Looks like we’ve found our ‘Mole’ Brian!

BNP Councillor Brian Parker allegedly accuses a British activist of being a ‘Mole’ then gets accused of collaborating with the enemy in Parliament!


By David Stanley




During the past Five years, there have been many activists that have broken their back for BNP Councillor Brian Parker to be elected in Pendle, Lancashire, only to be stabbed in the back, but why?


Brian Parker was ”Lazy”


During Brian’s campaign to get him elected, there were hundreds of hours and months of long campaigns to put him in the council and give him his Third term. During that campaign, activists had complained that Brian Parker had not joined in with the face to face activism on the doorsteps of the constituents. One activist called him lazy.


During last years campaigning to get John Rowe elected, a team carrying out activism in a clean-up operation in the ward funded by North West Regional Organiser at that time Paul Ainscough, were in a huge sunken wooded area behind houses picking up around a Thousand empty drinks bottles and alcohol empties plus other rubbish.


Never ask the BNP to share the power of spending


Everybody has a time in the BNP when either the leadership has had their use out of you or you get the cold shoulder and then they get rid of you. One such case happened to Paul Ainscough NWRO who had been an activist and funder of many demonstrations against the anarchists in Manchester, Liverpool & Derbyshire. Paul was asked by BNP’s Chris Barnett to put forward a subject of ”Power of spending by the Executive Committee.” This subject was delicate, asking the leadership to give up their free run to spend legacy money, members money and donations without the consent of the other Regional Organisers on the Executive Committee.


BNPTV’s Camera man Derek Dawson and Councillor Chris Vanns and others were up for the ‘chop’ by the leadership. Derek Dawson put forward the questions about legacy money. Members do not believe that the BNP wanted rid of Paul because of his generosity within the party. Paul, Derek and Chris Vanns organised a big conference venue in Blackpool. Twenty minutes after securing it, the leadership pulled it by phone. It was moved to London. The EC took place in a grotty back room of a pub on the Friday evening.


Sign away your life for the dirtiest run party in Britain


On entry, the meeting was already underway. A contract was given to Derek and Paul to sign which they both refused. Derek and Paul resigned. Councillor Chris Vanns resigned the next day.

Within 48 hours Councillor Parker allegedly left to become independent. Then rejoined after Chris Barnett went to see him, along with talking to another official on the phone. The next day Brian rejoined as BNP. His excuse was a ‘Mole’ had altered his view of the party along with ‘left wingers’ meaning the BNPTV crew. Some members had said Brian had probably taken ‘Thirty pieces of silver.’


It looks like the BBC found our ‘Mole’


Switching onto today’s news, the BBC have, in Parliament, reported on issues put forward by the Conservatives in Lancashire about the BNP Councillor Brian Parker being involved with the Lib Dems & the Labour Party. So, who’s been contacting who? What collaborations have been going on? Has important information been getting passed to the enemy? One thing is for certain, we now know who the ‘Mole’ really is!

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  • Julie Lake

    I resigned as RO for the SW, acting RO for the SE and member of the NEC last year. There was no fallings out, except between me and Jabba The Hutt, Barnett, and i know they were shocked that i went, simply because, there had been no issue’s between us. I just wanted to do other things and felt the ridiculous conduct committee, which should be renamed, ‘ The let’s make it up as we go along’ policy.’, was stifling good people, because of Jabba’s paranoia. Adam talked me out of resigning once but i was determined to go after another few months.
    I was an election agent for John Rowe in Marsden and i was up there staying in Burnley, on and off for weeks. To be fair, Adam did work incredibly hard campaigning and him and i, with Paul Ainscough , knocked on every door in the Ward. It was odd, because, we were there for weeks and not once was our efforts mentioned on the website. Also, considering the amount of hard work, the activists put in for Brian, he was nowhere to be seen, anywhere in weeks of campaigning. When i raised this, i was told he was on his holidays. Funny, because he was certainly there, when i knocked on his door.
    While we were campaigning, i was told, not to post my photographs on social media and give our location away.
    In an objective perspective, regarding Parker and Labour and Lib Dems, it’s understandable that other Parties do this. When you have a hung council, nothing gets passed because there is no Party second to second any proposals by the first. Nothing gets seconded and all parties need at least two elected Councilors to back proposals. When you have three or even four Councilors in the town council, your party holds the balance of power, and you are in a position to out vote proposals from other parties. Yet, the way to do this, is to make sure you get more than one, elected, as the BNP have down in Essex. Once you have three or four in the same town council, you in effect, control that borough. So, it’s right to target an area, where there is already one elected Councilor. Yet, to give your sole elected Councilor backing for proposals in the town council, you get another party member, elected. To do deals with Labour and Lib Dems is traitorous. To use hundreds of unpaid manpower hours from activists to get you elected, only to get into bed with Labour, is traitorous. I’d rather lose than ever do that. How ironic, that at the 2015 annual conference, Brian Parker was awarded the shield for Bravery of the year.
    Prior, members of the NEC had new contracts to sign at the NEC meeting in Dagenham. This included a fine of £4,000 if we spoke about anything. We all signed it just to get the meeting moving, but good luck to them, trying to enforce it. It only needs Chris Vance, Paul and myself, to say we signed under duress, and it’s game over.
    Regarding the free run of Party expenditure, i think you’ll find that it was Griffin, who added a clause to the constitution that the Chairman was autonomous, in the party treasury. Exactly the same as adding that only the acting Chairman or Chairman could agree to a call for a EGM.
    When i resigned, i was not going to go down the route of slating the party. Too many have done that before. What’s done is done, and we all move on. It’s the parties loss. Paul Ainscough, Chris Vance, Dereck, Lee, Steve Squire, and myself were the hardest working activists there. Their loss, our gain. We will be working together on other things. Yet, after my resolution not to slate anyone and leaving on such good terms with everyone, i was astonished to be sent a message which proved, that David O at party HQ, knew i had forgotten to cancel a direct debit for monthly payments to the Trafalgar Club, and had continued to take the money from my account for months after. My fault, because i forgot all about the DD, but he knew i had overlooked it and took the money every month. What a c ***.. !! … Still, after losing another deposit in Stoke with a candidate who’s stood in more By elections in one year, than the party has recruited new members, and has all the appeal of lichen, , then they need the money, more than i do.

    • Camulod

      Yes Julie, Brian Parker is a major disappointment.

      When we got him elected a few years ago, by just six votes, he flatly refused to come with us to knock on doors and ask people to vote for him, as he was too proud to do so!

      What the hell is wrong with asking for their vote, especially when you live around the corner from them? I was a BNP Councillor for five and a half years (without any support from the BNP hierarchy) and every day was a battle, usually with Labour scum. And, the last thing any genuine nationalist should do is side with the enemy!

      For almost two months, a small group of us were in Pendle, day after day, knocking on doors. Some of us travelled a very long way, every day, and worked around 40 hours a week, unpaid, just to get him elected.

      Oh and by the way; Walker was also there every day, but he was getting PAID to be there, nobody else was. And that was well before he became acting chairman.

      Then, after all our work, Parker sides with the enemy!

      He and the BNP are a disgrace.

      • Julie Lake

        It sure is a kick in the teeth. I think that one of the proudest moments of my life, was when i stood in Bristol for the 2015 general election, and Tory agents credited me with seriously damaging the Labour vote.
        I was up and down to Burnley for the Marsden Ward for weeks, all the way from Bristol. As an RO, i did have my expenses covered, but i also put in all the hours, door knocking. My husband got fed up with me going because i always came back so exhausted, i would sleep for two days solid and would be fit for nothing.
        We also campaigned non stop when David Furness stood for London Mayor. I saw more of a Premier Inn, down in London, than i did my own home. All for a humiliating result, where Paul Golding beat the BNP by miles. Same as with the By election in Havering, last May. The BNP candidate got 73 votes. How humiliating !!
        Activists have a shelf life. If someone keeps putting the effort in, all the time, for pathetic results like that, they lose heart.
        Paul Ainscough put a lot of money into the Party, but it doesn’t show on the Electoral Commissions report on donations. On the NEC, we had four meetings, where we never saw the accounts….
        Yet, i think the Party was in trouble before Griffin went. The most damaging thing, was Sadie Graham leaking the membership list on the internet. Then, in my own personal opinion, one of the biggest mistakes, ever, was the life membership. As soon as the first year had gone by, the incoming annual revenue was decimated, because so many members didn’t have to pay again the following year. Initially, it gives the Party, a surge of money, but then on, it costs the Party every year.
        As for the bequests, there isn’t as much as the 10 million quoted by some, but they do total a few million. Should anything happen that see’s the Party deregistered by the electoral commission, those wills become null and void, when one of them dies. They can’t pay out an estate to something that no longer exists, so it’s crucial that the Party is kept registered, if only in name.

        • Camulod

          Apologies for the missing image of the ‘mole’. Technical issues.

        • Camulod

          Sounds like you put as much work in as we did, when we got Parker elected.

          But I disagree with your view on the Life Membership idea.

          In fact, it was a very GOOD idea, as it encouraged members to pay for around twelve years in advance. There was no advantage to members, as most of the Life Members were either approaching OAP years, or already there.

          For those who were already OAP’s it was a huge loss to them. But members didn’t do it because it was a good deal; we did it for the party, and the only ‘benefit’ to us was that we didn’t have to remember to renew each year.

          That was a massive boost for the party, but those in charge of the money didn’t amortize those payments, as they should’ve done. Instead, they spent it on themselves, and then bleated like stuck pigs when the money dried up. The BNP hierarchy are a bunch of greedy self-serving BASTARDS !!!

          No officer of any indigenous patriotic nationalist organisation should expect to be paid for their efforts to help save our country – as it is our duty and our privilege !

          Those wretches don’t understand the meaning of loyalty, honour and principles; that’s why the BNP will now crumble.

          • Julie Lake

            Fair enough… those who run to the Reds. only do so because they get treated so badly after putting in so many unpaid man hours. Not that i am defending them, but i can understand why. If you don’t want disgruntled officials going to the Red’s, then they need to make sure, they are recognised for all that unpaid work.

          • Camulod

            Who is it that has ‘run to the reds’?

            Nobody at THE BRITISH VOICE associates with reds. Please don’t confuse us with the hierarchy of the BNP.

            I forgot to comment on Sadie Graham leaking the members list, or THAT’S WHAT WE WERE TOLD at the time.
            I didn’t know Sadie Graham, personally. But lots of people knew her well and they swore that she would never do such a thing. Her and Eddy Butler claimed that it was the BNP hierarchy that leaked the list, so as to blame them.

            So who was telling the truth? I know that certain members of the BNP hierarchy have leaked things to the reds, and they made the excuse that they wanted to “lead the reds a merry dance”.

            I also know that the hierarchy have covered up the allegations that two 16 year old YBNP members were offered cocaine by two members of Scotland BNP, on two consecutive years. Also, it is alleged that those pushers were selling coke to people at BNP rallies, and when a very loyal member, Joe Finnie, reported their actions to the BNP hierarchy nothing was done about it. And when those alleged pushers made hundreds of threats to Joe Finnie, night and day over the telephone, for over two years; the hierarchy still did nothing to stop it.

            Furthermore, when I heard about it and started writing letters and making phone calls to the BNP hierarchy, on Joe’s behalf, my letters and phone calls were ignored. Ten Statements of Truth were sent to the BNP hierarchy, alleging what those druggie BNP wretches had been doing, and STILL nothing was done about it. One senior BNP official even stated that there’s nothing that they could do, as these days “cocaine is more of a social drug.”

            WHAT THE ….!

            Since WHEN has a Class One drug, such as cocaine, been regarded as “a social drug”?! And, what happened to the ‘family values’ that the BNP always supported?

            A few days after Nick Griffin was ousted and Adam Walker took over as ‘acting chairman’, Walker rang me and asked if I was with him. He had just put out a letter to members stating that NG had left in an amicable arrangement and would be President of the BNP. But,several EC members had already told me what had actually taken place. So the fact that he was asking another BNP official if I was on his side confirmed the rumours that NG had NOT resigned voluntarily.

            I questioned what had gone on at the EC meeting and he said “you know as well as I do, that EC meetings are strictly confidential, so I can’t discuss what happened.” I reminded him that under the BNP constitution (which has since been changed) the EC had no power to oust and replace the elected Chairman; and whether or not the members want NG to continue, must be put to them in a Leadership Election.

            It smelled to high heaven!

            Also, he had previously stated that he could do nothing about the alleged BNP druggies. So, I put him on the spot and said: “Now that you are the leader, you will be able to do something about the alleged druggies in Scotland BNP, won’t you?” He said: “I’m having a meeting with them in Edinburgh on Saturday and it’ll be sorted.” A few days later, Walker published photographs of him and the alleged drug pushers with pints of beer and playing darts, throughout that Saturday. Later those images were plastered all over the website, the Voice of Freedom and the British Nationalist Members bulletin. Also, the alleged drug pushers were praised for ‘the good work they had done to put Scotland BNP on the map’!

            That was a clear signal that the BNP hierarchy PREFERRED to support alleged drug pushers, rather than Joe Finnie, who was an extremely loyal member and THE most prolific BNP activist in Scotland. Anyone that knows Joe Finnie, will testify to the fact that he is as honest as the day is long, and that he was often on BNP rallies not just in Scotland, but all over Great Britain.

            And sure enough, within days, it had come out that Walker and others had
            ousted the chairman in an unconstitutional manner, and without a
            by-your-leave to the members. During the row that followed the ousting of NG, the elected chairman’s fifty or so page statement ended up on HNH, which proved that members of the BNP hierarchy were still sending things to the reds.

            More recently:
            You may have noticed that, just six months ago, a second BNP members list was leaked. But, it wasn’t a current list, and nor was it the list from 2007, because some of the people on that later leaked list were not members that far back. Also, if it had been a current BNP list, it would have contained FAR fewer names, as their membership has now dropped to less than 300. So, the BNP hierarchy are still sending things to HNH.

            A year or so ago, Dawn Charlton went to the reds to expose what the BNP hierarchy was doing – stealing money and property from old aged pensioners. Dawn was a very loyal BNP member, official and activist, for many years and she was driven to her actions by lying, duplicitous rats that she had previously looked on as her friends.

            There is absolutely no doubt that Dawn should NOT have gone to the reds, and I know she realises that now. But, when she was allegedly pushed out of a moving car, by a member of the BNP hierarchy and could’ve been killed, she reported it to the police and the individual was arrested. Walker is alleged to have pleaded with her to drop the charges, so that they could sort things out internally, because his colleague was likely to be imprisoned for a very long time. So Dawn relented and withdrew her charges, much to the annoyance of the cops. Allegedly, two days later, Walker went back on his word, and Dawn was kicked out of the BNP.

            They should not have treated Dawn that way, as she had trusted them for a long time and she knew their many secrets. You know what they say about ‘a woman scorned’!

            She should not have gone to the reds, but I would defy anyone whose life had been risked in that manner, NOT to do something about it.

            The BNP hierarchy have besmirched the good name of that once-great party, for their personal gain, and that group is riddled with sexual perverts, drug users and liberals – NONE of them are genuine nationalists.

            I have previously NOT made this public, but the loyal members – especially those that have be-quested money and property to that party – need to know what sort of people are now running the BNP.

            As in the Monty Python’s Dead Parrot Sketch – “that (party) is dead!”

  • Syd Moore

    Jesus it’s getting worse by the day. Time they wrapped the whole lot up!

    • Camulod

      Yes, Syd, you are quite right; it IS time the BNP wrapped the whole lot up.

      For years, BNP members have been told lie after lie about why loyal members were expelled from the party and why other loyal members left in disgust.

      Jefferson, Walker, Barnett, Wythe, O’Loughlin and the puppet-master, Harrington, have deceived the members for far too long.

      Members have not been told about the Last Will & Testament scams, which is despicable; the cocaine pushers, that the hierarchy know about and appear to condone it; the wages the hierarchy take from the pockets of loyal hard working members; the sexual deviants within the hierarchy etc etc etc.

      The above traits are certainly NOT in keeping with true nationalist beliefs and family values.

  • Very interesting.
    I had no idea . . . well maybe an inkling . . . my bnp loyalty meant I didn’t listen to the rumours.
    Until now.
    It is nice to see that your website is providing a quality focus and platform for british patriots and nationalists.

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