Marine Le Pen outwits Macron over French jobs

Vive La France!              Vive Le Pen!

Yesterday, Manny Macron was in his home town of Amiens, meeting trade union bosses. Meanwhile, Marine Le Pen had the wisdom and foresight to speak to the REAL people. She went straight to the Whirlpool factory, where 290 French jobs are going to be lost to Poland.


Those French Whirlpool workers showed, very clearly, that they are supporting Marine Le Pen, because she genuinely cares about the indigenous French people. She is NOT a bankster’s stooge, like Manny Macron.



Message from our mutual friend….

I attach some very good coverage achieved by Marine Le Pen – in London’s Financial Times!  front page!! –  her team is obviously on the ball.

A shame that Trump has now given in to the (((Deep State’s))) pressure possibly threats/blackmail over his children and grandchildren and gone over to promoting the Jewish Agenda, hence all the absentmindedness, confusion, worry on his face, slurring of speech (being drugged?) all that talk of beautiful babies and beautiful chocolate cake and the complete shift in policy and priorities from America First to bombing Syria, not building the wall, etc etc.



Marine Le Pen and her father Jean Marie

I don’t think Le Pen if she wins will go the same way, because she has a party behind her and Jean Marie’s faction waiting in the wings is even more hard line and then there are the organisations beyond the FN who are really hard line.  We’ll see.

She’s at 40% in the polls and Macron’s at 60%, but forever bear in mind that those not used to usually voting FN rarely tell pollsters their true intentions and two weeks is a long time in politics.

That £30 bet of mine on Le Pen is looking better every day.

Kind Regards




So, who is Macron?


  • Macron was a member of the Socialist Party from 2006 to 2009 (he is a RED);
  • Macron was appointed as deputy secretary-general under François Hollande’s Socialist government (a young red with connections);
  • Macron worked as an Inspector of Finances in the French Ministry of Economy (very powerful connections putting him into a top position);
  • Macron was a Minister and he pushed through business-friendly reforms (he is a globalist);
  • Macron paid €50,000 to buy himself out of his government contract in 2008, to work as an investment banker in a highly-paid position at Rothschild & Cie Banque. (No prizes for guessing who paid the 50,000 Euros!);
  • Macron left the government to work as an investment banker at a Rothschild Bank. (He is financed by the Rothschild’s!);
  • Macron counts the following list of bankster puppets as his friends: EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and former US President Barack Obama. (with ‘weirdo friends’ like that he could never be a patriotic nationalist, or even a so-called ‘Centrist’);
  • Macron supports the open-door policy toward immigrants as does Angela Merkel, in Germany (Macron is PRO-immigration);
  • Macron has expressed confidence in France’s ability to absorb more immigrants and welcomes their arrival into Europe, asserting that the influx will have a positive economic impact (he wants even MORE immigrants!);
  • Macron’s political stance has been associated with policies advanced by Bill Clinton and Tony Blair (another smooth lying bugger!);
  • Macron supports the globalist ‘free market’ (as stated above, he is a globalist);
  • Macron is a friend of Israel. (of course he is. His boss, Rothschild, owns 80% of Israel!);


Given what I’ve just discovered, the French electorate should NOT trust Macron with an empty pram, never mind their children’s future! The moral of the story is that Macron is NOT to be trusted, as he is clearly a Rothschild stooge.




Thankfully, the world is moving to the Right. Here are some further comments about Trump, Obama, Le Pen and Macron, on free speech, by Rod Liddle…


‘Tim Farron is a Christian, so of course he’s not allowed an opinion’

The Lib Dem leader’s views on gay sex are shared by many – much to the establishment’s horror

By Rod Liddle, The Spectator

‘Maybe I’m wrong about this, but I don’t remember the BBC running a documentary 100 days into Barack Obama’s first presidency and kicking him from pillar to post. Interviewing almost exclusively people who hated him, pouring scorn on his every utterance. They did it this week to Donald Trump, though, and even wheeled out Jeremy Paxman to present this travesty of a documentary. Because Jeremy was interviewing exclusively people with whom he wholeheartedly agreed, he didn’t get the chance to put on that famous supercilious expression we all used to love, back when he was good. Shame.


With Obama, as I remember, it was a very different approach. The studio floors were still awash with liberal ejaculate well after 100 days of his singularly inept presidency had elapsed. The establishment circle-jerking persisted right until the very end — and not just from the BBC, of course. The Nobel committee bunged Obama the Peace Prize in December 2009 for ‘reaching out to the Muslim world’ — a policy which has brought such wonderful dividends for us all. Frankly, the further you reach, the more likely you are to get your hand chopped off.


I have many reservations about The Donald, which I outlined here a couple of weeks ago — but when I see the establishment, the newish establishment, so apoplectic about his very existence, I kinda know what side I’m on. I can only hope French voters feel similarly repulsed by the multiple orgasms experienced in Brussels, Strasbourg, the BBC, by Obama and beyond, over the weirdo Manny Macron’s triumph in the presidential semi-finals. The establishment has once again banded together to tell French people how to vote in the final, and it would be truly French of the French to react by telling them to get stuffed and voting for Marine Le Pen.


If I had a vote I would have been torn between Le Pen and Mélenchon, much as I’d have been torn between Trump and Bernie Sanders. Instead, in France, the pretend anti-establishment candidate won. You can tell he’s pretend by the smirk of jubilation on the face of that arrogant and flatulent perpetually half-cut halfwit Jean-Claude Juncker. But I suppose at least Macron was savvy enough to understand that he had to present himself as anti-establishment. If you count the dupes who voted for him, more than two-thirds of the French voted for a candidate opposed to the liberal establishment, even if only nominally so in one case.


I mentioned before that with Brexit and the election of Trump and the rise of such European parties as the Front National (and Syriza and Five Star) that the old liberal (in the US sense) paradigm was in the process of being jettisoned. So it is, beyond all doubt. But the liberal establishment still has great power, if not anything remotely approaching hegemony. And so those who challenge its imprecations, its bovine shibboleths, whether from left or right, will find themselves vilified. A weight will come down, propelled by an outrage at the presumption that such a challenge could be mounted at all. Even as the establishment politicians modify their language on such stuff as immigration and Islam, so that they sound a little closer to the views of the ordinary citizen, there is still plenty of stuff which they simply cannot countenance in any form.


One of these, in this country particularly, is the dissing of homosexuality — as the Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron discovered recently. Farron’s enormous crime in the eyes of the establishment was to refuse to deny (for a while, at least) that he thought homosexual sex was a sin. Farron is a born-again evangelical Christian, so of course he thinks homosexual sex is a sin. My guess is that this view is shared by at least 50 per cent of the population and possibly more, although they might prefer the words ‘yucky’ or ‘vile’ or ‘a bit rum’ rather than ‘sin’.


Of course Farron was immediately castigated and, being a weak little weasel, he kind of recanted a bit (Thank you, Lord Jesus!). What was interesting to me was the point-blank refusal even to consider that his view might be allowable — a view shared, to a greater or lesser degree, by a great many people. A chap called David Shariatmadari, writing in the Guardian, tried to be kind. He said we liberals should all give Timbo a break: “I don’t care what he considers sinful, so long as it doesn’t translate into policy. For that reason, however, he should be watched like a hawk for any hint of discriminatory law-making.”


He can think what he likes, then (for which many thanks, Mr Shariatmadari), but he should not be allowed to let this deep-rooted belief inform his politics. Instead, it is Mr Shariatmadari’s views, rather than the views of the Holy Bible, which should inform Tim Farron’s politics. This is because Mr Shariatmadari, like the rest of the liberal establishment, believes that his views count for a lot more than the Holy Bible — indeed his views are inviolable. They are all that count. And if anybody dares to disagree, they will be watched ‘like a hawk’. I don’t know what kind of hawk. Maybe a goshawk.


And yet the reason people go into politics is to articulate their points of view and convince the public of the rectitude of them. In a normal society, that would even include people who have views which differ from those of Mr Shariatmadari — they would be allowed to speak too. And enact legislation based upon those views, assuming the majority of people agreed with them. Such as on gay adoptions, for example…


My guess is that if you asked in an opinion poll what the best environment would be in which to bring up a child, a huge majority would choose ‘a mother and father’…


…I suspect Tim Farron thinks this too. But for the liberal establishment, it is not even a question. It contravenes a shibboleth which simply cannot be challenged.’


Wikipedia on Rod Liddle…

In January 2010, The Mail on Sunday and The Observer drew attention to allegedly racist and misogynist comments posted under the username “monkeymfc”—a name Liddle has used—on Millwall Online, a fan club web forum with no official connection to Millwall Football Club. Liddle at first attributed some of the comments to opposition fans logging in under his name to embarrass him. He later admitted he had written some of the posts that were being criticised, including one in support of the BNP excluding Black and Asian people from the party. Another post, in which he joked about not being able to smoke at Auschwitz, led to his being asked to explain what he meant in The Jewish Chronicle. While he said in June 2014 that his comments were taken out of context, he does not regret making them. “No. Never. Absolutely not. I thought about my mates at Millwall Online, God I respect them so much more than these other people, these ghastly fucking people.”


Rod Liddle on Stephen Lawrence

In November 2011, an article by Liddle for The Spectator suggested the trial of two men accused (and later convicted) of murdering Stephen Lawrence would not be fair. It was referred to the Attorney General (Dominic Grieve) by the judge for possible contempt of court, and he ordered the jurors not to read it. Having decided that it may have breached a court order, Grieve passed the case on to the Crown Prosecution Service and the Director of Public Prosecutions. The decision that The Spectator was to be prosecuted by the CPS for breaching reporting restrictions was announced on 9 May 2012, with a court hearing scheduled for 7 June, although Liddle as the author was not himself liable for prosecution. Fraser Nelson, the magazine’s editor, announced that the prosecution would not be contested, and the magazine pleaded guilty at the hearing. The magazine’s fine was £3,000, plus £2,000 compensation to Stephen Lawrence’s parents and £625 costs.


Rod Liddle on people pretending to be Disabled…

In January 2012, Liddle claimed that many people in the UK were “pretending to be disabled” in his column for The Sun, an opinion defended by James Delingpole who thought “Rod’s point is well made”. Frances Ryan in The Guardian accused him of “belittling something that on a daily basis affects real people” who can be “a huge benefit to society. Maybe for a month Liddle would like to try that.”


Rod Liddle on the murderers of Lee Rigby…

On 23 May 2013, Liddle wrote about the murder of soldier Lee Rigby near the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, London. In the original version of a blog article for The Spectator, he referred to the perpetrators as “two black savages”. After many objections to his language use, this phrase was modified. Liddle apologised.


Rod Liddle on Transgender people…

In May 2015, the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) upheld a complaint from Trans Media Watch that Liddle had been discriminatory towards Emily Brothers, a blind and transgender Labour candidate at the 2015 general election, in two Sun columns published in December 2014 and January 2015. In commenting in the way he had Liddle had breached two sections of the editors’ code.


Well said, Rod. Keep up the good work!




The moral of the story is that the French people should vote for Marine Le Pen, as she is the ONLY candidate for the indigenous French people.

Macron is NOT to be trusted. He is a Rothschild stooge, trying to convince the French people that he supports them, but he is a lying little rat!


Vive La France!              Vive Le Pen!

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