually inviting you to consent to giving him an element of authority and jurisdiction over you.


The sensible answer is to continue to politely say; “I do not consent”. They may continue to press and they may assault you, or even arrest you, but if they do so, they will be acting unlawfully and render themselves liable to – personal – prosecution, because the Police Force Insurance Bond does not cover them for acting in an unlawful manner. Depending upon the severity of their actions, such a police officer could lose his home, through expensive legal bills.


Some naive people may take the view that if you have done nothing wrong then you have no need to fear the police. But, sadly, that is no longer the case, because they are trained to carry out their duties and get a result, using the language their bosses have laid down. Very often, the PC doesn’t even know that he or she is acting unlawfully. Unfortunately, many of their bosses are unscrupulous members of the 5th columnist anti-British organisation, known as Common Purpose, and they have no empathy or compassion for anyone outside of their corrupt organisation.


Did you know that you could lose your home, through an unlawful action by the bank/building society, with the complicity of the courts, clerks, magistrates and judges?


Did you know that bailiffs must have the correct paperwork in order to enter your home? Even if they arrive at your door with a police officer, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are acting lawfully. This happens every day of every week, and the authorities KNOW that it is highly unlawful, but they turn a blind eye.


However, quite recently, some bailiffs turned up at a house in Portsmouth with a document that they maintained was lawful and proceeded to enter the home of a lady who was home alone, and steal her property. Despite her protestations that the document was unlawful, the bailiffs continued to bully and harass her. The lady subsequently collapsed under the strain and was taken to hospital in an ambulance. Meanwhile, the bailiffs continued to ransack her home – on the basis of this typically unlawful warrant.


Neighbours called the police and some REAL police officers arrived and challenged the bailiffs paperwork, only to find that, lo and behold – it did NOT contain a wet signature from a judge; it did NOT contain a court stamp and it was NOT dated. Thankfully, the police officers knew the law and did their job correctly – and arrested the bailiffs for aggravated burglary and theft! After years of involvement in the Lawful Rebellion movement, this is the first and only time that this has happened, to our knowledge. Furthermore, it can be used as a legal precedent for all future dealings with bailiff thugs and police officers that flout the law.


Here are some helpful sites…




First, to gain your trust and interest I will detail successes that I have had.

In May 2014, I advised a gentleman who had been badly mistreated by the Police and was due to appear in Woolwich crown court on a charge of possessing cannabis. I instructed him to serve a notice on the clerk of the court. He did not attend the court and has heard nothing further. They don’t like to admit defeat.

I do not pay council tax because I will not support a criminal organisation. I served a notice on the CEO of the council. I subsequently received a visit from a bailiff. After two minutes he walked away stating that I was a waste of time.

My friend also had not paid council tax for 6 years but he did not serve a similar notice but just refused to answer the door to bailiffs. In Sept 2016 he telephoned me to say that a bailiff had a warrant for his arrest. I went to his house and immediately ‘phoned 999 knowing that what I said would be recorded.  I stated that the bailiff had a fraudulent warrant and was using it to try and gain entry and asked for police to attend.

The police refused to attend for me but later did so at the request of the bailiff. Eventually 6 policemen and a sergeant came to the house and threatened to break in. I got my friend to serve a notice on the Chief constable and they went away and so far have not returned.

I repeated the process for a lady who was unlawfully imprisoned and unlawfully medicated against her will under the mental health acts. The lady was given leave to return to her house to turn on her heating to stop the house freezing. I took her to my house and repeated the process described above. She had 5 months of freedom but within a week of resubmitting her complaint to the European Court of Human Rights, her house was broken into, she was threatened with a tazer and sectioned.

To understand how I managed to achieve this you need to follow the advice in the article above and learn a few simple but hidden truths. Hidden is perhaps the wrong word because these truths are hidden in plain sight. Why you don’t know these facts is that the society that you live in, and probably support, has mind-programmed you. “Me; mind programmed?” Offended? Well answer this.

What does your birth certificate signify? Then explain why you cannot get the original. You are only allowed a copy.

You cannot obtain the original because it is not your birth certificate. Your parents were duped into registering your birth to a corporation which you think has your interests at heart. That corporation, your government, uses the birth certificate, to control you.

Look at it this way. If someone does you some wrong, you might complain to them. That is you a living being making a complaint to another living being.

The government, like any other corporation, is a dead thing. They could complain to you a living being on a piece of paper or sending round an employee to complain to you. You, knowing the corporation is a dead thing could rip up the piece of paper. You could also tell the employee that you disagree with his employer’s complaint and send him away.

Think of the courts as a corporation because that is what they are; a subsidiary of another corporation, called the government.

Now understand the maxim in law. A maxim is an unalterable rule that has been accepted and followed for all known time.

If someone accuses you of causing them harm, you have a right to cross examine them before a jury so that the jury can decide who is telling the truth.

If a policeman or other law enforcer accuses you of breaking a company rule, they call the law or a statute, such as driving too fast, you have the common law right to cross examine your accuser. Ask yourself, “Who is my accuser?” It’s not the policeman who saw you driving too fast.

He can only give evidence for what he saw. There is no point in cross examining him as to the correctness or otherwise of the law which he states that you have broken. He can only state what, he, as a living man, saw, said, did or felt. You need to cross examine the person who created the rule. Of course you cannot do that because the corporation making the rule or law is a dead thing. So your accuser cannot come to a court to be available to be cross examined. It is no good any prosecutor stating that he represents the government. He cannot re-present evidence because that is hearsay evidence which is not allowed. If it were, any one could accuse you of anything which you could not challenge because your accuser is not available.

By now you must be thinking that this man is nuts because you know that many people have paid fines for speeding. You might also think that the speeding law is good because it saves lives and protects us all. I would agree with the previous sentence and if caught speeding I would consent to pay any fine. Note I used the word consent, because if I did not consent, due to some legitimate excuse, I would not answer a summons to a court or accept and pay a fixed penalty.

You see statutes or the law are made by the corporation called parliament. Another maxim in law is that all parties in a court case must be equal. So a corporation can only oppose or challenge another corporation. A corporation, a dead thing, cannot challenge a living man or woman because that would be an unfair contest. So how do they get a man into court for speeding? They trick you. If you do not believe what follows, check in Halsbury’s Laws of England or Black’s Law Dictionary or go online.

They trick you by using words that you have been mind programmed to misinterpret.

They Summons or charge you giving details of why they want you to attend their court. Court has the same meaning as a tennis court. An enclosed place at which a game or contest is held. The summons or charge is just an invitation for you to attend. It has no more force than an invitation to a party that you might choose, or not choose, to attend. Charge has the same meaning as a charge on an invoice. You might pay it or dispute it or even ignore it.

To get a contest going in their game they have to get your consent as a living being to accept responsibility for yourself as a corporation. That corporation is your name in capital letters printed on what you think is your birth certificate. It is not your birth certificate, although they will give you a copy. It is a corporation using your name started by the information your parents gave to a registrar before you could read, write, or speak. This procedure is known as creating a legal fiction. To save you looking it up I quote: Legal Fiction: “An assertion that is accepted as true for legal purposes, even though it may be untrue or unproven.”

How do they get you a living being to accept responsibility for the legal fiction?

They send you an invitation with your name printed in capital letters inviting you to attend their court. If you do go, they will call your name. If you do respond as most polite people will do, they ask you to step forward. Again, out of politeness or fear, you probably do. The man who presents himself as a judge is not a judge at all. He is merely a clerk acting or representing the government which you know by now is not a living entity. However you consent to giving this man representing a dead thing some more information. This is why the phrase “policing by consent” is accurate. You already, by answering a summons, attended at their court. You have answered the request for your name. None of which you needed to do. So they continue getting you to accept responsibility for the legal fiction. They ask you for your date of birth and address which again you give voluntarily. They are gaining jurisdiction over you. The last trick is asking you how you plead; Guilty or not guilty. Analyse the word plead. Do you really want to plead with a man re-presenting a dead thing? Pleading guilty or not guilty makes no difference because you have accepted the jurisdiction of the court.

As in all games there are rules to ensure fair play but this court is not played on a level playing field. It is designed to give the impression of fair play and sometimes justice is meted out which adds to the pretence of fairness. But examine the situation. The building is usually designed to impress by coats of arms and imposing structures. The ‘judge’ sits on a higher level behind a bench so he can look down on you. He wears a uniform and each person in the court bows and scrapes to him so that you are inclined to follow suit.

Now understand that one of the rules of their court, a statute, is that a judge cannot be sued while acting on company business. Acting and business has the same meaning as you understand outside the court. That is why statutes are called acts of parliament. Do you now understand the phrase, “hidden in plain sight?”

The judge cannot be sued, so he can and does change the rules if the company he works for is likely to suffer. So the rules of the game can be ignored by him. The rules detailed in the criminal and civil procedure rules are often ignored by the judges.

Then realise that the first sworn duty of any barrister or solicitor is to the court and NOT the client who employs them. A defence barrister was barred from taking future work because he correctly and lawfully explained the legal fiction process to his client.

I’ve explained some of how I have put this understanding to good use. Please understand that if you have information that would cause serious but justifiable damage to the establishment then you are unlikely to escape their control. There are many people in prison on trumped up charges, because they complained of serious crimes by establishment figures. They assault and abuse these people and hold secret courts and imprison you. Witness the lady being abused and sectioned within 5 days of resurrecting her complaint to the EU court of Human rights.

However, if your ‘crime’ or ‘debt’ is small such as a speeding offence or not paying council tax you can avoid establishment harassment.

Knowing the law is not sufficient. You have to use tactics that turns the law back against those trying to entrap you. It comes down to personalities and knowing your opponent’s weaknesses. Most law enforcers care about their jobs and salaries more than the laws they are supposed to enforce. So make them understand that you know the REAL law and let them know that you have circulated the circumstances of your dispute to many others. Publicity can be protection.

Please understand that I am not advising you to abuse this by not obeying sensible laws which protect us all. But if the law is just a money making exercise to get you to pay for minor mistakes, then you might consider that giving money to the corrupt establishment, which does not bring to justice it’s members, who commit the very serious abuse of children, then the comparison of the two offences might lead you to conclude that you do not wish to play their game.


The boy scouts motto of be prepared is a good place to start.

When I first learned what I have described above, it is no exaggeration to state that my normal equilibrium was disturbed. I had been mind-programmed to believe that the law was there to protect us all. The truth of it is that the statute law was DESIGNED to control and enslave you, by people who only had their own interests at heart, and were and are prepared to be ruthless in how they achieve their goals. You need to understand this; otherwise you will not have the confidence to use the real law with authority. You have to force the law enforcers to back off. A weak stance only encourages them to bully you. Researching this law is simple but accepting what you learn is the hard part. This is what I mean by being prepared.

One thing you should learn is the difference between lawful and legal. It is not some fanciful play on words. It is crucial that you know the difference. 

  • Lawful is common law. Common law developed over many centuries and generally cannot be changed.
  • Legal is man-made law and can and often is changed.

Therefore common law is superior to statute law and any statute contrary to common law is therefore bad law and is null and void.

The Criminal Law Act 1977 section 6, states that no one can use force to enter occupied property without the consent of the occupier. There is the proviso “without lawful authority”. Now you see the importance of knowing the difference between lawful and legal.

Any warrant or order issuing from a court is not lawful and has no authority. (I need to qualify ‘court’. There should be two types of court which can be held in the same place. There are administrative courts and there should be common law courts as the law books will confirm. But your corrupt governments stop you making a claim in a common law court. So for court, read all courts presently available to you.)

This is important to explain to any policeman threatening to use force to execute a warrant. He should be told through an open window of this law and told forcibly that you will resist his unlawful attempts. You should inform him that he alone is responsible for his actions, not the chief constable or court that gave him instructions. He is risking his job.

Before communicating this to the constable you should put a 999 call which will be recorded and state that there is a constable outside your property about to break in, contrary to Criminal law act 1977 section 6 and explain the difference between lawful and legal. It does not matter that the receiver of the call argues with you. The facts are recorded.

Then use a computer and send in a notice to the Chief Constable of the force concerned. This is one that I used with names changed….


To: Force Control Room; force.controlroom@northyorkshiire.pnn.police.uk; Plus many supporters.
Subject: Legal Notice to Chief Constables Gloucestershire, West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire Constabularies.



i am jane doe and i am at present staying at my friends janet doe and john doe at address

Through my McKenzie friend john doe, i made  complaints of crime to the chief Constable of West Yorkshire regarding my unlawful detention and forced medication at the Airedale mental hospital without the  correct documentation necessary under the statutory mental health acts. Nothing was done by the police to check the authenticity of the warrant, or order that allowed my detention, or the circumstances detailed in the statute for my forced medication. The drug with which I was being injected was Haldol which is the same drug that was used to make Soviet dissidents lose their memories in the 1960s. This was widely condemned by Western Psychiatrists as being a form of torture.

My McKenzie friend john doe, tried to apply for a writ of habeas corpus in the Gloucester County Court which is a branch of the Queen’s bench division of the High Court.

The application for such a writ is considered so important that it must be dealt with by the judge before all other business is addressed.

john doe was denied access to a judge and subsequently made a formal complaint of misconduct in public office by the Gloucester judge and his staff. So far the Gloucester police have not informed me that they have given the complaints a crime number.

john doe, accompanied by a n other went to the Royal Courts of justice in the Strand 7th November 2016 to apply for a writ of habeas corpus so that the circumstances of my detention and forced medication could be examined by a court. They were not allowed to see a judge but had to make a written application which was placed before a Mr. Justice Collins. He refused the application and insisted that a dead thing, the Bradford and District NHS Foundation Trust be cited as the defendant instead of a living person, the CEO of the trust. To me it was essential to cite the CEO, so that he who made the decision to deprive me of my freedom could be cross examined. I could not cross examine a dead thing or barrister representing the trust because his evidence would be hearsay.

Further the Judge demanded a statement from myself which at the time was impossible for me to give because i was not allowed to write or telephone or use a computer. Subsequently, because of pressure from others to the trust explaining that my human rights were being unlawfully withheld, i was able to make a statement and on the 17th November Judge Collins cancelled his first order and again insisted that the defendant be the trust. He further wrote that it was for the trust to take action before any further action would take place. i received the notice with the judge’s comments 25th November 2016 with the instruction that I should serve it on the defendant.. Bear in mind that I am supposed to be a person incapable of looking after myself; how was I to get this served when i was not allowed to use writing materials etc? Luckily i was able to use subterfuge and sent it to john doe who served it on the defendant.

Since then i have been allowed to my home for the weekend with the agreement that I should return Sunday 4th December in time for my injection of Haldol on the 5th December.

This agreement was made under duress and so i cannot legally be held to it.

So i am in the position of knowing that the police, the hospital, and the courts are all working against my welfare, presumably because i hold information that would affect establishment members. i have been left with no alternative but to use the common law to protect myself . i therefore declare that i as a living woman jane doe will not consent to be responsible for the legal fiction JANE DOE, a corporation created without my knowledge or consent before i was able to read, or write, or speak. Bluntly speaking i will not allow myself, a living being, to be subject to the statutes known by you as the mental health acts. I demand that you treat me lawfully as you should do at common law.

i require you to obey the statute known as the criminal law act 1977 section 6 which forbids anyone to use force to enter occupied property without the consent of the occupier. There is the proviso, “without lawful authority”. This takes it into the realms of common law so that any legal order or warrant issuing from an administrative court would not give your constables the power to force entry into a house i may occupy at any time.

It is now 3pm 4th December 2016 . i am due back under the previous agreement that i made with the hospital under duress at 8pm tonight.  i will telephone the hospital to let them know i will not be returning. Should they complain to the police and report me AWOL i require any constable receiving such a report to explain to the hospital the difference between a legal fiction and a living woman and how the statute laws of the various mental health acts do not apply to me unless i consent. i do not and will not consent.

If the Gloucestershire police wish to interview me to be sure that i am here of my own free will, please only send one constable to interview me.

i require the West and or North Yorkshire police to safeguard my empty property at Address.

i hope to return there when i can be sure that the police will not unlawfully break into my property and detain me with unlawful paperwork which my McKenzie friend was unable to obtain from the trust because their solicitor Peter Merchant illegally refuses to comply with the civil procedure rules and exchange documents on which evidence can be adduced by either party.

i am staying with my friends janet and john who have kindly let me stay where i feel secure. i would like to return to my home and feel secure there, but my past experience shows that i am not allowed to remain at peace and be free to come and go as i wish,  without myself causing harm or loss to any other man or woman. i cannot return to my home without some signed document from each of the three chief constables that they will not try to use the statute law to justify their actions and force me a living woman, jane doe, to be responsible for the legal fiction JANE DOE. They would be doing so without my consent. i require each of you chief constables to do this, otherwise i will go through the process of serving affidavits on each of you to which you will have to respond which eventually will have the same effect.

Signed and served electronically as allowed for under the civil procedure rules.

jane doe.

This has been circulated widely and lodged in a secure location should the police, judiciary or any hospital unlawfully detain and forcibly medicate me again.

Note the lower and upper case letters which in law denote the difference between a living entity and a dead thing. Capital letter has the same meaning as capital punishment.



There’s a lot more to be added and it will be in due course.



We need to wake up ALL of the BRITISH people – URGENTLY!

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