Charlene Downes’ Mother is suing the police

    Charlene Downes’ mother, Karen, is suing the police for the appalling mess they have made of prosecuting the ALLEGED murderers of her daughter. Due to an extraordinary amount of bad policing and appalling “cock-ups”, Lancashire Police and the Crown Prosecution
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Donald Trump IS Welcome Here !

    If only Great Britain had a leader who was in tune with the people of Britain;…   We would dump the European Union IMMEDIATELY!   British Law would immediately revert to the way they were in 1972, before all of the politically correct garbage;   Our
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Expulsion of the Blackamoores by Queen Elizabeth the First

  Queen Elizabeth the First (or “Good Queen Bess” as she was called by the people) was a very patriotic and powerful Monarch!!!       Good Queen Bess:   Confirmed her leadership of this nation; Introduced the Oath of Supremacy, which was sworn on the Holy
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What makes a good British Nationalist?

  You may wonder why I have included a photo of my Staffordshire bull terrier, Ozzie. So, let me explain. ‘Staffies’ are a pure English breed of dog and on researching their qualities, I have found, marked similarities in what I believe makes a good British Nationalist.
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By Lynne Mozar. 8/7/15.     Now this is not a message of morals or morality, fault or default or even personal opinions – it is a clear and sound warning of the way that our society is going and the almost indecent haste of the politically correct lobby to hasten the
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Genocide of the British People!

• Establishment traitors are conspiring to destroy the British people. • They’re turning Britain into a race of Eurasian-negroid immigrants. • They have reduced the birth-rate of the British people to replace us with immigrants. • Since 1997 at least NINE MILLION IMMIGRANTS have
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The British People

The British people are one of the most indigenous social groups in existence, DNA evidence shows that around 74.9% of the people who make up the English, Scots Welsh and Irish have an ancestry going back over 17,000 years within our Isles. The myth that we are a mongrel race is a
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Who is Responsible for the Enslavement of Britain?

  …The European Union? …The United Nations? …The Bankster Controllers? …Global Capitalists? …Communist Trade Unions? …Or Members of the House of Traitors & Frauds – Parliament?     The bankster controllers have enslaved Britain for centuries. They are
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