Looks like we’ve found our ‘Mole’ Brian!

BNP Councillor Brian Parker allegedly accuses a British activist of being a ‘Mole’ then gets accused of collaborating with the enemy in Parliament!


By David Stanley




During the past Five years, there have been many activists that have broken their back for BNP Councillor Brian Parker to be elected in Pendle, Lancashire, only to be stabbed in the back, but why?


Brian Parker was ”Lazy”


During Brian’s campaign to get him elected, there were hundreds of hours and months of long campaigns to put him in the council and give him his Third term. During that campaign, activists had complained that Brian Parker had not joined in with the face to face activism on the doorsteps of the constituents. One activist called him lazy.


During last years campaigning to get John Rowe elected, a team carrying out activism in a clean-up operation in the ward funded by North West Regional Organiser at that time Paul Ainscough, were in a huge sunken wooded area behind houses picking up around a Thousand empty drinks bottles and alcohol empties plus other rubbish.


Never ask the BNP to share the power of spending


Everybody has a time in the BNP when either the leadership has had their use out of you or you get the cold shoulder and then they get rid of you. One such case happened to Paul Ainscough NWRO who had been an activist and funder of many demonstrations against the anarchists in Manchester, Liverpool & Derbyshire. Paul was asked by BNP’s Chris Barnett to put forward a subject of ”Power of spending by the Executive Committee.” This subject was delicate, asking the leadership to give up their free run to spend legacy money, members money and donations without the consent of the other Regional Organisers on the Executive Committee.


BNPTV’s Camera man Derek Dawson and Councillor Chris Vanns and others were up for the ‘chop’ by the leadership. Derek Dawson put forward the questions about legacy money. Members do not believe that the BNP wanted rid of Paul because of his generosity within the party. Paul, Derek and Chris Vanns organised a big conference venue in Blackpool. Twenty minutes after securing it, the leadership pulled it by phone. It was moved to London. The EC took place in a grotty back room of a pub on the Friday evening.


Sign away your life for the dirtiest run party in Britain


On entry, the meeting was already underway. A contract was given to Derek and Paul to sign which they both refused. Derek and Paul resigned. Councillor Chris Vanns resigned the next day.

Within 48 hours Councillor Parker allegedly left to become independent. Then rejoined after Chris Barnett went to see him, along with talking to another official on the phone. The next day Brian rejoined as BNP. His excuse was a ‘Mole’ had altered his view of the party along with ‘left wingers’ meaning the BNPTV crew. Some members had said Brian had probably taken ‘Thirty pieces of silver.’


It looks like the BBC found our ‘Mole’


Switching onto today’s news, the BBC have, in Parliament, reported on issues put forward by the Conservatives in Lancashire about the BNP Councillor Brian Parker being involved with the Lib Dems & the Labour Party. So, who’s been contacting who? What collaborations have been going on? Has important information been getting passed to the enemy? One thing is for certain, we now know who the ‘Mole’ really is!

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