Sign this Petition if you want to Preserve your Children’s Future, and your RACE!


If you haven’t already signed this Anti-Immigration petition, then please do so NOW. Don’t put it off. Now that we have surpassed the required 100,000 names, it may be taken down soon, so don’t delay.


128,731 people have signed in just ELEVEN DAYS!


In just eleven days, 128,731 people have signed it, and this is fantastic, but we need to keep it going, in order to strengthen our position and make sure that the corrupt politicians get the message that we will no longer accept immigration! The British Lions must ROAR!


Contrary to what you may believe, the government does NOT have to debate this issue, just because over 100,000 people have signed the petition – but they MUST. They are only obliged to consider it and that doesn’t mean they will take any notice of what we – THE BRITISH PEOPLE – say.


If we are going to force the politicians to carry out the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, we must take full advantage of this petition. Imagine how powerful this will be, if we can get a million signatures!


In the words of one of our colleagues, in Chester…





But, if you are NOT convinced that it is necessary, scroll down and see what YOU are allowing to take place in YOUR HOME. You may just call this a ‘country’ but it’s not just that, it is primarily OUR HOME! ….



Anti-Immigration petition


Anti-Immigration petition



I am English



Goodbye to my England

The people will believe what the media tells them they believe



Go to War

Terrorist Refugee

No Islamic refugees allowed in Islamic countries

Bye Bye Europe

Why not sign the Anti-Immigration petition before it’s too late for Britain AND your family?

  • Camulod

    Please send the above message to everyone you know.

    The government and media are trying to use emotional blackmail, by showing images of dead children – but Immigration is far more deadly for our children!

    We WILL stop Immigration – we will do so with a shear weight of numbers, and we will continually bombard the politicians with our message, to SEND THE BUGGERS BACK!

  • Dave Leese

    signed and shared

  • Camulod

    The petition has grown to 140,713 signatures over night!

    Please keep it going folks!

  • Rose of England

    Signed, come on people wake up to the truth.

  • Paul Fisher


  • Rose of England

    Come on true British people, this petition has been signed by 167,409 people so far, lets see if we can make it 200,000 by the end of the week. This is one way you can make a difference, get all your family and friends to sign, and get all their friends to sign also.
    This is the only country we have, isn’t it worth fighting for ???

  • David

    Bush & Blair sowed the wind by admittedly illegally invading Iraq. This has escalated into tribal, sectarianism & civil war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria, the Horn of Africa, Libya, etc.. The effect of B&B’s actions have now reaped the whirlwind, and now “Europe” is being invaded by so-called “refugees” from these and other countries. Having lived and worked in the whole of the Middle East for many years, I have a greater understanding of the aims of the peoples of Islamic states, where from an early age, they are indoctrinated by Imams and other fomenters in mosques and meeting rooms worldwide.
    At the end of the 1970’s, a group of 80 Islamic dissidents raided the Holy Kabaa in Mecca, but were eventually routed and summarily executed by the National Guard. This was suppressed in KSA, and most peoples living outside of KSA were unaware of what had happened. I was living at Kilo 15, Mecca Road, Jeddah at the time…..
    Europe is a soft touch, with UK even softer, a fact widely known and circulated around would-be migrants, and now that (most of) the borders are wide open there will be a constant stream of them entering this so-called “Union”. I wonder how many IS killers are amongst them, and what atrocities they are cooking up once they become established in Europe.
    Homeless camps in Manchester were today broken up and the homeless people left to their own devices – meanwhile ££££millions of cash aid is being doled out to illegals trying to get here – where’s the humanity and logic in that???
    I’m afraid that the elite who are said to be the ‘Government’ are not on the same wavelength as the man-in-the-street – who is the one who will be affected by this massive influx. Our GP surgeries, hospitals, ambulance and police services cannot cope now – think of the future’s prospects!!

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