Communist Trade Unions

Expulsion of the Blackamoores by Queen Elizabeth the First

  Queen Elizabeth the First (or “Good Queen Bess” as she was called by the people) was a very patriotic and powerful Monarch!!!       Good Queen Bess:   Confirmed her leadership of this nation; Introduced the Oath of Supremacy, which was sworn on the Holy
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The Labour (Communist) Party’s betrayal of the British working class

        How on earth can Britain’s youngsters believe Jeremy Corbyn and the lying Labour (Communist) Party?   The naive youngsters may say: What is so bad about Communism, as it’s about protecting the working class?   The Communist Manifesto was
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A huge rat infestation has been discovered in the Houses of Parliament; 650 rats were discovered inhabiting the House of Commons; 800 rats were discovered inhabiting the House of Lords; Footage from hidden CCTV cameras shows that the rats in the Commons are invisible most of the
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The Illusion of Freedom and Democratic Participation – Part One

It is evident that those who control the money supply control the government of the day:   “It is nonsense; it is childish nonsense, to say that a British government rules Britain!” (Sir Oswald Mosley)   Control a nation’s money supply and control the game:
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Get Some Labour25 Envelope Stickers

THE LABOUR PAEDO PARTY –   I recently received a letter through the post which had a sticky label on the front, containing the words; LABOUR PAEDO PARTY. This, of course, is a reference to the FIFTY TWO (52) Labour Party officials – Labour Party
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Who is Responsible for the Enslavement of Britain?

  …The European Union? …The United Nations? …The Bankster Controllers? …Global Capitalists? …Communist Trade Unions? …Or Members of the House of Traitors & Frauds – Parliament?     The bankster controllers have enslaved Britain for centuries. They are
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