Proud to be British!

We are proud to be British –

Do our political elite not understand that a nation is nothing without its heritage, culture, and identity? Our shared ancestry has shaped the way we are today. We are proud to be British, we are proud of what our small nation has given to the world. No country has given more to advance mankind in relation to its size than Britain. We have given the planet over 50% of the most useful inventions. We industrialised the world and have brought forth some of the greatest thinkers and luminaries in the world of Science, Literature and the Arts. British soldiers with tank

Yet we have been undermined as a nation by treacherous politicians, who are only interested in their own careers and what they can get out of their positions of power. When we look at the sacrifice made by our people over the centuries, it is a disgrace to their memory that our political masters have been allowed to destroy the cultural identity of Britain and our people. To say that our MP’s are not fit for purpose would be a gross understatement. They are guilty of promoting White genocide and the eradication of our values, whilst promoting foreign ideologies and religions.

Only a Nationalist government which truly understands the values of tradition and heritage and the common ancestry of its people can stop the rot that the present bunch of overpaid traitors have inflicted upon us.

Join THE BRITISH VOICE, make your voice count.

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