Islam & Manchester – is ANYWHERE safe where Muslims are?

Islam & Manchester – is ANYWHERE safe where Muslims are?


Twenty two people have been murdered and 64 injured after suspected suicide bomber, 22-year-old Salman Abedi, detonated a home-made device at the Manchester Arena, which contained 19,000 people. He has murdered one innocent person for every year of his twisted young life!

Also, other members of his own family have been arrested by the police, including an older and younger brother, along with their father.

Whilst Christian families encourage their offspring to help other people and do their best not to harm anyone, many Muslim families seem to encourage their offspring to murder innocent people in the country that has taken them in and looking after them.

Surveys of young Muslims show that a huge minority of them believe that they should harm us Christians in some way. Also, film footage, secretly gathered in their Mosques, proves that many Muslims regularly discuss acts of aggression against indigenous British people. The most infamous of these was broadcast by the Channel 4 ‘Dispatches’ programme and the police tried to prosecute them for it, because we, the people, are not meant to be told the truth of the evil involved in immigration.

Dispatches: Undercover Mosque – Real Stories:


The “alleged” murderer, Salman Abedi, blew himself up at the scene of his murderous crime and members of his family have now been arrested by the police, in both Great Britain and Libya. This is clear evidence that the police have known about this family all along and they did nothing to stop their activities, which led to the murder of twenty two innocent people.


Known facts:

  • Salman Abedi, 22, has been named by police as the suspected murderer;
  • Abedi’s 23-year-old brother Ismail was arrested in connection with the attack on Tuesday morning;
  • Twenty-year-old Hashem Abedi, Abedi’s younger brother, was arrested in Tripoli;
  • Salman Abedi’s father, Ramadan, has been arrested in Tripoli.


This begs the questions of:


  • WHY Muslims are being allowed into Great Britain?
  • WHY, when they already have pictures of these people, one with a gun; were they not arrested and deported?
  • WHAT were they doing here and no doubt living off the British taxpayer; when their wealthy-looking father, lives in Libya?
  • WHY are the police allowing them to be loose on our streets, when they have evidence that they are potential murderers?
  • WHY weren’t they all arrested and deported; as the police have obviously known what they were up to?
  • WHY haven’t the police raided the Mosques, were these people meet, to search for weapons and explosive materials?
  • WHEN will the police / MI5 / government take responsibility for such murders; as they are certainly culpable?
  • HOW can the average indigenous British man or woman tell a good Muslim from a murderous one?
  • WHY are Muslims even allowed to live amongst Christians; whom they hate?
  • WHEN will ALL Muslims been banished from Great Britain and sent back to where they came from?
  • WHY do the media pundits call such people “British”; as they will NEVER be British?
  • British people are ‘Caucasoid’; no Mongoloid or Negroid could ever, legitimately, be called ‘British’.


There is a simple solution to the problem of immigrant-invaders:

 Those Britons who want to live and mix with Negroids, Mongoloids and murderers should emigrate to one

of their countries and live under their rules.

The indigenous British people – the original Caucasoid peoples – do NOT want ANY immigrants here.

We have never given ANY government a mandate to allow immigration!

ALL immigration must STOP, immediately and be reversed.

Every single immigrant in Britain is illegal, because they are here WITHOUT the permission of the British people!




Dr Alan C. Clifford, Norwich Reformed Church


Islamic terror makes its point yet again. What has to happen before the West really wakes up? Political and religious spokesmen mouth their ‘PC’ drivel in the name of sympathy for the injured and bereaved. This much must be increasingly clear. It is undeniable that Islam’s global jihadists – some quietly, others violently – are plotting the overthrow of all we have known for centuries. They are preparing for ‘UKistan’ in no uncertain terms! Tragically, our secular politicians are too frightened to identify the true source of Islamic terror: the religion itself. Cowardly churchmen are the worst culprits. They fail to honour Christ by exposing the false prophet and highlighting the Muslim menace for what it really is. All are playing dangerous games by ignorantly distinguishing between militant and moderate Islam. The only difference between moderates and militants is between those who keep their mouths shut and those who don’t!


The political élite and other secularists are deluded by the deceptive mantra ‘Islam means peace’ (reinforced by the early, pre-abrogated Sura 2: 256 and the frequently misquoted Sura 5: 32). But it means nothing of the kind! The Arabic word for ‘peace’ is ‘salaam’, the Hebrew equivalent being ‘shalom’. No, ‘Islam’ means ‘submission’, submission to Allah. Even on our buses nationwide, Islamic agencies are promoting the lie. The only sense in which the Pax Islama could mean ‘peace’ is when tribute-paying non-Muslims are silenced by conquest and reduced to a state of dhimmitude or ‘second class’ citizenship. To use properly the standard deceptive expression (used to shield Islam from its critics after 7/7) ‘the Qur’an is perfectly clear’, it states: ‘Make war on them: … Fight those who believe not in Allah … Nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are of the People of the Book, i.e. Jews and Christians), until they pay the jizyah with submission, and are utterly subdued’ (Sura 9: 14, 29). In short, IS warriors are the true Muslims! The native-born Manchester murderer was a genuine Muslim, now hailed as a hero by IS butchers everywhere.


The horrific event in Manchester reveals yet again the full potential of ‘radical’ Islam, i.e. the teaching ‘rooted’ in the Qur’an to which ISIS and their ilk appeal. However face-saving so-called ‘moderates’ try to distance themselves from the ‘radicals’, they cannot deny the jihadist agenda without denying the Qur’an itself. The politician’s standard mantra – ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ – sounds more ridiculous with every atrocity. When will they realise that the ‘so-called ‘moderates’ are the ones who ‘twist the narrative’, not the ‘radicals’? The general silence of the ‘moderates’ after an atrocity suggests they do endorse the ‘radicals’ privately. Even former Prime Minister David Cameron made the point in a moment of luminous honesty two years ago. Let’s be clear: Qur’anic Islam remains dark and barbaric.


Consider this: are ‘radical’ Christians bombing mosques and butchering Muslims around the world? No, the Bible forbids such violence in the name of their religion. Secularised, war-mongering, so-called Christians might behave differently. Of this we can also be sure, just as ‘radical’ Islam fuels the worst cruel and violent instincts of human nature, so Secularism has failed to civilise people with its own materialistic, hedonistic and sexually-perverse agenda. The liberalised churches are dancing to the same decadent tune.


So, it must be said, loud and clear, that ‘Authentic Christianity’ is the only antidote to Islam and Secularism. Otherwise, it’s all over for the West. May God have mercy upon us!


Dr Alan C. Clifford

Norwich Reformed Church






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