National Front stalwarts march through Grantham



National Front stalwarts defied the rain and marched through the streets of Grantham, Lincolnshire, last Saturday


The march was followed by excellent speeches,

by Richard Edmonds and Kevin Bryan


The enemies of the British people, who are now blatantly on our streets, often demonise ‘the fourteen words’, as if they’re some kind of demonic message, but who in their right mind can argue with these words?…


 Anyone that disagrees with these words “MUST BE MAD, LITERALLY MAD” or they’re anti-British traitors and should NOT be living in OUR Caucasoid country!



The National Front marches in Grantham


‘Saturday, the 19th August 2017, saw the National Front hold another successful march and public rally, this time in the East Midlands town of Grantham, Lincolnshire.


Local folk were smiling and giving us thumbs up as we assembled in the centre of the town at St. Peter’s Hill. And then with flags flying, banners held high and our drummer beating out a smart rhythm, we set off down the High street. An anti-British mob attempted to oppose our march but they were speedily brushed aside and we continued our parade through the town, proudly carrying our Union flags and all before the admiring looks of the shoppers standing on the pavements.



We held our open-air rally in Market place. The first speaker was NF Press officer, Richard Edmonds. Richard told the assembled crowd that we were in Grantham to alert the good local folk that British civilisation was collapsing in our major cities. There has been so much immigration that now we the native British are at risk of becoming the minority in this country. The inner areas of our major cities are becoming permanent crime and riot zones where nobody would want to live or raise a family. Crimes unheard of, crimes previously unimaginable were now being committed daily, with impunity by vicious and heartless criminals.



The final speaker was the NF chairman. Kevin Bryan condemned the vile crimes committed by the grooming gangs, crimes vilely committed against young, defenceless under-age white girls, crimes committed for years and years and years with impunity right across the towns and cities of the North of England. Crimes which the wicked political Establishment deliberately turned a blind eye to. Kevin quoted the case of the Labour MP, who had rightly condemned Pakistani men for abusing and raping white girls. This was the case of Sarah Champion, Labour MP for Rotherham, the very town were a thousand English children had been victims of the grooming gangs. Ms. Champion then did a complete 180-degree U-turn when the Labour leadership ordered to her to publicly apologise to the Pakistani “community”. To her undying shame she promptly did so. Kevin condemned the Labour party: they are traitors: they care nothing for the welfare of the British people and they care nothing for the welfare of white children.


During our open-air rally the rains poured down but that did not dampen our spirits: we had had a great day in Grantham. At the conclusion of our rally we then marched back through the town to our start-point at St. Peter’s Hill. A great day for the National Front and a great day for the Nationalist movement and a great day for the attractive town of Grantham.





  • Rose of England

    Excellent, let’s hope the NF attract thousands of followers, the British people need a good kick up the backside.
    Maybe they will wake up to the sound of marching feet, coming to their rescue !!

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