Patriotic WHISTLE-BLOWERS – the Invaders are coming!!!

Asylum-Seekers/Invaders to be secretly bused into Wirral, Chester and St Helens


If the Invader Comes



When Teresa May spoke about Asylum-Seekers/Invaders, did anyone actually believe that she was being sincere when she said:


“migrants pose a threat to national cohesion”


“immigration is too high”


No, of course not, she and her fellow Parliamentarians have no intention of stopping immigration! It’s purely a sound bite, designed to make people feel comfortable that the Tories will stop or curb immigration, so that the sheeple will vote to remain controlled by the Stazi EU. If anyone DOES believe her lies, then they deserve all the grief that the Lib-Lab-Con will bring. People should ignore the claptrap of those in the House of Traitors & Frauds, and see right through their lies, to find the truth.


Here are a few examples of local people making a stand for their rights.


WHISTLE-BLOWERS in Wirral, Chester and St Helens


It has come to the attention of THE BRITISH VOICE that several areas of North West England have been earmarked as ‘homes’ for the invading, hordes of so-called Asylum-Seekers, without any consultation with the residents of those areas. The areas of Egremont in Wirral, Blacon in Chester and St Helens, have been specifically identified as the chosen areas to house the invaders, whilst many indigenous Britons are homeless. The numbers spoken about exceed everything that has happened previously.


We know this due to patriotic WHISTLE-BLOWERS, who have risked their jobs and livelihoods to expose the truth of the secret dealings within Council offices and chambers. If you are one of those brave people, then you have our thanks and praise, and we would welcome you into THE BRITISH VOICE with open arms. But, if you are NOT one of those brave and honourable people and you are the type that has splinters in your backside – due to the fact that you’re always sitting on the fence – then you may be thinking; “You can’t get sacked for telling the truth, as we don’t live in a totalitarian country”, but you would be so wrong, because the Britain of today is worse than East Germany and the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and the people in Putin’s Russia are as free as we used to be.


If YOU live in a “bubble” – you have a nice home in a middle class area, as do your adult children; you have a couple of cars; you have several holidays every year; you are retired or work in the Public sector and enjoy a good and regular salary/pension; you have very few (if any) immigrants in your area – you may wonder why this is a problem.


You may also be oblivious to the fact that your children/grandchildren are being exposed to horrific sexual practices in their infant and primary schools, and then treated like criminals in their high schools; regardless of qualifications, most of those children will have little or no prospects for the future; immigrants are always first choice for British jobs; many of your fellow Britons are living in abject poverty, whilst our inheritance is being handed over to immigrant-invaders, or given away in Foreign Aid; many Britons are being forced out of their family homes through government legislation, immigrant brutality, or they’re escaping in “White Flight”; our culture is being destroyed; our religion has all but been destroyed; our green and pleasant land is being concreted-over to house immigrants; our country has become a scruffy hell-hole; our trusting, friendly nature has been abused by corrupt politicians, who have sold us into slavery, so that they can feather their own nests.

But, YOU are oblivious to all of the above, because you have your cars, holidays, entertainment, soap operas, football/Rugby and personal possessions; and most of all, you are a selfish bastard and …




For the benefit of the millions of decent Britons that DO give a damn about the welfare of their extended British brothers and sisters, I will continue to outline the details of the secret plans.


Egremont in Wirral:


Egremont Promenade and beach during its glory days

After the brave WHISTLE-BLOWER informed a fellow patriot of Wirral Council’s plans, a phone call was made to the Council’s Publicity Department to question whether or not it is true, and a woman in that office said: “No. The Council has NOT agreed to do that, but it HAS been discussed and we WILL be taking our fair share of Asylum Seekers, but no more than anywhere else in the country.” (This is Publicity Dept speak for “Yes, you’re absolutely right.”)

Our colleague asked why all the secrecy and why haven’t the residents been informed of this? Also, how many is regarded as our “fair share” and the woman said she did not have the answers for those questions. When she was questioned further as to why it is always the working class areas that have immigrants imposed upon them; and whether Cameron and Osborne’s neighbourhood’s will be taking THEIR “fair share” of Asylum Seekers in their posh areas, the woman became very coy and said she had no idea. If she has no idea, then how on earth can she make a statement that “we WILL be taking our fair share”?

If YOU live in the Wirral, why not make a big noise about it? You can be sure that if you DON’T contact the Council and make a fuss about it, then it will not only continue, it will get worse. As the Council will regard you as mugs and they will continue to take advantage of you!


Blacon in Chester:


The Parade, Blacon, Chester

As in Egremont, we’ve received information about Blacon, Chester. Evidently, a Chester West & Chester Council Housing official has resigned his position in disgust, over the Council’s plans for the refurbished flats at the Parade, in Blacon.

When that former Council official was questioned about it, he was asked: “I hear that you have resigned your position because 90% of the flats at the Parade are going to immigrants; is that correct?”

The former Council official’s response was: “Yes, that is certainly the reason I have resigned, because lots of local people have been on the Housing Waiting List for years, and they’re being overlooked in favour of immigrants. But, the percentage you’ve quoted is wrong; it’s not 90% it’s 95% of the flats that are going to immigrants – virtually every one of them!”

Our colleagues in Chester also discovered a secret Chester Council plot to transfer public housing stock to a private limited company. Many questions have been put to Chester Council about this, for the past three years and Council staff and Councillors have consistently denied it. But now – after all of the lies from Chester Council – the truth has finally come out and it has been announced that 17 properties, worth £2.5 million, plus are going to be “transferred” to a private company, Avenue Services, so that they can build houses in that close community.

If it hadn’t been for a group of local friends of ours and their endless digging, questioning and neighbourhood leafleting campaign, we still wouldn’t know about this Chester Council scam. A neighbourhood meeting has now been held – and the Common Purpose Chester Council and Avenue Services staff asked the residents what they would like Avenue Services to do with those valuable assets, in Blacon. But, the residents were NOT asked for their permission to give those properties to that private company. What they were given was ‘Hobson’s Choice’ – which means it’s happening, whether you like it or not! When many residents said: “We don’t want Avenue Services here and the Chester Council has no right to give our property away.” The Common Purpose 5th Columnist Stazi boss said: “Yes we can, we can do whatever we like with those assets.”


If YOU live in Chester, why don’t you contact the council and complain about it; or contact the local WHISTLE-BLOWERS and help to make a big noise about it? If you contact us, we’ll put you in touch with them. Why allow the Council to give away YOUR assets? Join your local WHISTLE-BLOWERS and make a stand against the Invaders!


St Helens:


St Helens Town Hall was cordoned off

A 33 year old man climbed onto the roof of St Helens Town Hall, because he is homeless and was being ignored by the Council, because they are too busy focusing on finding places for Invaders. Over the past three months, St Helens, Warrington and Wigan Councils have been using taxpayer’s money to pay for accommodation for those Invaders. The man on the roof, who obviously feels aggrieved at the arrogance of the Establishment, had unfurled a blanket as a banner which bore the words: Beware the Police State.

Beware the Police State

The police and fire brigade officers were trying to persuade him to come down and he was shouting to people on the ground. St Helens was crawling with news reporters, all trying to get the best story and photograph, but none of them bothered to ask about – THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM – and that is WHY he was risking his life to make this protest. The reason for this is that ALL of the journalists know very well that our own indigenous people are being overlooked for housing, whilst the Invaders get looked after, and they are terrified to print the truth. The only comment that one journalist made on that crucial subject was: ‘The protestor made allegations about being evicted from his home.’

In the end the rooftop protester climbed down from the roof after an appeal by a couple that were waiting to get married at the Town Hall. It’s understood a couple who were due to marry there appealed to him to let them have their ceremony. The man had thrown some roof tiles to the ground, presumably to gain attention, but he was not throwing them at people and nobody was hurt. But, the police decided to close and cordon off the building.

They then appear to have used emotional blackmail by claiming that the protestor was stopping the couple getting married – when in fact it was the police who were doing that. From their point of view, I suppose they had to stop the protestor and if it meant using the waiting couple, then they may have felt justified in lying. But, the reality appears to be that the couple could’ve entered the building in safety and carried on with their wedding. In the end, the protestor shouted: “Shall we let them have their wedding?” and then climbed down with the fire brigade and was arrested by the police.

If YOU live in the St Helens area and want to find out WHY he chose to be a rooftop WHISTLE-BLOWER, then get in touch with St Helens, Warrington and Wigan Councils and ask about Shaun David Adamson. Also, ask all of those Councils why they are spending British taxpayer’s money on Invaders and ignoring the needs of OUR people!


What do YOU think about this?


If you live on the Wirral, or in Chester, or St Helens, or anywhere else and suffering whilst Invaders are being cared for, why not have your say and become a WHISTLE-BLOWER? Send your comments to THE BRITISH VOICE and we’ll print them for you. Leave a comment or contact us at:


Also, if you scroll down, you will see a World War Two advice poster, which is a bit old and hard to read, but it’s worth using that advice when dealing with these new Invaders. The new Invaders are NOT the Germans, but many of them are far more evil than the Germans ever were, and the threat they pose is far greater to our people and our nation. Really, the message you should pass to your MP is…




WW2 Advice from the War Office and the Ministry of Home Security

  • Camulod

    Common Purpose is alive and kicking – the 5th Columnist communist spies were at work at the ‘One Voice for Blacon’ meeting, in Chester a few nights ago. The Constitution of that group states that nobody can Chair their meeting, unless it has been previously discussed and accepted by the group. But, the controllers ignored that ruling and drafted in a Common Purpose Agent, who looked like a grey haired Cameron, and similarly, his head was firmly placed up his own backside.

    All six of the rats on the top table were Common Purpose Agents and they were pretending to have the interests of the Chester people at heart. They made sure they’d got several of their gobbie commies in the audience, who berated anyone that opposed their corrupt plans, and then they proceeded to railroad the UNLAWFUL asset transfer through to completion. That was not a Consultation, it was an announcement of intent – to steal property and other assets, which belong to the people of Blacon.

    As they left the building, we politely engaged with four of those agents and asked them why they became Common Purpose Agents and effectively 5th Columnist Communist anti-British spies, secreted in our neighbourhoods. None of them would confirm or deny being involved in CP (which also stands for Communist Party) but all of them claimed to be doing good. They were asked: “If you Common Purpose Agents claim to be doing GOOD, why aren’t you allowed to tell anyone you’re a member of CP; or where your meetings take place; or who the speakers and other members are; or how much public money you receive; or what your game plan and ultimate objectives are?” Their answers were a collection of aggression and smarmy excuses, but ALL were confirmed anti-British traitors.

    Those people described themselves as: “a local businessman”; a “university professor”; a “leader of Chester Council”; and a “Labour Party Councillor”. The Cameronesque businessman is mentioned above; the Rasputinesue Professor had a fancy title, but wasn’t particularly bright; the Council Leader was wearing the symbol of homosexual ‘pride’; and the Labour Councillor was a typical Labour clone, and didn’t have a clue how to debate.

    Such people are placed above us ordinary folk, in a pretence that they are learned and knowledgeable elders, in order to gain the respect of the public, but our colleagues exposed them as phonies. We also demonstrated that our people have far greater communication and debating skills than them. We must continue to challenge those wretches at every opportunity, and we will eventually expose and defeat all of them.

  • Rose of England

    For some (unfathomable) reason people in their local communities are either oblivious or just could not give a damn about what happens in their neighbourhood. Those same people will be screaming like stuck pigs, when their local towns and villages are taken over by immmigrants.
    Most people I know have a ‘come what may attitude’ about the serious political stuff that they hear on the news, as long as it doesn’t interfere with their soaps, Xfactor or Dancing on Ice, then their not interested.
    If its something to do with their own little town or village, as far as their concerned its not important, and nothing to do with them.

    Still they can’t be blamed, they have been brain washed for a long time, and you have to be a strong and principled person to fight against the enemy within. One can only hope that very soon they will shake off the chains that hold them in a kind of stupor, and come out kicking and screaming to help their country, before it’s too late.

  • Henrythehorse

    I’m one of those who lives in the so called “bubble”….along with all my neighbours we know exactly what’s going on….please don’t be so condescending.

  • Camulod


    I am well aware of your name, as you’ve been commenting on nationalist sites, for years.

    And, as you have been doing that for a very long time, I would assume that you ARE doing something about it (other than blogging) in which case you are NOT one of those people that the article eludes to.

    The people in the “bubble” are either oblivious to what’s going on, or they know and simply don’t give a damn about their fellow Britons, whereas, you DO know what’s going on, and to comment for as long as you have, it would be ludicrous to assume that you are doing nothing to stop it. Therefore, the insults were not directed at you.

    However, the comment was not intended to be condescending, it was meant to be insulting!

    We make NO APOLOGY to those people who are in the “bubble”, as there is absolutely no excuse for not knowing, and even less for not caring.

    It is way past time for people to take a stand in defence of our country, and maybe they need a kick up the backside to wake them up.

  • ab001g8485

    It’s not only the adult not bothered clan in the bubble that are a problem, you only need to watch question time to realize that our children are being brain washed from a very early age, this means that the longer this assault on our country goes on the more difficult it will be to halt.

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