Sign this Petition if you want to Preserve your Children’s Future, and your RACE!


If you haven’t already signed this Anti-Immigration petition, then please do so NOW. Don’t put it off. Now that we have surpassed the required 100,000 names, it may be taken down soon, so don’t delay.


128,731 people have signed in just ELEVEN DAYS!


In just eleven days, 128,731 people have signed it, and this is fantastic, but we need to keep it going, in order to strengthen our position and make sure that the corrupt politicians get the message that we will no longer accept immigration! The British Lions must ROAR!


Contrary to what you may believe, the government does NOT have to debate this issue, just because over 100,000 people have signed the petition – but they MUST. They are only obliged to consider it and that doesn’t mean they will take any notice of what we – THE BRITISH PEOPLE – say.


If we are going to force the politicians to carry out the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, we must take full advantage of this petition. Imagine how powerful this will be, if we can get a million signatures!


In the words of one of our colleagues, in Chester…





But, if you are NOT convinced that it is necessary, scroll down and see what YOU are allowing to take place in YOUR HOME. You may just call this a ‘country’ but it’s not just that, it is primarily OUR HOME! ….



Anti-Immigration petition


Anti-Immigration petition



I am English



Goodbye to my England

The people will believe what the media tells them they believe



Go to War

Terrorist Refugee

No Islamic refugees allowed in Islamic countries

Bye Bye Europe

Why not sign the Anti-Immigration petition before it’s too late for Britain AND your family?

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