The marcher’s will be leaving from Govanhill Park, this Saturday the 5th of September at 1.30pm.


Save Govanhill Glasgow


Local people say that the Govanhill area of Glasgow used to be a nice area, but that is no longer the case, as it has now been overrun with all nationalities of immigrants.


You may recall that, on the 9th of June last year, there was a Women’s Midnight March around Govanhill to protest against the number of attacks, rapes, gang rapes and murders of women that had taken place. And five thousand (5,000) people, mostly women, turned up and marched from midnight till around 1am.


A few of us attended that Midnight March, and it was an amazing experience, to witness so many people that are totally committed to saving their neighbourhood. Seeing 5,000 people marching at midnight is very unusual in Britain, but those Glasgow women showed the way! And, they are on the march again, to demand the the police make their streets safer.


But – you guessed it – the Scotland Police have failed to stop the attacks, and many more have taken place since. Furthermore, the relentless immigrant invasion continues without any politician appearing to care about the fact that we – THE BRITISH PEOPLE – have never given the politicians permission to flood our homeland with the dregs of the 3rd world.


Immigration has got to stop, but it will only stop when YOU tell the politicians that they must stop it and stop it NOW! What are you waiting for? By the way, if you think that this couldn’t possibly happen in YOUR neighbourhood, then think again, because the invaders are being brought into every city, town, village and hamlet in Britain. The politicians WANT them to come here!


If you can get to Govanhill, Glasgow on Saturday, then be there, because the scumbag politicians will only do as the people say when they realise that to do the opposite could mean a danger to their own health.



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