POLITICIANS – Stop Immigration NOW, or Face the Gallows

This is a message to all British politicians.


Politicians - Stop Immigration NOW or Face the Gallows


Dear MP, MEP, Lord, Lady, Mayor, or Councillor,


You are well aware that you have brought millions of unwanted immigrants – from all corners of the world – to invade the British Isles. And, you are also aware that the English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people have NEVER agreed to our countries being invaded and colonised by foreigners, who also have totally different cultures to our own. You have never bothered to ask for our permission to carry out that colonisation plan; and as such, you have committed an act of Treason.


It is now common knowledge that your policy – of filling Britain with the dregs of the world – is a conscious plan to commit genocide upon our peoples, by bringing those 3rd world invaders to our shores. It is part of the covert genocide acts that were outlined in the Coudenhove-Kalergi plans to eradicate the white European race and turn us all into brown skinned ‘Egyptian-like’ people.


You operate an ‘Open Door’ policy at our borders and you allow anyone to enter Britain without challenge, instead of stopping them from getting off the boats and planes. Also, the front covers of ALL government publications, mostly produced by Her Majesty’s Stationery Office (HMSO) now feature black, brown and yellow faces. This illustrates the fact that you people – who live the high life, on our taxes – see those immigrants as being far more important than our own people. Placing foreigners above our own people in our own country; is also an act of Treason.


If any of our indigenous brothers and sisters complain about the hordes of immigrants that are pouring onto our once-great land; or we ask those interlopers to speak English; or we show that we dislike them; or let them know that we do NOT want them to be here in OUR country; you accuse us of that non-crime of ‘Racism’, which was invented by the Bolsjewik mass murderer Leon Trotsky (aka Leonard Bronstein). Please be informed that the genie is now out of the bottle, and the phony crime of ‘Racism’ will no longer be recognised in Britain. And, if you traitors and your traitorous colleagues in the so-called Justice Department, attempt to convict indigenous English, Scottish, Welsh and Irish people of that non-crime, then YOU will be held to account for it.


It is evident that you do NOT follow the will of the indigenous people of these isles, and instead, you do exactly what the banksters instruct you to do, regardless of the will of the people, or how that policy affects us. To hide the true immigration figures, you claim that Britain has a population of 64 million people; which is only ten million more than we had 50 years ago, in 1964. But, it is a fact that over ten million people have come to live in Britain since 1997. Also, Stock Market analysts and supermarket chains have made it very clear that Britain’s population is over 90 million. Lying to your people is also an act of Treason.


You send our Armed Service personnel to invade other people’s countries, in the name of the British people – and against the will of the British people – and you pretend to be “exporting democracy”! What an outrageously sick ‘joke’ that is, because Britain is a million miles away from anything resembling ‘democracy’. The British Electoral system is so bad that a British High Court Judge has likened it to that of a banana republic! And every Election is riddled with fraudulent actions on a grand scale; another act of Treason.


Many British people are unemployed and are living in abject poverty – even those with a job are living in severely austere conditions – whilst you people live in the lap of luxury, on your tax-free expense accounts. And you make sure that immigrants landing on our shores are given far more benefits than our indigenous people. Thousands of our young and elderly folk don’t have enough food or heating to sustain them and they are deprived of the medication they need to keep them alive, whilst you send £billions of British taxpayers’ money to foreign countries, that YOU deem to be more important than our own people. This too, is an act of Treason.


You politicians that appear to believe you can disregard the views and wishes of the indigenous people of these islands are now placed on notice that you must – Stop Immigration NOW, or Face the Gallows!

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