BREXIT – An open letter to Theresa May, from Albert Burgess

    Mrs May Below is an open letter from one of England’s foremost Constitutional experts, Mr Albert Burgess. However, before we get to Albert’s letter, there are some things you should keep in mind, when meeting with officers of the European Union.  
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Anti-British landlords are getting rich by housing immigrant-invaders!

  All over Britain, unscrupulous landlords and Common Purpose anti-white & anti-British traitors are getting rich through our social housing programmes, whilst thousands of indigenous British people can’t get houses.   Bournemouth     The DWP Housing
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5th Columnist Traitors in the British Establishment – should they ALL hang?

The destruction of Great Britain, brought about by the 5TH Columnist Traitors in the British Establishment – should they ALL hang?       The information below now totally disproves the REMAIN ‘business’ lies and the recommendations from their toe-rag
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SNP – PLAID CYMRU – UKIP: Are they REAL nationalists, or phonies?

If you are wide awake enough to realise that the British people are being eradicated and replaced by Third World Immigrants in our own land, would you consider it wise to support the SNP, PLAID CYMRU or UKIP?     The REAL SNP – PLAID CYMRU – UKIP   In
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There Should NEVER be an Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

      David Lammy – the African Marxist member of HATE-NOT-HOPE – who just happened to have been born in London, from African parents, who had come to Britain via Guyana – believes that we British people should allow 300,000 illegal immigrants to
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The Illusion of Freedom and Democratic Participation – Part Two

  The United States is a Corporation: http://www.abodia.com/2/United-States-is-a-corporation.htm and almost all Countries are listed on the US Stock Exchange (Securities exchange):http://www.ubuntuparty.org.za/2013/02/more-evidence-of-countries-registered.html this makes the
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POLITICIANS – Stop Immigration NOW, or Face the Gallows

This is a message to all British politicians.     Dear MP, MEP, Lord, Lady, Mayor, or Councillor,   You are well aware that you have brought millions of unwanted immigrants – from all corners of the world – to invade the British Isles. And, you are also aware that
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Communism is Synonymous with Satanism

LETTER TO NEWSPAPER…   Dear Sir,   Re: ‘We can’t go on like this’.   Constantine did impose his determination on Christian dogma such as the Sunday Sabbath but the Gospel of Jesus Christ did not advocate beheading, violence, rape or stoning
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The Illusion of Freedom and Democratic Participation – Part One

It is evident that those who control the money supply control the government of the day:   “It is nonsense; it is childish nonsense, to say that a British government rules Britain!” (Sir Oswald Mosley)   Control a nation’s money supply and control the game:
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