Who are the British People?

The enemies of Britain often claim that Britain has only existed for a few hundred years and they also claim that we are a “mongrel race”. But, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Our nation, Britain (sometimes expressed as Brython, Bryddon or Brigan – with a silent ‘g’) has existed for at least thirty three thousand years and arguably a lot longer; which means that we are amongst the oldest indigenous tribes in the world. And, like the Japanese, Chinese, Africans, Aborigines and Eskimos; the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people require no physical description, we are the ONLY British people – we are THE BRITISH VOICE. And, the true British people will share in the common wealth of these ‘Magical Islands’ in our new age of peace and prosperity.


Britain is now broken and some say it’s beyond repair, but we believe that hope springs eternally. It is our ambition to engage and unite the indigenous people of these fractured isles, in the manner that was adopted during the two World Wars. However, we are against the policy of despotic politicians sending our Armed Forces personnel into illegal and unjustifiable foreign wars, as “Lions led by donkeys”, when those Forces should be based at home, protecting British people. The question that should be asked by all is: Would politicians be so keen to go to war, if THEIR children were first in line to die? We think not !


Reason for the existence of THE BRITISH VOICE

The British people are being eradicated and replaced in our own homeland, by people from the third world. Millions of immigrants have been foisted upon us and over 650,000 more come to live here every year – without the consent of the British people. We are forced to accept the Communist ethos of an open border mentality, where anyone, including murderers, rapists, sects of evil ideologies, thieves and those with deadly diseases can set up home in Britain, with permission from the totalitarian British government. There are also many thousands, possibly millions of illegal’s living here, and many of them work in local and national government offices and as Traffic Wardens – so it is clear that they have been invited to come here and are being encouraged by despotic Public Servants. Politicians use many excuses for this, but there are no valid reasons. Immigration must be stopped completely and all illegal and criminal aliens should be expelled.


See the list of illegal immigrants working for the Home Office, Ministry of Justice, City of London Council and Councils and Health “Trusts” throughout the length and breadth of Great Britain; Mail Online 7th January 2010:


All of the above amounts to the simple fact that the British Establishment is riddled with and controlled by 5th Columnist Traitors. Those evil individuals are hidden in local and national government positions, including educational and National Health Service offices, the Police, Fire Brigade, the Courts and many more. They are the ones who try to stop Freedom of Speech and Thought; they are the ones who pretend to be “do gooder’s” whilst upholding anti-British beliefs and actions; they are the members of secret societies, such as Common Purpose, Freemasonry, Fabians, Bilderbergers and various other groups, none of whom are willing to admit to their secret membership.


The British people, OUR people, have been dumbed down so much that they are afraid of speaking aloud about the crucial question of why aren’t we placed first in our own country? The indigenous people of Britain must learn to stop hiding their true beliefs, which they often do, out of some distorted fear of being marked as a crazed rebellious patriot, or God forbid, “a racist”!

(If there even is such a thing as Racism, as the words ‘Racialism’ & ‘Racism’ were invented by the Communist mass-murderer, Leon Trotsky, to silence opposition to Bolsjewism – why, do you suppose, current politicians use the practices of a Communist mass-murderer; could it be that they agree with him?!)


There is absolutely nothing wrong with the principle of supporting your own kind, in fact it is human nature to do so, borne out of an inherent sense of responsibility. The British people should wear their heart AND their rebellious patriotism on their sleeve, and shout our message from the rooftops; then and only then, will the public be able to see us as we really are – just like them, British and proud !


Our People, our Identity, Culture, Freedom and Security must be protected from all attempts to crush us, in the same way that other indigenous peoples are protected. The British people NEED our movement to help save our nation from falling into oblivion. So we need to get on and spread the word, as quickly as possible. Time is of the essence, so we must embark upon a campaign to unite the people of broken Britain. When the British people stand together we are unbeatable.


Our motto is ‘Protecting BRITISH People’

The first and foremost responsibility of any government is to protect its people, and it is implicit within this motto that we recognise that responsibility. The phrase ‘Protecting BRITISH People’ encompasses everything we stand for and this motto makes it crystal clear that we represent the indigenous population of these islands – the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people.


Over the past fifty years or so, people have been encouraged to – ‘look after number one and ignore everyone else’ – but we, THE BRITISH VOICE, abhor that kind of self-centred attitude. We believe that all of the British people are responsible for each others welfare; because we are a family, and lots of people, including the elderly, the very young and the disabled, rely upon the rest of us to ensure that they are treated fairly and enjoy the full protection of this realm.


THE BRITISH VOICE is committed to helping the British people to take the control of this country OUT of the hands of the globalist banksters, who dangle politicians as their puppet mouth-pieces. The politicians should protect the British people, but those same politicians and members of the Establishment completely ignore the wishes of the people, and instead, they follow the orders of banksters. We will help to bring that control back into the hands of the British people, so that they can determine their own destiny.


Policies may vary slightly, depending upon the views of our democratic membership, but one thing that will never change is OUR COMMITMENT TO STRONG PRINCIPLES – the principles of Truth, Honour, Justice, and Loyalty to our Cause. Our conviction to those principles will never fail; our determination to protect the indigenous BRITISH people and to uphold their rights will never falter. We will always represent and provide a voice for the British people, because we are THE BRITISH VOICE.

When we engage with the general public the one comment that comes across time and time again is;

“…British people are completely ignored by the politicians; they look after foreigners, but we no longer have a voice and we are treated worse than 2nd class citizens in our own country…”


THAT is why we are providing a channel for the British people, through THE BRITISH VOICE, and we would ask people to join and stand with us in providing a very loud and coherent voice for the people of Britain.


Sovereigns of this “Sceptered Isle”

THE BRITISH VOICE is totally committed to the rights of the British people, which are enshrined within the Magna Carta 1215 and the Bill of Rights 1689. And every true British person is a Sovereign of this “Sceptered Isle”. We, the people, own this land and all of its incumbent chattels and we WILL regain our birthright. We will ensure that our forefathers did not make the ultimate sacrifice in vain.


There is a massive movement in support of British Constitutional issues and this is referred to variously as the Sovereign / Free Man / Lawful Rebellion movement. The latter is the most well known description, as it is based upon ‘Lawful Rebellion’, which is Article 61 of the Magna Carta. This revolves around the God-given Common Law and our constitutional rights, which were first transcribed as Alfred’s Law in about 880 AD, and then they were ‘cast in stone’, in the Magna Carta 1215 and the Bill of Rights 1689.


Those historic documents, which outline and uphold our rights, have been totally ignored by the despotic traitorous politicians that control Britain, and they are planning to do away with both of them, by merging them into one document, which will mark the end of our Common Law. If they are merged into one, with the consent of the people, the ruling government of the day will ensure that the newly written constitution favours them and their philosophy. And, when they leave office, it will change again, in favour of the new ruling party, and will be forever in a state of flux. Magna Carta 1215 and the Bill of Rights 1689 are crucial to regaining and maintaining the rights and freedom of the British people and it is our duty to help preserve those original documents.


A few years ago, it was estimated that over 100,000 British people were involved in Lawful Rebellion. Marketing experts will confirm that for every person that speaks out, there are hundreds, maybe thousands, more that agree with them. This means that the physical activities of the 100,000 people, probably represents the vast majority of the population of these islands.


The policies of THE BRITISH VOICE appeal to a great many British patriots, including people that currently do not have a political party to attach themselves to. ‘Lawful Rebels’ have stopped voting, as they have lost faith in the system, due to the enormous level of corruption in public office. But, they need to understand that the powers-that-be will still put their puppets in place, even if just 5% of the electorate bother to vote. So, it’s up to us to contact the three quarters of the electorate that have stopped voting and point out that we will never achieve anything until and unless the anti-corruption lobby has a collective voice; we must become that voice.


Our Coat of Arms – the Red, White & Blue Phoenix

The historical / mythical Golden Phoenix could never be destroyed – even when it was cast into a fire as hot as the sun. It merely changed its form into powdered gold and when it was re-heated, it reverted back to exactly the same shape and size that it was before. We have likened this to Great Britain and we have used the Red, White & Blue of our nation’s flag to show that, although some aspects of the British psyche have changed, the people are by no means defeated. The British people can and will rise up and regain control of our country, from the hands of the despotic bankster-puppets that currently hold us in fraudulent tax-debt slavery.


It is entirely true that gold can be heated to such an extent that it turns into powder, which is known as the Philosopher’s Stone, and this can be used for all kinds of amazing results – do some research on it and you will be astounded! Information such as this – and the fact that taxation is largely unnecessary, and most mortgages, bank loans, credit card loans, overdrafts and the Monetary System are fraudulent – has been purposely kept from us through an Education System, installed by a ruling class that regards itself as being above and better than the rest of us. They have kept many things from us, but THE BRITISH VOICE will expose this kind of hidden knowledge and we will remove the blinkers that have been placed over your eyes and help you to regain your freedom. Ask yourself this question: why aren’t other organisations exposing these facts?


Attracting Members and Eventually, Voters

THE BRITISH VOICE is not just a political party; it is a movement for the re-establishment of the fundamental rights of the British people. We are providing a unique and radically different approach to politics – to start with, we are NOT typical politicians, as we are NOT in the pockets of globalist banksters; we are NOT liars, cheats, thieves or sexual perverts! We are not part of the foreign bloodline that permeates all of the main political parties in Britain – we are representative of the indigenous British people, regardless of whether they are poor or well off; whether they speak with or without a regional accent. And, we invite others to come and join us to unite our nation.


We are not ambitious for ourselves, as this is not a selfish cause and none of our members or officers receives any payment for volunteering to help save Britain. However, we do have a huge ambition to save Britain and our people from becoming a minority in our own country. Britain is heading towards a catastrophe and we must do whatever we can to stop it. The best way to do that is to wake people up from the delusional path that our country is on, and help the people to force the corrupt political parties to stop destroying our nation. Make no mistake, this is an enormous task and it will not be done easily but, for the sake of our children, our grandchildren and our future generations, we must do this and we MUST succeed.


In order for it to succeed, we must build a very powerful and almost evangelical movement – one that will have people ‘chomping at the bit’ to join us. We need to instil a massive sense of urgency into the hearts and minds of everyone involved, because that mentality is infectious, and we need the British people to become infected with hope for their future.


Instead of saying “I’m alright, Jack” – get off your backside and help save Britain

Some people may say that we are foolish to even try to stand up to the might of the evil traitors that are destroying our country. Others – that have been too brainwashed by the lying controllers to even recognise the appalling state of Great Britain – don’t even know, or apparently don’t want know, what we are trying to achieve. Many of those people are simply too busy to see beyond their nose, and others are so wrapped up in their “I’m alright Jack” world that they don’t care what happens, as long as it doesn’t affect them. But, rest assured, it will eventually affect everyone.


Our quest to free the British people from slavery is seen by some as a hopeless task that can never be achieved, but, like Mallory’s ‘King Arthur’, we believe that Might should be used for Right. And, like Don Quixote, we will continue to fight for that Cause, no matter what it takes, because it is the right and honourable thing to do.


The Impossible Dream – Man of La Mancha


Policy Examples (subject to democratic election by our members)

 Our mission statement motto of ‘Protecting BRITISH People’ permeates all of our policies. And, the policies listed below, are examples of the many issues that we intend to campaign on. We will not use double talk and we will get our points across as directly as possible.


We “have a dream” to make life much better for British people. Our full list of policies can be seen by clicking on our Policies button at the top of our Home page. But, here are some examples of how THE BRITISH VOICE will Protect BRITISH People…


  • Freedom

    Protecting BRITISH People: We will always put British people first in our country; Great Britain,
    Protecting BRITISH People: Take Britain out of the European Union and keep Britain free,
    Protecting BRITISH People: End the cycle of British people being second class citizens in Great Britain,
  • National Health Services

    Protecting BRITISH People: The NHS will be ‘free at the point of service’ for British people,
    Protecting BRITISH People: We will make sure that our hospitals are clean, safe and healthy,
    Protecting BRITISH People: 1st class healthcare will be ensured, regardless of age or ability,
  • Banking and Taxation

    Protecting BRITISH People: Introduce an alternative Monetary System to regain our sovereignty,
    Protecting BRITISH People: End all unnecessary taxes and allow Britons to prosper,
    Protecting BRITISH People: Utilise Fractional Reserve Banking to replace personal taxation,
  • Defence

    Protecting BRITISH People: Bring British troops home from abroad and protect our borders,
    Protecting BRITISH People: British Armed Forces must not be involved in illegal foreign wars,
    Protecting BRITISH People: British Armed Forces must never be used against our own people,
  • Industry and Jobs

    Protecting BRITISH People: Re-Nationalise all of our public utilities; Power, Water & Transport etc,
    Protecting BRITISH People: Rebuild British industry and provide millions of well paid jobs,
    Protecting BRITISH People: Ensure that British jobs go to British workers, every time,
  • Education

    Protecting BRITISH People: Provide a first class education, free of charge, for all British pupils,
    Protecting BRITISH People: British youngsters will be educated & trained to do all of the top jobs,
    Protecting BRITISH People: Introduce vocational training for industry-specific employment,
  • Justice

    Protecting BRITISH People: Ensure that British people are free and safe at anytime of the day,
    Protecting BRITISH People: The British right to Freedom of Speech will be rigorously upheld,
    Protecting BRITISH People: British people are and will always be innocent until proven guilty,
  • Immigration and Foreign Aid

    Protecting BRITISH People: Stop immigration and expel all illegal and criminal aliens,
    Protecting BRITISH People: Stop foreign ideologies and religions from taking control of Britain,
    Protecting BRITISH People: Stop paying Foreign Aid and give that money to our pensioners,
  • Environment

    Protecting BRITISH People: Stop jet planes spraying poisonous chemicals into the British sky,
    Protecting BRITISH People: Stop Great Britain from being poisoned and destroyed by fracking,
    Protecting BRITISH People: End the appalling use of poisonous GM crops throughout Britain,
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