Robert Peston, the Common Purpose agent and former BBC Political Editor has caused an anti-white storm.


If anyone still doubts that the white European peoples (the Caucasoid peoples) are being destroyed, through various acts of genocide, which is predominantly driven by Jews; then read on. Robert Peston was a BBC lefty, until he was offered even more GOLD to switch to ITV; in typical Shylock fashion, he grabbed it with both hands. As soon as he got his feet under the table, he evidently concluded that there weren’t enough black and brown people in that organisation, so he insisted on bringing more of those immigrant-invaders into the ITV.


This is reminiscent of Greg Dyke becoming Director General of the BBC and immediately stating: “the BBC is hideously white.” Greg Dyke then went onto the Football Association of England and proceeded to turn the white Caucasoid ENGLISH national football team into a predominantly BLACK Negroid team. What would happen if anyone was to say something like: “the BBC is hideously black and there are not enough white peoplehere”; or “there are too many black people in the ITV and there should be more white people”; or “The Nigerian national football team is hideously black and there are not enough white players in that team.”


Before I continue, here is a scientific reminder:

European peoples are CAUCASOID;

African peoples are NEGROID;

Asian peoples are MONGOLOID.

The cranium and skeletal systems of each type are uniquely different and one type cannot pretend to be either of the others. Also, the cultural differences are enormous and to attempt to meld them all as ‘one people’ is an act of genocide on the indigenous peoples and a recipe for disaster!


To work with Peston, applicants must come from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority’ white people are clearly not allowed to apply


In keeping with other Jews, such as Barbara Lerner Spectre, Noel Ignatiev, Anetta Kahane and George Soros, living in Caucasoid countries; Peston is well known to be a left wing extremist and an agent of the subversive Communist organisation, known as Common Purpose. He recently joined ITV from the BBC and has advertised for an assistant. His advert states that the applicant must come from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority’ white people are clearly not allowed to apply and if they did, they would NOT be considered. This proves that Peston is an anti-British, anti-Caucasoid racist. His actions are contrary to the Race Relations Laws and the United Nations Declaration for the Protection of Indigenous Peoples (U.N.D.R.I.P.).


Jews are the most notorious racists on the planet and they are allowed to talk openly about their plans to ‘destroy the white race’. Can you imagine the cries of anti-Semitism that would emanate from those immigrant-invading Mongoloids if the advert stated the opposite of that, stating that only white European (Caucasoid) people need apply? The-powers-that-be always turn a blind eye to Jewish racism; whilst they simultaneously prosecute indigenous Caucasoid British people, for merely telling the truth, in our own land.


Peston is the progeny of immigrant-invaders and the great grandson of Ashkenazi Jews, who immigrated to England from Poland and Austria. Like most of his Jewish counterparts, he is actively engaged in destroying the Caucasoid peoples. Will he be prosecuted for anti-white racism? Don’t hold your breath!


Here are a few associates of Robert Peston


The following Mongoloid people evidently believe that it’s okay for THEM to openly declare war on the Caucasoid peoples and to call for the abolition of “whiteness”; express a desire to “destroy Europe via non-European immigration”; dictate that Mongoloid people intend to turn Europe into a multicultural hell-hole: “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural…without that transformation, Europe will not survive… Jews are going to be at the centre of that”; or to plough huge sums of money into the subversive activities of Communist organisations, in an attempt to frighten the Caucasoid / European peoples into submission.


The people who made those comments are shown below and they all belong to the Mongoloid peoples that now dominate the country that used to be known as Palestine, until it was brutally and murderously stolen from the indigenous Muslim, Sephardic-Jewish and Christian Palestinian Arabs. It is now called ‘Israel’ and anyone wishing to migrate to that country MUST be Jewish, or their Mother must be Jewish, preferably Ashkenazi Talmudic/ Kabbalist Jews; they must not practice another religion in Israel and if they are caught trying to convert an Israeli citizen to become a Christian, they will face a long prison sentence; a man and woman of different races cannot even hold hands, let alone marry and mix those races, in Israel.


Right now, the reader may be thinking what’s wrong with them wanting to protect their own country? Well, a few things, actually. First of all it is not ‘their’ country and the United Nations conditions on which they were enabled to migrate to Palestine stipulated that they should peacefully co-exist with the existing population, but they have always rebuked those UN mandates and done exactly what they wanted to do; often murderously. Jews openly campaign to keep Israel Jewish and to continue their Jewish bloodline and that they must balance the population of Israel to ensure that it does so.


At the same time, they actively campaign to fill Europe and the West with Mongoloid and Negroid immigrant-invaders; to promote the mixing of races (miscegenation) and the promotion of mulatto peoples in Western countries. Their Mongoloid cousins own virtually all of the world’s media networks and most of the globalist corporations, which are controlled by their fellow Bilderbergers.


Their motto appears to be:



Also, the motto of the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service, known as the Mossad, is:


“By way of deception thou shalt make war.”


  • Noel Ignatiev is Jewish and is best known for his work on race and social class and for his call to abolish “whiteness”. Ignatiev defines whiteness as the access to white privilege, which according to Ignatiev gains people perceived to have “white” skin admission to certain neighbourhoods, schools, and jobs.



  • Anetta Kahane is Jewish and an extreme Communist and former Stasi agent – the Stasi was renowned for torturing and murdering innocent people. She wants to “destroy Europe via non-European immigration.”



  • Barbara Lerner Spectre is Jewish and she openly brags that Jews are forcing multiculturalism upon Europeans; she said:

“I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the centre of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”



  • Jewish billionaire, George Soros, is possibly THE most evil man in the world, as he is actively financing extreme Communism and brutal anarchy throughout the Western world.



WHY are these people being allowed to get away with these atrocities? The answer is that Western countries are now ruled by Communists. And, Jews, such as Karl (Mordecai) Marx, who was financed by Jewish bankers, invented Communism and are the biggest proponents of that evil murderous cause.






WANTED: ‘Trainee Production Intern

An incredible opportunity for a politically-minded Production Trainee to join the team at ITV’s flagship show, Peston on Sunday.


The successful candidate will be placed on the Sunday morning live studio politics show, Peston on Sunday.  They will be given the opportunity to shadow the Producers and Production Manager, where they will learn how to support the team’s management and administration requirements, develop research skills and gain experience of television production.



Upload your CV & Cover Letter as ONE document

All roles advertised through Creative Access are only open to UK nationals from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority.

Only applications via Creative Access will be considered – please DO NOT contact companies directly.’




Who is ‘Creative Access’ and WHO is behind it?


Creative Access’ is an anti-white, anti-Caucasoid organisation and they openly advertise on behalf of Negroid and Mongoloid peoples, in Caucasoid land, to the detriment of Caucasoid peoples. Creative Access is contributing to the genocide of the Caucasoid peoples.


Creative Access is owned by Michael Foster and he famously stated: “I am white.”



But, surprise, surprise, Michael Foster is Jewish; his grandfather was in the Dachau concentration camp, but was released when he gave up his factories and was allowed to move to Palestine. Foster’s father, Walter Foster (originally named Fast), was born in Vienna in 1923 and came to London. Foster’s mother was Rachel Ginsburg. Jewish people do not describe themselves as ‘white’; they usually describe themselves simply as ‘Jewish ’.


Here are some more anti-British traitorous rats, who are purporting to speak on behalf of the British people, at Bilderberg conferences. In reality, they are anti-British, anti-Caucasoid, anti-white TRAITORS…




  • Andrew Adonis (GBR), Chair, National Infrastructure Commission – put in place by Blair (Labour) and Osborne (Conservative) and is of Greek extraction.


  • Marcus Agius, (GBR), Chairman, PA Consulting Group – his wife is Katherine Juliette Rothschild of central banking family infamy.


  • George Osborne (GBR), Editor, London Evening Standard – he has been a Bilderberger for years; waste of space, former Chancellor of the Exchequer, old Etonian and friend of Nathaniel Rothschild, also of the central banking family infamy.


  • Nicholas Houghton (GBR), Former Chief of Defence – General Sir John Nicholas Reynolds Houghton; currently Constable of the Tower of London. Former British soldier and probably a misguided skivvy to the globalists.


  • Gideon Rachman (GBR), Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, The Financial Times – journalist and power broker.


  • John Sawers (GBR), Chairman and Partner, Macro Advisory Partners – Sir Robert John Sawers GCMG is a former British diplomat and senior civil servant. He was Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and is part of the historic Stratford family of Norman descent. Since leaving office, Sawers has taken up two influential private-sector jobs and followed his predecessors at MI6, Sir John Scarlett and Sir Richard Dearlove, into a network of small, private intelligence and strategic consultancy firms that advise top corporate clients, from sovereign wealth funds to blue-chip companies and foreign governments.


  • Sharon White (GBR), Chief Executive, Ofcom – Sharon Michele White is a black civil servant. She has been pushed up the ranks and had a variety of roles in the civil service. She was Second Permanent Secretary at HM Treasury from 2013 to 2015 and has been the chief executive of the British media regulator Ofcom since March 2015. She was the first black person, and the second woman, to become a Permanent Secretary at the Treasury.


There you have it; the British Establishment is the enemy of the British people!


Virtually the whole of the British Establishment – Civil Service, Armed Forces, Treasury, Banking, Communications, Media, Education, Industry – are controlled and dominated by people who obviously have anti-British and anti-Caucasoid intentions.


So, where does that leave us indigenous Caucasoid British people?


Who will represent us, on the top table, and fight our corner?


With better part of a million immigrant-invaders settling in Britain EVERY YEAR, a very destructive and violent outcome is virtually inevitable.


When the crap hits the fan and those violent invaders and their offspring kick off, AGAIN, who do WE turn to for help; who will protect our children?


Are there ANY loyal patriotic civil servants left?



  • Excellent.
    More articles like this please . . . to wake people up!!!
    Our only hope is to inform all the uninformed citizens, make sure they know.
    We have all been deceived, it is now obvious what has happened and what is ongoing.
    White genocide is proceeding as planned.
    We have every right to be upset, to state our grievances and to encourage other people to think for themselves and to do their own research.

  • ProudNationalist

    We can all sense the atmosphere building in our once great country. People are talking and we must reassure each other that when the time comes, we will stand together once again to take back our homelands, expel the invaders and the treasonous controllers along with their elite cohorts and misguided followers. Brexit is a very important start, we will build on that monumentous event in our history and take back our inheretence for whom many fought and died and pass on that legacy to our precious children. God help us all to fight against the genocide perpetrated by the controllers.

    • Vig orniensis

      As it stands at the moment it looks as though the decision by the SOVEREIGN people of Great Britain to issue an imperative to the Government of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II to withdraw in its entirety from the European Union, all ties of which have been illegal for 43 years through the treasonous method of becoming enmeshed with this bunch of Marxists, is being seriously undermined by Westminster Parliament and ably assisted in this endeavour by the revolting people within Common Purpose, BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

      We really should be in no doubt that this phalanx of undemocratic fifth column seditionists are determined to take all steps to see that Brexit fails to occur. The people of this country must therefore be prepared to ask themselves for how much longer this bunch of arrogant, elitist, patronising bastards are going to be allowed to continue before we take steps to neutralise them. That time, I would venture, cannot be too far away, and politicians should be in no doubt as to high feelings that will prevail if they fail to bring about a complete Brexit.

      [Incidentally, what the hell is this Government doing even discussing this nonsense with the EC when ECA72 was illegal and we should have simply walked away 12 months ago?]

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