Donald Trump IS Welcome Here !

    If only Great Britain had a leader who was in tune with the people of Britain;…   We would dump the European Union IMMEDIATELY!   British Law would immediately revert to the way they were in 1972, before all of the politically correct garbage;   Our
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What makes a good British Nationalist?

  You may wonder why I have included a photo of my Staffordshire bull terrier, Ozzie. So, let me explain. ‘Staffies’ are a pure English breed of dog and on researching their qualities, I have found, marked similarities in what I believe makes a good British Nationalist.
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NEWSLETTER Dear Members,   Martin Vaughan & Dorothy Brooke have been expelled from THE BRITISH VOICE You will be aware that two of our former officers, Martin Vaughan & Dorothy Brooke, have stolen our PO Box Number; our royal mail; our money; our documents; our
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Dave Leese is the new National Nominating Officer for THE BRITISH VOICE

  Following Martin Vaughan’s resignation, from the position of National Nominating Officer, Dave Leese has taken on that very important and responsible role. Dave has proven to be a very strong adversary to the leftie and immigrant thugs in the Stoke-on-Trent area, and his
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It is a matter of getting things into perspective   There is, always has been and always will be doom and gloom. At times, like the present it is more acute. It was when we were boys with millions of people being slaughtered and we were on the hit list. Churchill fully
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Do the People of Africa Need Financial Support from Great Britain?

Every day we are bombarded with TV adverts depicting life in Africa to be appallingly poverty stricken, and that they can’t manage without your help. But, is this the truth, or is the real story somewhat different? I believe the truth is quite different.   We are told, on
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