The British People

The British people are one of the most indigenous social groups in existence, DNA evidence shows that around 74.9% of the people who make up the English, Scots Welsh and Irish have an ancestry going back over 17,000 years within our Isles. The myth that we are a mongrel race is a
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Common Purpose – Evil Traitors in our Midst

  This article discusses some things that may be unwelcome to those who are afraid of the truth. As it expresses the fact that governments throughout the world are actively poisoning their own people, Britain included. If you are a truth seeker, as most of THE BRITISH VOICE
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Racist Labour MP Dianne Abbott and William Wilberforce

So Labour MP Diane Abbott gets away with racism. Now she says that she was referring to 19th century colonialism when she said, “white people like to divide and rule” but we all know she was talking about the present day. The problem with Abbott and many black people
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Anti-British BBC Clown Bill Oddie Loves Immigration

Yet another BBC (Bolsjewik Brainwashing Corporation) clone, or should I say clown, has spoken out in favour of his passion for foreigners and his hatred of his fellow Britons. Bill Oddie – evidently, by name and by nature – spends his time bird watching and trying to identify the
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The North East British Voice

The North East British Voice had its first outing today in North Shields town center. We handed out over 500 BV leaflets and the response from the public was very good. We also went armed with our new Banner, which certainly got us noticed. We only spent a couple of hours in the
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