Muslims force Curry’s / PC World and ASDA to give discounts



Our Glasgow representative, Joe Finnie, has established that large stores in Glasgow are giving discounts to aggressive Muslims.


  • Muslim men, dressed in their pyjamas, berated and bullied the manager of Curry’s / PC World, named ‘Ross’, until he conceded and gave them free items, as a discount.


  • As Joe Finnie had just paid a similar amount for a similar washing machine, he asked for a similar discount and was refused, by store manager, Ross!


  • Also, ASDA were discounting their products, as it was Saturday teatime.


  • Gang of Asians were bullying the young store assistant to reduce the prices to 77% of the list price.


  • They were shouting and threatening the assistant and saying they’ll take the goods if they’re not reduced.


  • The young assistant called his store manager and the store manager gave them exactly what they wanted.


  • ASDA goods were then sold to those people for a fraction of what the British people had to pay.


  • One of those Asian men owned a corner shop, where he would no doubt sell those goods for a huge profit!



At 12 noon last Friday, 18th of August 2017, Joe Finnie was in Currys / PC World, buying a Hotpoint washing machine with a price tag of £379.99.


While he was paying for that item, two Muslim men, in their Friday clothes, were becoming quite aggressive with the same store manager. They wanted to buy a washing machine that was very similar to the one that Joe was buying, but they were asking for a £50 discount and the manager was refusing but continued to barter with them. Joe was listening to that conversation, as he was justly paying the marked price for his purchase.


As the manager took Joe’s money, he said to the two Muslims “I can’t knock £50 off the price, but I’ll throw in two Tefal pans free of charge, which are priced at £20 each.” The two men said okay we’ll take that and were rewarded with a £40 discount, for haggling, berating and bullying the store manager!


On witnessing this, Joe asked for his discount or two Tefal pans, for being a decent customer and paying the marked price without harassing the staff for discounts. The store manager refused to give Joe ANY kind of a discount, saying: “It’s different with them, its part of their culture.” Joe said that it’s part of OUR culture to deal fairly with everyone, regardless of their race, religion or ideology, but we are being punished for being decent people and trading fairly.


It made no difference to store manager, Ross, as he didn’t give a damn. Joe had already paid, without any quibble, so it was hard luck!


Here are the details of Joe’s transaction: Hotpoint Washing Machine, Price: £379.99; Receipt number: 173731; Operator: Ross


ASDA did the same thing – but gave Asians an even bigger discount!



Not so long ago, Joe Finnie was in the ASDA store, at Toryglen, in Glasgow on Saturday teatime and witnessed an even worse incident of Muslim bullying. On that occasion there were six Asians shouting at the store assistant and telling him that he’s got to knock a lot more money off the already discounted Saturday teatime prices.


Food items which were originally priced at £3 and £8 had been marked down by around 40%, to £2.00 and £5.00. But, the bullying Asians were not satisfied with that and they DEMANDED that the price of those goods be reduced massively lower; to 70p and £1.80 – items originally priced at eleven pounds were being demanded to be dropped by 77%, to £2.50!


The store assistant brought his manager and the Asians began remonstrating with him and they continued to demand that he MUST discount the prices very heavily. Any fair minded manager would have said: “Get lost; you’re not getting them at THOSE prices!” But he didn’t and instead, the spineless weasel let them take boxes full of food at ridiculously low prices, only to be sold again through an Asian’s corner shop, for more than ASDA’s original pre-discount prices; while continuing to sell the same products to BRITISH people at the higher prices!


Joe Finnie spoke to that manager and told him he was out of order and should’ve called the police and had them thrown out of the store, for threatening the you store assistant. The weasel ASDA manager just said: “Whatever food we don’t sell before closing time on a Saturday must be thrown in the bin, so we’ve avoided wasting it.”


Joe’s response was: “What about fair play; you would never do that for BRITISH people, who usually behave sensibly and would never bully you into dropping your prices.”


The ASDA manager didn’t care that he was treating immigrant-invaders far BETTER than he would treat BRITISH people.


So there you have it; the answer is for us ALL to bully the managers of large stores into dropping their prices, and if they don’t drop them, then take your business to a store that WILL give you a discount.


Also, NEVER shop in stores owned by immigrant-invaders, because by doing so, you’re encouraging them; keeping their stores open; and keeping them in OUR country.


By the way; don’t let ANYBODY tell you that immigrant-invaders have a right to be in OUR country, because they DON’T! They were all brought here against the wishes of the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people and one day, THEY WILL ALL BE SENT BACK HOME, and those that were born here will go with them.


You, reader, should print off this article and take it with you when you go shopping, as a reminder to do what the Mongoloid & Negroid bullies do, that BRITISH people are usually too polite to do.


Until BRITISH people wake up and say ‘enough is enough’ immigrant-invaders will continue to be treated better than us; they will continue to be placed first in every queue; and fundamentally, they will still be in OUR COUNTRY!




  • Camulod

    TESCO (aka Tessa Cohen & Company) store in Wrexham In 2011.

    A local Councillor was in the check-out queue waiting to hand over his hard earned money for a trolley load of inflated priced goods, also there were five local women in the queue, all with heavily laden trollies.

    As he was being served, an immigrant-invader came, from the exit side of the till area, and interrupted the check-out woman. He was big and very arrogant and said to the check-out woman, in a very loud and aggressive voice, with a foreign accent…


    Everyone in the queue heard what he said and they all waited for the store assistant to answer him, but she hesitated to answer, because she realised that everyone in the queue had heard him, and it was clearly a secret. As they waited patiently, a few seconds seemed like forever and when she finally answered him, she said…

    “YES, WE DO.”

    The immigrant just grunted and made his way to the inside of the store, to begin shopping.

    Everyone in the queue was up in arms about it and demanded a 10% discount off THEIR trolley load of shopping. The Councillor knew virtually all of the women in that queue and could see that they were all seething, so he clarified the situation with the check-out woman, and said: “So, what you’ve just said is that TESCO’s give a 10% discount to immigrants, but you are refusing to give us that same discount. Also, TESCO’s have never given British people a discount, so why are you giving discounts to immigrants?”

    The check-out woman called her manager and explained that six local people were requesting the same discount as immigrants get and they wanted some answers. The Councillor and the other shoppers put the same question to the manager, but she was totally uninterested and would not agree that it was unfair to charge local people more than immigrants, for the same goods. She flatly refused to give them a discount, saying…


    Out of anger and disgust, the six shoppers all decided to leave their heavily laden trollies at the till area, and they left the store.

    This small, but significant action prompted TESCO to drop their prices over the proceeding weeks, but they would never admit, publicly, what the people in that queue had heard. The local Councillor and some of his nationalist colleagues began making enquiries and asking similar questions of other TESCO staff and the staff at other supermarket chains. They discovered that not only TESCO, but also ASDA and Sainsbury’s were also giving at least 10% discount to immigrant-invaders!

    This proved that ALL of the big supermarket chains are giving immigrant-invaders FAR better prices and are all involved in the Genocide of the indigenous Caucasoid people of the British Isles.

    OUR people need to stand together as a collective and force those stores to drop their prices and never give immigrants a better price than our own people. Also, they should start their own supermarkets and specialise in British goods that are made and grown locally. We must ALL take responsibility to get justice for our own people.

    Keep in mind that, when the crap hits the fan, AS IT CERTAINLY WILL, those supermarket chains will simply close their doors and stop us getting food and money, from their cash points.

    The more we buy from locally owned stores, the safer we will be.

  • Camulod


    This country is fast becoming lawless. This is circulating widely, this morning!

    In Smethwick and the Black Country, Romanian groups of 7/8 lads are helping themselves to anything they want in supermarkets and walking out without paying!

    Anybody challenging them gets whopped, so they get away with it! You try it!

    You won’t see it reported, though…..”might offend them”!

    I say again – bullies only understand one language…..and the Muslims are pushing their luck to the limits!

    Either way – we have a growing problem, folks!

  • Camulod


    Totally unacceptable. It would appear that he who shouts loudest and mob culture intimidates, gets their own way, even if it breaks the law and disturbs the peace.

    What are the government going to do about it?

    The decent law abiding taxpayer ends up paying through the nose, and loses out every time, because our police are frightened of these people. Remove their protected status forthwith, and remove them from this country back to their countries of origin.

  • jonnell

    Wasn’t this gross threatening behaviour, an arrestable offence? Shouldn’t the store manager have called the police? What we are seeing here is most certainly NOT the behaviour of civilised, respectable and respectful UK citizens. If Hitler had invaded in 1940 we might have seen this sort of thing from some renegade Nazi personel, although I have a feeling that they might generally have been more disciplined and respectful – so what conclusions do we draw about the ‘asian’ customers here?

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