Dear Members,


Martin Vaughan & Dorothy Brooke have been expelled from THE BRITISH VOICE

You will be aware that two of our former officers, Martin Vaughan & Dorothy Brooke, have stolen our PO Box Number; our royal mail; our money; our documents; our banners; our copyright, and our intellectual property. Also, they have set up fake Facebook profiles for THE BRITISH VOICE, spreading inaccurate information and detracting potential members away from our genuine pages. Many of the actions they have taken are criminal and we are pursuing this matter with the police. The facts surrounding this sorry affair and the reasons for the dismissals are available for any member that requests them.

For several months, they have also been spreading outrageous lies about me and they have threatened other members, for merely asking for evidence of their allegations. This sort of behaviour is akin to the antics of the left and is totally unacceptable in a civilised organisation, and a majority of our members stated that they must be expelled. However, we gave those two individuals 30 days to substantiate their allegations, and also pointed out that failure to respond would culminate in automatic expulsion. That 30 day period expired and they made no attempt to respond. So, to make absolutely certain that they’d had enough advanced warning they were sent another letter, allowing them a further 14 days to substantiate their allegations. That final 14 days expired on the 4th of August and they still hadn’t responded, so they were then expelled. All of the above letters were sent with proof of postage and we have proof of delivery. Also, they have since been sent by email. So, there is absolutely no question that those letters were received.


New Officers

Despite the above bad news and the trouble that’s been caused over the past five months, I am very happy to announce the good news, that we now have the following new officers in place;

David Leese is now our National Nominating Officer and he has also taken on the role of Membership Secretary. Also, other members of the Stoke group have offered to help him in his duties. Dave, Mike Coleman and the rest of the Stoke group have worked very hard to establish our name in that area, and they have already generated a lot of local interest, and will build upon that success.

Donna Watson has taken over as our North East Regional Organiser and other members of the North East team have offered to help her to re-build the group after the recent problems. Donna is very hard working and very popular, and she has been involved in activism in many parts of the country. She has done a great job for TBV since we were established, and she is determined to continue to do a good job for the North East members, in her new role.

William Kimmet has joined us and has become our South West Regional Organiser. For a number of years, William (Will) was the BNP’s Organiser for the Poole, Dorset area. He worked very hard to build up that group, and was particularly supportive to Mrs Margaret Walker, the elderly lady that faced an appalling prosecution for simply writing letters to councillors to ask them to support the Charlene Downes Appeal.


New P.O. Box Number

As you will know, our PO Box Number has been stolen, along with all of our royal mail for the past few months along with many items of TBV property, such as leaflets and banners. Also, our money has been stolen, which means that we have struggled to pay for necessities. However, the Stoke group have donated the money to enable us to rent a new PO Box number. Our new address is: P.O. Box 3664, Stoke-on-Trent, ST3 9FA.


Please help us to raise the funds to extend the rental of our PO Box and provide the vital leaflets and banners to help get our message out. Keep in mind that you can donate safely, in the knowledge that nobody in THE BRITISH VOICE is paid a salary.


New Facebook page

As mentioned above, our enemies have set up fake Facebook profiles for THE BRITISH VOICE, spreading inaccurate information and detracting potential members away from our genuine pages, yet they no longer have anything, whatsoever, to do with THE BRITISH VOICE. Thankfully, three of our officers – Geoff, Alec and Donna – are doing a remarkable job producing and editing our Facebook pages. Our thanks go out to all of them.
Here is our new Facebook page:


Autumn Conference – a date for your diary

As previously agreed, we will have our Autumn Conference on Sunday the 1st of November; the details of which will be sent to you at a later date. Please put it in your diary and bring your friends along.


Finally, the police are dealing with those people that have stolen our property; meanwhile, we are moving forward and recruiting new members. And, with YOUR help we will get there much faster!


Yours sincerely,
Mike Whitby

  • Rose of England

    Excellant, lets hope thats the last we see of them, one is an idiot the other has idea’s above her station.
    We have enough trouble fighting the left and the brainwashed public without having traitors in our midst, who will stop at nothing to destroy one of only a few parties telling the truth. ” Onward and upward”

  • William Victor Kimmet

    let hop they are never wellcome back to our party

  • Dave Leese

    The British Voice will lead the way in British nationalism and i can assure our members and supporters that myself and Mike as officers of the party will work tirelessly with our members to ensure that our party continues to grow.People like Brooke and Vaughn will never stop the truth winning through.Decent nationalists work together and are not divisive.People with hidden agendas will always try to divde and rule but will never win.Onwards and Upwards

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