Hope Not Hate urge-on antifa thugs to attack conspiracy discussion group meeting


A meeting of ‘The Keep Talking Group ’ was attacked last night in central London by antifa thugs after Hope not Hate had encouraged them to, on its website.


An 80 year old attendee was knocked to the ground by the HnH thugs and injured yet the police refused to take action and the venue claimed that their CCTV cameras were not working.


The Keep Talking Group is a 9/11 conspiracy investigation group attracting a wide range of attendees opposed to the New World Order.  This reaches a new low in antifa activities, yet I’m sure George Soros will be pleased with the work of his paid puppets.




Remember Hope not Hate is an organisation that receive Government funding and millions of pounds in donations and uses it to persecute people who hold perfectly legal views, yet views of which it does not approve; it uses this money to encourage thugs to smash up perfectly legal meetings of which it does not approve.


Nigel Farage called them extremists – and they are trying to sue him for doing so!  Chutzpah!  But the Jews of Hope Not Hate can afford it, because they can afford the best lawyers money can buy and they can rely on the Jewish network to ensure things go well for them.


Can you imagine what would happen if poor persecuted patriots put up details of meetings of which we did not approve?  


Even so there are signs that an awakening is happening…


Hope Not Hate Director Panics After Kassam Exposes Hard Left Tactics


What will be the outcome of all this?


More and more people will start to wake up and when that day comes, not all the cunning of the Rothschilds, not all the wiles of Henry Kissinger, not all the money of George Soros, and not even all the gold in Tel Aviv will save the enemies of our people from the wrath of our people .


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  • Camulod

    Well said, Jez!

    We all know that Hope Not Hate – or rather HATE Not Hope – is responsible for all of the violence at patriotic indigenous rallies. They attack all indigenous Britons that are prepared to tell the truth about who controls Great Britain, or even questions the controllers’ narrative. They are extremely violent – when they outnumber patriots by three or four to one – otherwise they are spineless snakes!

    The police have been accused of tipping them off and getting HNH to quieten the voices of discontentment. Whether or not this is true, must be judged by the evidence, but it sure looks that way to me. Here is an example of my personal experience:

    Back in 2009, an Indigenous family weekend event was happening in Derbyshire; an event where indigenous families would fly the flags of our nations and gather with their children and have good clean fun – where children could spend the whole weekend on the Big Wheel; Helter Skelter; Maypole; Swings, etc at no cost whatsoever – without the presence of thugs, thieves, Negroids or Mongoloids.

    To stop the traffic, four members of HATE Not Hope sat in the middle of a busy main road outside the event area – while dozens of coppers stood watching them – and they stayed there, holding up the traffic for hours.

    I approached the four coppers, and I also spotted two police riot vans containing around twenty more coppers, parked in a side road, and I said:

    “Why the hell are you people allowing those scruffy rats to hold everyone up; get them off the road!”

    The four coppers approached me, very closely and I thought “Here we go again.” They practically surrounded me and one of them said, discreetly;

    “Look mate, there is nothing we’d like MORE, than to knock seven bells out of those bastards and drag them off the road. But, see that helicopter up there (pointing skyward) our Chief Inspector is in that; he’s watching us and he has told us that we must NOT move the reds off the road.”

    There you have it; proof that HNH are used by the political police hierarchy and paid by the politicians, to do the bidding of the Ashkenazi Talmudic controllers – the puppet masters of Parliament.

    But, as Jez says: There are signs that an awakening is happening!

    • Vig orniensis

      Let’s not forget the thugs and retards of the UAF Blackshirts either, that all political parties and party leaders unbelievably back and support. These organisations are no more than left wing extremist marxists of the sort that supports the brainless anti-patriot Corbyn. Parliament had better wake up and the Home Secretary start to get the police to do their job against these extremist organisations.

      • Camulod

        Hello Vig orniensis

        You are absolutely right. The Communist thugs are allowed to get away with most things. The only time they’re arrested is when their violent activities are so obvious that plod has no choice but to arrest them. But they usually get released after an hour or so, only to return to the same fray that they’d been arrested for. Also, on the rare occasions that they ARE prosecuted, their sentences are minimal.

        The reason for this is that UAF, HNH, etc are workiing on behalf of the extremist Lib-Lab-Con governments. Politicians, trade unions and police can’t be SEEN to be beating up Caucasoid whistle-blowers, so they leak news of our demonstrations to the attack dogs in UAF / HNH, so that those scumbags can attack us with relative impunity.

        We are then forced to defend ourselves and our people get arrested; and called “fascists” by the totalitarian who are ruling over us!

        However, we WILL defeat this tyranny when we have spread the truth to enough people.

  • Camulod


    How ‘anti-racism’ lobbyists are screwing the British public.

    I’m no fan of Katie Hopkins but I do have sympathy with some of her views for the simple reason that she happens to be correct, sometimes. Take the latest scandal surrounding one of Hopkins’ provocative yet verifiable tweets which she was forced to delete following a typical onslaught by the usual virtue-signalling do-gooders’ failure to understand that ‘anti-racism’ is a code word for ‘anti-white’:


  • Stepford 88

    As regular attendee of the “Keep Talking” group on the evening in question, the irony is that I personally experienced such hatred, racism and violence from ANTIFA and RMT Union that they were indistinguishable from the groups they purport to be against.

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