SNP – PLAID CYMRU – UKIP: Are they REAL nationalists, or phonies?

If you are wide awake enough to realise that the British people are being eradicated and replaced by Third World Immigrants in our own land, would you consider it wise to support the SNP, PLAID CYMRU or UKIP?






In 1968, Enoch Powell was demonised – by the corrupt politicians and media – for his brilliantly prescient ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, when all of the opinion polls illustrated that 85% of the British population agreed with him. It didn’t matter to us – the BRITISH PEOPLE – what party he stood for, because Enoch was speaking from the heart and, what’s more, he spoke out on behalf of the TRUE British people. Despite the fact that he was a Conservative; had he stood for election as leader of a political party, in the 1970 General Election, he would definitely have received the largest and most significant landslide victory in British history. And the British landscape, economy and the lives of the indigenous Britons would have been much better than it is today.


The most heinous act of Treason since Oliver Cromwell


The fact that Enoch Powell’s political career was all but destroyed and the corrupt British Establishment and politicians chose to completely ignore the wishes of the British people, was the most heinous act of Treason that this country has seen, since Oliver Cromwell took the ASHKENAZI-Controller’s ‘thirty pieces of silver’ and allowed them to return to England, after 350 years of banishment, by Edward the 1st (‘Longshanks’) – due to their horrendous acts of sexual depravity, torture and horrific murder of Gentiles. The fact that Cromwell & Co allowed those devils to go on to replace our Monarchy with Dutch and German puppets; to destroy our country’s future; and to subjugate our people and our country, through ficticious ‘government loans’ and the imposition of appalling conditions of abject poverty upon our people, has been very well documented.


When Enoch Powell was demonised, a huge chasm was created between popular opinion and the will of the ASHKENAZI-Controllers, and this was rapidly filled by the emergence of the National Front (NF), which advocated the views of Enoch Powell and 85% of the population of Britain. The NF also had a habit of exposing the TRUTH and that could never be allowed to continue. They had also adopted a code, which became known as The Fourteen Words:


“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”


I am certain that the reader will realise that such a statement is an absolute necessity for the survival of ANY indigenous race of people. Indeed, their own organisation, the United Nations, has deemed this to be an absolute necessity. But evidently, the ASHKENAZI-Controller’s – who, incidentally will move mountains to ensure that THEIR race is protected and enriched – were so incensed by this blatant statement of camaraderie and protection for our fellow Britons, that they ordered their minions to inflict total demonisation upon the NF, so that anyone considering supporting them would also be destroyed. These were warlike actions, by the same organisations that instigated and controlled the civil wars mentioned above, and they were not about to start taking prisoners.


So the corrupt Establishment stepped up their appalling campaign of demonisation against that party and against nationalism in general, which branded everyone in agreement the NF and Mr Powell as being evil and in some way inferior. At the same time, the controllers set a plan to have the known child rapist and ALLEGED child murderer, Edward Heath, elected as Prime Minister, in the 1970 fiddled General Election.


Despite those appalling actions, by the corrupt controllers, the National Front would NOT go away and continued to gain ground and huge popularity, particularly with disaffected down-to-earth Britons, who had been betrayed and dumped-upon from a great height, by the traitorous Labour Party and ignored by the Tories! This continued for ten years, until Margaret Thatcher came along and made all the right noises to falsely steal the patriotic nationalist vote from the NF. Thatcher became the darling of the rich globalists and went on to tear the heart out of the British manufacturing industry. And when she wanted to get elected for another term, she arranged for her skivvie Foreign Secretary, Lord Carrington, to let Argentina believe that Britain was no longer interested in The Falkland Islands. Surprise, surprise; Argentina took the bait and the War in the Falklands was underway, and almost a thousand people would be killed, just to enable Thatcher to be re-elected as PM.


A few years later, the ferry vessel, the Herald of Free Enterprise sank, killing 193 passengers and crew. It later transpired that the accident was caused after the ferry company had been bought by P&O Ferries, and the new owners wanted more trips per day. The crew were blamed for the disaster, but no blame was placed at the door of the P&O Chairman, Geoffrey Sterling, as he was Thatcher’s good friend and a Conservative Party donor. Also, six months after that disaster, Thatcher gave Sterling a Knighthood – no doubt for services rendered, in keeping the masses under the thumb! Millions were made unemployed by Thatcher and thousands got rich, off the back of the asset-stripping of Great Britain PLC.


You may be thinking:

What does any of this have to do with the SNP / PLAID CYMRU / UKIP?


The point is, that Nationalism was virtually wiped out by corrupt politicians, who were intent on destroying the dream of ‘freedom for the British people’ in whatever way they could. Their plan was to make the poor poorer and the greedy and wealthy wealthier. Both sides would be so wrapped up in either surviving or getting rich, that they would not have the time to think about their fellow Britons, or their country – both of which are intrinsically linked values to Nationalists.


Back in 1968, you could leave a job one day and get another job the next day, and this gave the average worker an element of freedom to discriminate between what he did and did not want for our country. Just over ten years later, the unemployment queue had grown massively and inflation was rocketing – all of those factors were engineered to happen – in order to put the Britons back in their place, in the gutter!


Blatant acts of war against their own people!


As mentioned above, these were blatant acts of war, and as in any war-like situation, the nationalist leaders were targeted, demonised, compromised and/or destroyed. The NF disbanded and several nationalist factions came from it, including the BNP, which came close to achieving similar membership numbers to the NF in its heyday. Eventually, the Stalinist tactics of Tony Bliar, of making it illegal for certain civil servants to be involved in nationalist groups, led to a brief rise of nationalism (particularly for the BNP) due to the rebellious nature of many of us Britons, and then a later decline, brought about by the constant demonisation by corrupt politicians and media.


During that period, the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru and UKIP (SNP-PC-UKIP) were evidently offered the opportunity, by the controllers, to take advantage of this latest political chasm that had been created – if they could pretend to be ‘nationalists’, whilst secretly embracing their love of everything non-British – they could steal the clothes of the nationalist parties AND their voters. If they accepted that traitorous and deceitful role, they would be accepted by the other parties and their future would be secured. Despite the fact that they would have to lie to their members and to the electorate, in order to make it work. So they lied and they have continued to lie, year after year; they have had many election victories, but none of those parties has done anything that could be remotely regarded as nationalistic.


  • Rather than campaign to protect British jobs, the SNP-PC-UKIP claim that: “it’s all due to the global marketplace”;
  • When our people were leap-frogged in the Housing queue by immigrants, the SNP-PC-UKIP said: “anyone that has lived in an area for more than two weeks is also considered to be a local”;
  • When our British culture was threatened and attacked by immigrants and their offspring, in the countless riots, lootings and rapings which have taken place, the SNP-PC-UKIP excused it by claiming: “it wasn’t JUST immigrants, as there was an element of home grown thugs involved too.”;
  • When their constituents asked them why we have to suffer the drastic effects of immigration, when we have never voted for it, or given permission for it to take place, the SNP-PC-UKIP said: “they are fleeing from war zones and they have to live SOMEWHERE.”;
  • When our elderly are attacked by home grown or immigrant thugs, the SNP-PC-UKIP say: “ah bless, the poor lad is a drug addict/alcoholic/unemployed unfortunate and he had no choice but to beat up that OAP, and we can’t send him to prison because there’s no vacant cells.”;
  • When our people complained about the bedroom tax and inheritance tax, the SNP-PC-UKIP claimed that: “we have no choice but to inflict these austere conditions upon everyone, because our country is broke”. etc etc etc.


At every turn, those counterfeit nationalists get paid to spout the mantra of the ASHKENAZI-Controller’s and what’s more, they seem to be stupid enough to believe that it’s all true! Meanwhile, genuine, hard working patriotic nationalists continue to work tirelessly and unpaid in our quest to awaken the indigenous people of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and our brothers & sisters in Ireland, to the fact that they are being metaphorically (and in some cases, physically) raped every day of their lives, by people who are supposed to be serving them!

Where is the evidence that what I’ve said, above, is true?


Let’s take a close look at each of the SNP-PC-UKIP parties, and the reader can make their own mind up, based upon FACTS and not conjecture;


The REAL Scottish National Party (SNP)


Can the Scottish National Party truly call itself a ‘NATIONALIST’ party? Or should it be called the ‘SCOTTISH INTERNATIONALIST PARTY’ (SIP)?


The SNP is strongly anti-British, anti-white and anti-European, also the SNP supports the tyrannical European Union and most, if not ALL, of that evil organisation’s internationalist policies. Also, most of the SNP’s policies are akin to the socialist policies of the Communist Manifesto. So how can the SNP CLAIM to be ‘nationalist’?


The truth of the matter is that the SNP’s only ‘nationalist’ policy is to ostensibly ‘free’ the Scottish people from the yoke of slavery by the bankster-controlled British government (don’t we all want that?!).


But at what cost?

  • Will the Scottish people be ‘free’ when their country is overrun with 3rd world immigrants?
  • Will the Scottish people be ‘free’ when they are completely subjugated by the Stazi Communists of the EU?
  • Will the Scottish people be ‘free’ when they are totally subservient to the evil child-raping satanists that operate out of the headquarters of the United Nations?

Of course they won’t! And, the Scottish people need to wake up and see the TRUE Internationalist face of the SNP. As the old saying goes:

“Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true.”


The bankster-controllers, that dangle politicians like rag dolls are well used to separating groups of people and getting them to fight each other – they did it with the English Civil War, the French Revolution, the American Revolution, the American Civil War, the Russian Revolution – and they are still doing it today! Those bankster-controllers have merely relegated their puppet-politicians in London, and replaced them with a new set of puppets in Washington. They then created the United Nations and the European Union – ostensibly to bring about world peace – and those devils are now bringing millions of immigrants into white European countries, for the genocide of the white race and to get us to fight and kill each other. Since the early part of the 20th century, the bankster-controllers have used their Bolsjewik agents and the U.S. military to cause wars all over the world, just as they used the British government before that.


The bankster-controllers sit back, counting their money in a giant spider’s web of evil, deceit, debauchery, sexual deviancy, war and murder, whilst all the while, pretending to be ambivalent bankers that finance so-called ‘Charities’. Those same devils own the City of London – which operates outside of British Law; they control the New York Stock Exchange and the area around it, which is reputed to be an independent state, just like the Square Mile of old London; they own Israel and Saudi Arabia; they own Hollywood, they control BBC and most of the world’s media machines. And, regardless of how much wealth each nation has, the bankster-controllers own ten times more, because they have engineered it to be that way.


Money & Knowledge is power, and the true road to freedom – for every country in the world – is to ditch the Central Banks and the bankster-controllers; produce their own monetary system; and educate their people in the TRUTH, instead of the lies that have enslaved us all.


You cannot gain freedom by making a pact with the devil, and Scotland will never gain its freedom by ditching the devil’s disciples, in The City of London, in order to deal direct with the devil!


But, the Scottish people are not the only ones that are falling for the deceitful claptrap of the bankster-controllers, as the same thing has happened in Ukraine and the Baltic regions; just as it did, when ‘immigrants’ started the Bolsjewik Revolution almost a hundred years ago, and then murdered over 100 million people, before the Russian people realised the bankster-controllers’ Bolsjewik game, and kicked them out. The same delusion that has bewitched the indigenous people of Scotland, through the SNP, has also caught the imagination of the supporters of UKIP and Plaid Cymru. But, analysis of those organisations reveals that they are certainly NOT working on behalf of the indigenous people of Scotland, England and Wales.


Here is a collection of images of the current and former leaders of the Scottish National Party (the counterfeit ‘nationalists’ of Scotland; Plaid Cymru (the counterfeit ‘nationalists’ of Wales); and UKIP (the counterfeit ‘nationalists’ of England, and their members, officials and supporters…


They say a ‘picture paints a thousand words’.



Nicola Sturgeon, Leader of the Scottish National Party

Nicola Sturgeon in Pollokshields, Glasgow (Kris Donald’s neighbourhood)

Nicola Sturgeon taking a selfie with immigrant children

SNP - Alex Salmond

SNP - Alex Salmond withPakistani MSP


Also, a few years after the 15 year old schoolboy, Kris Donald, of Pollokshields, Glasgow was kidnapped, horrifically tortured and then murdered by a gang of Pakistani immigrant thugs; Nicola Sturgeon visited the Pollokshields neighbourhood to promote multiculturalism. This is like congratulating the foxes for tearing the chickens apart! Ms Sturgeon appears to worship the ground that those invading-immigrants walk on.


No true ‘nationalist’ would behave like that, and no true nationalist party would condone and support such behaviour.


New Scottish nationalists

Humza Yousaf

The Scottish Nationalist Partys Pakistani wing

Look very closely – are the people behind these masks Scottish

A typical African SNP supporter

Supporters of the Scottish National Party (SNP)

Scottish National Party MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh SNP Trade and Investment spokesperson and Deputy Shadow Leader of the House in the House of Commons

This clip from the front page of The Scottish Sun, is TODAY’S NEWS!

Failed Asylum Seeker raped 19 year old Stephanie Sloan

Is any more evidence required, to prove that the SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY (SNP) is certainly NOT a nationalist organisation?!



The REAL Plaid Cymru


Can Plaid Cymru (the Welsh ‘nationalist’ Party) truly call itself a ‘NATIONALIST’ party? Or should it be called the INTERNATIONALIST PARTY FOR WALES (IPW)?


Since the days of John Saunders Lewis, the former President of Plaid Cymru, that party has gone from being a true Nationalist party, to an Internationalist Communist party. Read the text below and then ask yourself: Are these the policies of a truly ‘nationalist’ party, which speaks for the indigenous Welsh people, or are they internationalist Communists, masquerading as nationalists, to capture the Welsh vote?


Here are some of Plaid Cymru’s goals as set out in its constitution:

1. To promote the constitutional advancement of Wales with a view to attaining independence within the European Union; (They support the evil EU empire)
2. To ensure economic prosperity, social justice and the health of the natural environment, based on decentralist socialism; (They admit to being ‘socialists’, or more accurately, communists)
3. To build a national community based on equal citizenship, respect for different traditions and cultures and the equal worth of all individuals, whatever their race, nationality, gender, colour, creed, sexuality, age, ability or social background; (They support the ‘anything goes’ mentality of perversion and debauchery)
4. To create a bilingual society by promoting the revival of the Welsh language; (Good!)
5. To promote Wales’s contribution to the global community and to attain membership of the United Nations. (They support the evil UN and care more about globalist issues than Welsh issues)


Extracts from the Plaid Cymru website…


… Muslims for Plaid


…’Muslims for Plaid began as an idea amongst a couple of Muslim members of Plaid Cymru in Swansea. We felt that Plaid Cymru was a party putting the people of Wales first – ALL its people.

As Welsh Muslims we had been impressed by the principled stance the party had taken against the invasions and Afghanistan and Iraq at a time when those who supported the wars were congratulating themselves on what they believed would be a quick and efficient campaign that would bring peace and stability to the region with minimal civilian casualties. How wrong they were. The horrendous loss of life and chaos into which the countries quickly descended showed the manifest error of the politicians in Westminster, trading the 20/20 foresight of Plaid Cymru for the 20/20 hindsight that commentators now view the decision to go to war.

The nucleus of a Muslims for Plaid campaigning group was forming and felt that the attention of Muslim communities should be drawn to the stance that Plaid Cymru had taken on numerous issues of peace and justice over the years, issues that on many occasions were directly related to parts of the world that Welsh Muslims care passionately about. We decided that a working group was needed under the Equality Section of Plaid, as a vehicle to facilitate two-way communication between the Party and the Muslim community in Wales. It was envisaged that this working group, as yet without a name, would help to communicate Plaid’s existing policies to the Muslim community and provide the Muslim community with an opportunity to give input into future policies’…


… Plaid Abroad


…’Whether you live in Europe or Antarctica, if you’re Plaid, your support is vital for our campaign!
Whether you’re registered to vote in Wales or not however, your support can make all the difference to what happens in Wales. Register your email address and get all the latest information on Plaid’s policies, position and events, and keep up to date with what’s happening in Wales. Join us !
You can help Plaid win!
You can now help Plaid from anywhere in the world by visiting our action centre. Spreading the word to friends and family and talking about Plaid’s ambitious vision to move Wales forward. Why not print off a Plaid poster and send us a picture of you promoting Plaid where you are in the world?’…


The BNP’s View of Plaid Cymru


…‘Pakistani Plaid Cymru Councillor Mohammad Ashgar led this horrendous march through Newport, South Wales. It was seen by many people as an arrogant and defiant stance to indicate a Muslim takeover of Britain. To view the video, click here:’… ’…

Muslims for Plaid

Muslim March in Newport by Plaid Cymru

Muslims for Plaid – Muslims for Wales!

Labour and Plaid Cymru Scramble for Muslim Votes

Plaid Cymru Riverside Councillor



Plaid Cymru’s donation appeal, below, is headlined as: ‘International nationalists.’


The caption below is taken from the Plaid Cymru website. Please note that they’re asking for donations from internationalists and they are also calling for Muslims to join Plaid. Neither of those policies could, in any way, be regarded as ‘nationalist’.


The statement ‘International nationalists’ is a contradiction in terms and although it is merely seeking donations, it exposes the truth that Plaid Cymru is an ‘Internationalist’ party, just like the SNP. And, apart from verifying that (just like the SNP) Plaid Cymru is anti-British and pro-immigration party, it is difficult to establish any of Plaid’s policies. But, anyone with half a brain can tell from the statements they make and the photographs they promote, that they do NOT support the indigenous people of Wales.


Plaid Cymru - the International nationalists


Plaid Cymru - the International nationalists 2

Plaid Cymru’s Dafydd Wigley, Ben Foday and Dafydd Trystan


The Plaid Cymru Councillor for Torfaen

A couple of Plaid Cymru’s policies are shown below – but you need a magnifying glass to FIND their list of policies.
Bring in more migrants to fill skills gaps
• We are One Wales – Not immigrant versus local


Is any more evidence required, to prove that PLAID CYMRU is certainly NOT a nationalist organisation?!


The REAL UK Independence Party (UKIP)


Can the UKIP truly call itself a ‘NATIONALIST’ party? Or should it be called the Alternative Tory Internationalist Party (ATIP)?


UKIP has one Member of Parliament in the House of Commons, three representatives in the House of Lords, they have had MEP’s since 1999, and currently have twenty-three MEP’s, making them the largest UK party in the European Parliament. They have 499 councillors in UK local government and one member of the Northern Ireland Assembly. UKIP has huge financial resources, supplied by a collection of globalist backers, and at election times, they can afford to spend fortunes on advertising. So, what is the real agenda behind UKIP?


With all of that ‘power’ shouldn’t they have made a political impact by now?


UKIP claims to be an anti-immigration party, but the evidence shows that they clearly support immigration…


Just arrived and already helping UKIP to bring their African friends to Britain

Vote UKIP and keep the immigrants coming to Britain

UKIP candidate Amjad Bash


Many UKIP supporters excuse the actions of UKIP and often say they are ‘patriotic nationalists’, but they don’t want to be regarded as ‘racists’. But, if they were a truly nationalist party, they would realise that the most important and the most urgent thing that any patriotic party should do, is cater for their own people first and say to hell with others.


Until such time as our own English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh people are living healthy, happy and comfortable lives, with full employment and an NHS that works efficiently; and our children are adequately educated; and we have no poverty, we cannot care for others and ignore our own people. Even then, we will not deign to tell our people what they should and should not believe, and if anyone dares to call us racists for doing what should come naturally to all of us – taking care of our own – then we will sue those anti-British traitors for slander or libel.


Those would be the words and actions of a truly patriotic nationalist, and their support would grow to Enoch Powell levels in a very short space of time. But UKIP does not follow through with its potential and that should make everyone suspicious of their motives.


Some people argue that, as long as UKIP takes votes away from the Lib-Lab-Con parties, then that’s okay. But, the reality is that they are mainly stealing votes from genuine patriotic nationalist parties, and UKIP always takes sides with the Lib-Lab-Con against nationalist parties. In fact, UKIP won’t even allow former NF or BNP members to join their party – how dare they demean people because of which party they used to belong to?!


The immigrant supporters and members of the above political parties, SNP, Plaid Cymru and UKIP, may be very nice people, but they are NOT indigenous English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish people. So they cannot represent the views of the indigenous population. It would be laughable for a white British person to be a candidate for a nationalist party in Japan, China, India, Nigeria, Iran or Saudi Arabia, and if anyone suggested that nationalist parties in those countries should choose foreigners over their own people, they would be lucky to get out of that meeting place alive!


Is any more evidence required, to prove that the UNITED KINGDOM INDEPENDENCE PARTY (UKIP) is certainly NOT a nationalist organisation?!

NO! Absolutely NOT! Because those counterfeit nationalists will no longer fool anyone!


Here is a GENUINE Nationalist!



Joe, flying the flags for THE BRITISH VOICE, in Glasgow…

Two TRUE nationalists, Joe and Max (taking this picture) proudly display their Union Jacks



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