St George’s Day Party & The March for England!

North West St George’s Day Party –


The North West branch of THE BRITISH VOICE arranged an extremely successful party for the patron saint of England – St George! We donned our Red Roses and got together to celebrate everything that is great about ENGLAND.


We plan to have a party for each of the patron saints of the British nations, including; St Andrew – 30th November; St David – 1st March; St Patrick – 17th March; and St George – 23rd April. Whether you are English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish, you are indigenous British, because your ancestors have occupied these islands for many thousands of years – since long before our individual countries were named.


If you have been conned – by those wishing to divide and conquer us – into believing that we are a race of mongrels, then I suggest you read Blood of the Isles, by Professor Bryan Sykes. He has proven, scientifically, that the vast majority of Britons are direct descendants of the inhabitants of these islands, from up to 17,000 years ago!


Why don’t YOU join THE BRITISH VOICE and help the British Cause?


The March for England –


You may or may not be aware that, a March for England will take place tomorrow, on Blackpool promenade. Many organisations plan to take part in this event to express the importance of preserving the culture, identity, heritage and values of England.


Some may say that the idea of preserving our English heritage is old fashioned or unnecessary, but they would be absolutely wrong! 84% of British people live in England and the remaining 16% of our brothers and sisters are spread across Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Yet, whilst our fellow British nations have their own devolved Parliament, to preserve and protect their heritage, England does NOT. This is grossly unfair to English people and it must change – very soon!


Join us at 12 noon tomorrow, Saturday 25th April, at;
Meet at Yates’s, Blackpool
407-411 The Promenade
South Shore

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