Scotland & Northern Ireland Lead the Way Against Immigration!

I am an Englishman and I’m proud to be English and British, but I sometimes wonder why our Scottish and Northern Irish brothers and sisters appear to have more courage than their English and Welsh counterparts. On this occasion, the people of Glasgow – mostly women – got out on the streets and marched through a densely populated immigrant area, known as Govanhill. Why? Because over recent years, that area has been infested with immigrants and lots of people have been attacked in that neighbourhood; people (mostly girls and women) have been beaten, raped and some have been murdered. Yet, the anti-Scottish/anti-British police have done NOTHING to stop it.



Save Govanhill Glasgow



But, regardless of whether the police do anything to stop the rapists, or not, the people of Glasgow will continue their campaign against the evil that has been brought to our shores within the hordes of immigrant invaders.


400 people march through Govanhill


Whilst most people in England and Wales appear to be brainwashed into believing that we have no choice other than to accept everything that the corrupt-traitorous and anti-British politicians throw at us; people in Scotland and Northern Ireland are doing something about it.


The people of Northern Ireland have held several demonstrations in support of 78 year old Belfast Pastor, James McConnell, who has denounced Islam as the devil’s doctrine. Our friends in Northern Ireland will continue to support Pastor McConnell, regardless of the outcome of the show trial he has been subjected to. Here’s an extract of what that brave man has said:


…‘Today we see powerful evidence that more and more of Muslims are putting the quorums’ hatred of Christians and Jews alike in to practice…Now people say there are good Muslims in Britain – that may be so – but I don’t trust them…


…Enoch Powell was right and he lost his career because of it…


…Enoch Powell was a prophet and he told us that blood would flow in the streets and it has happened… Fifteen years ago Britain was concerned of IRA cells… Right throughout the nation they done a deal with the IRA because they were frightened of being bombed…

…Today a new evil has arisen – there are cells of Muslims right throughout Britain – can I hear an amen?… Right throughout Britain and this nation is going to enter into a great tribulation and a great trial… To judge by some of what I have heard in the past few months, you would think that Islam was little more than a variation of Christianity and Judaism…

…That so, Islam’s ideas about God, about humanity, about salvation are vastly different from the teaching of the Holy Scriptures. Islam is heathen, Islam is satanic, Islam is a doctrine spawned in hell.”

Pastor McConnell said: “I have no regrets about what I said. I do not hate Muslims but I denounce Islam as a doctrine and I make no apologies for that. I will be pleading ‘not guilty’ when I stand in the dock in August.”


Pastor James McConnell giving his anti-Islam speech


Whilst the above honest and outspoken man is being pilloried for his spoken WORDS; an elderly Establishment member – Greville Janner – has been allowed to get away with many (alleged) horrific assaults – RAPES OF CHILDREN – because his lawyers CLAIM that he is too senile to plead – but he continues to attend the House of Lords and claim £300 for every attendance!


Greville Janner



Also, he just happens to be part of the immigrant bloodline that dangles British governments like puppets. Could the fact that he was the – Head of the Board of Deputies of British Jews – be the real reason why he has never been prosecuted for those (alleged) evil crimes against children?


The disgraceful British Justice system has no qualms about prosecuting elderly people, like Pastor McConnell, for thought crimes, but it has bent over backwards (and probably forwards) to help Greville Janner to elude justice; which implies that all of the children who have alleged that he raped them must ALL be liars!


In April 2015 the Crown Prosecution Service announced that Janner would NOT be prosecuted over allegations relating to the indecent assault of minors and buggery (the anal rapes of children). The CPS said it would not be in the public interest as Janner has been diagnosed as suffering from dementia, which is incurable and progressively worsens, and a case for the defence could not be made at a trial. In normal circumstances, the evidence against him would have merited prosecution, the CPS said in a statement.


However, the CPS decision was overturned on 29 June 2015, and a judge will decide on 7 December whether Janner is fit to plead.


Meanwhile, the Western justice system, this time in Germany, had absolutely no qualms at all about prosecuting a 94-year-old former doctor at Auschwitz, simply because he happened to be stationed at that – WORK CAMP – during World War 2.


Whether the majority of the world has become aware of it or not, the cat is now firmly out of the bag! The so-called genocidal murders at Auschwitz and ‘Gas Chambers’ was a complete fabrication, which was exposed, as such, by a very honourable Jewish man by the name of David Cole. Watch his video here:


I’d like to ask this question of all our fellow English and Welsh brothers and sisters – that have either accepted their downfall and the subsequent destruction of their family and children – or simply can’t be bothered doing anything to stop it…


…when are you going to get up off your backside and DO something?!!!


Whilst YOU do nothing, people all around Europe are getting off their backsides – every week – and demonstrating against enforced immigration. When will YOU get the message that immigration will continue for as long as YOU allow it to!





A German man carried a banner which suggested that he ‘Had A Dream’ to see that country’s Chancellor put into prison – see image below – tell me: What do you believe we should do with Cameron, Clegg, Brown, Bliar etc etc etc?



Mrs Merkel the demon of Germany - going on trial

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