National Front stalwarts march through Grantham

    National Front stalwarts defied the rain and marched through the streets of Grantham, Lincolnshire, last Saturday   The march was followed by excellent speeches, by Richard Edmonds and Kevin Bryan   The enemies of the British people, who are now blatantly on
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Expulsion of the Blackamoores by Queen Elizabeth the First

  Queen Elizabeth the First (or “Good Queen Bess” as she was called by the people) was a very patriotic and powerful Monarch!!!       Good Queen Bess:   Confirmed her leadership of this nation; Introduced the Oath of Supremacy, which was sworn on the Holy
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Paul Hilliard resigns his official positions with the BNP

The former contender for the BNP’s Leadership campaign, Paul Hilliard, has stepped down and his letter to Adam Walker, below, tells it like it is!   For many years, British nationalists have worked with our friend and fellow nationalist, Paul Hilliard, and now after ten
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What makes a good British Nationalist?

  You may wonder why I have included a photo of my Staffordshire bull terrier, Ozzie. So, let me explain. ‘Staffies’ are a pure English breed of dog and on researching their qualities, I have found, marked similarities in what I believe makes a good British Nationalist.
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Thought 4 Wednesday – 9th June 2015

Semitics and Semantics or Right and Wrong? By Lynne Mozar   You may wonder at this title and that is what I want you to do. Think about why such a title can exist and what it implies.   Now Semitics – are according to the Oxford Dictionary – “Relating to or denoting a
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The March for England in Blackpool

Despite the stormy weather, we managed to unfurl our flags and banner!   A group of us, from the North West and Stoke branches, attended the March for England, in Blackpool, yesterday. Before we got started, we took a photo on the promenade in extremely stormy weather. It
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