By Whitefire66



16th September 2015.


Well it is all happening now isn’t it? And that of course is a rhetorical question because anyone with half a brain can see that the speed at which changes are happening is almost Biblical. There is a quote I would like to highlight and this is from Nietzsche – who once observed ‘that those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music’.


Mslim holding a head



That is what Europe has become – a landmass which cannot hear the music and therefore cannot understand the dancers! To put it clearly – we Europeans cannot understand the tune of Islam and therefore brand all these invaders as Refugees, Asylum seekers or Political migrants. We are so very, very wrong!


This massive movement of a devastating religion – has been ‘happening’ for the last 50 years – all under the guise of minor wars and skirmishes, mostly of which started within and around Islam in those countries. In fairly modern times, the British started the Plan with the division of India – (Partition 1947) – when Muslims came over here and many others went to Africa, mainly Uganda where they were chucked out by Idi Amin in the 1970’s – which also saw a rise in migration of these Muslims to the UK and Europe. The Turks have always had history with the Germans – who valued them as allies and therefore became an invasion force into that country for many years.
The French and the Algerians have a sordid history and pay backs are literally Hell – although the French do try to keep them out of their capital city of Paris and relegate them to the suburbs.


Muslim hordes



But it is the latter years of the EU ‘development’ and the Shengen border idiocy that has acted like flypaper to flies and brought out the very worst that Islam can bring to bear without actually being in power in Europe.


We now have Muslim people traffickers beggaring their own tribes and putting their lives in danger – and who gets the blame? Europe of course – with carefully chosen pictures to wring your heart but make you absolutely livid at the same time. There is of course a very salient point to be made – and one that is rarely, if ever talked about in the public media.


What the Hell are we going to do with millions of young, able bodied men of the Islamic persuasion – who have no intention of integrating or fighting for the countries they decide to settle in? (Note: I said fighting FOR not IN those countries). The ‘record’ of these men is hardly of a band of brothers who have, up to now, stayed and fought in their own countries for their families or their different beliefs of the myriad sects of their own religion? Their behaviour collectively – over the last few years – has been of causing fights in refugee camps, threatening behaviour to any driver who discovers them in his lorry and fighting with the Gendarmes to get to the UK – so I think COWARDS is the right word to use. This is in the face of the ‘helpers’ and ‘charity workers’ who actually feel sorry for these people who have left their own domains and expect, yes ‘expect’ to be allowed to walk unhindered and unchallenged right into our hearth and homes – which are thousands of miles away from what is actually expected in days gone past from the average refugee – i.e.: over the nearest safe border!


What is there not to understand – apart from the European and West’s very odd attitude towards these silent or rather not so silent invaders?



Muslim Amir Khan


Amir Khan taking supplies to Lesbos to help the Syrian refugees – whilst his heart might be in the right place – let’s not get all warm and fuzzy over it. Firstly he is helping Muslims not the Greeks – who have had to shoulder the burden of looking after these refugees for many months, he is not helping the Christian or Yazidi victims of ISIS either and he is enabling these Muslims to stay in Europe and not be forced through normal circumstances of ‘simply too many people for one place’ to go back home to their own countries!


Khan says he has had a lot of help (money and work input) from ‘many’ sympathisers and as the base is in Bradford – I don’t think we need to question from which section of the ‘community’ that help is from do we? Now it may be some people might say ‘how nasty to denigrate someone who is helping these poor, poor desperate people? – well I stand by what I say – and that is, many of these poor, desperate people are leaving their own kith and kin in their own homes – quite safe or in refugee camps on various borders to do the only fighting they will do until the time comes – to get to the UK and Germany. Khan and others like him are helping an invading army – many of whom are dragging along various ‘disposable’ women and children – to do what the Q’uran says to do – Divide, Conquer, Convert and Outbreed and not necessarily in that order!

Muslims - THIS is what Cameron & Co are bringing to Great Britain!

Now to stop ranting which I hope I am not doing but the news that Serbia of all places (now almost solely Muslim thanks to the United Nations) is trying to get Hungary to open its borders again. No for God’s sake No! What is the matter with these countries who all seem to have a very biased attitude towards the hordes – who several centuries ago under the Ottoman Empire – at least had the bravery to present themselves as an Army of Allah not a multitude of would be beggars or rather Wolves wearing Sheep’s clothing.

Muslim - emotional blackmail



Now, with the picture of a bunch of refugees being turned back from the Hungarian border – this picture many years ago – might have been a Christian family fleeing from the Communist regime which flourished in Hungary at that time – and our reaction in the UK would have been ‘Awful but part of life in that part of Europe’ – papers would not have continually printed it, newscasters would not have continually told it and the EU (not in force then of course) but the UN would have done what it usually does in the case of white Christians – nothing – and the ‘problem’ would have gone away.


Now the way we in Europe have to look at this picture is through the eyes of whatever country has to take them in. Young, male, capable of breeding, will use up free education, healthcare, jobs and housing for generations – and that is why Europe and the UK must deport all these migrants without pity or choice. The only road for them and for the survival of Europe is the road back home to their own, deserted countries. That way at least they will be with their own kind and they can try to alter the circumstances which gave them an excuse to leave in the first place.


Another country is not the answer for them and certainly not for us, not now and not ever!




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