BREXIT – An open letter to Theresa May, from Albert Burgess

    Mrs May Below is an open letter from one of England’s foremost Constitutional experts, Mr Albert Burgess. However, before we get to Albert’s letter, there are some things you should keep in mind, when meeting with officers of the European Union.  
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Paul Hilliard resigns his official positions with the BNP

The former contender for the BNP’s Leadership campaign, Paul Hilliard, has stepped down and his letter to Adam Walker, below, tells it like it is!   For many years, British nationalists have worked with our friend and fellow nationalist, Paul Hilliard, and now after ten
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What makes a good British Nationalist?

  You may wonder why I have included a photo of my Staffordshire bull terrier, Ozzie. So, let me explain. ‘Staffies’ are a pure English breed of dog and on researching their qualities, I have found, marked similarities in what I believe makes a good British Nationalist.
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Michael Sheen attacks the CON-Dems AND his own Labour Party

Michael Sheen attacks the CON-Dems AND his own Labour Party, by passionately pointing out that Aneurin Bevan was forthright and honest. He would never agree with anyone – because of so called ‘party loyalties’ – instead he spoke his mind on every issue, much to the dismay of
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The British People

The British people are one of the most indigenous social groups in existence, DNA evidence shows that around 74.9% of the people who make up the English, Scots Welsh and Irish have an ancestry going back over 17,000 years within our Isles. The myth that we are a mongrel race is a
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