Get Some Labour25 Envelope Stickers

THE LABOUR PAEDO PARTY –   I recently received a letter through the post which had a sticky label on the front, containing the words; LABOUR PAEDO PARTY. This, of course, is a reference to the FIFTY TWO (52) Labour Party officials – Labour Party
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Who is Responsible for the Enslavement of Britain?

  …The European Union? …The United Nations? …The Bankster Controllers? …Global Capitalists? …Communist Trade Unions? …Or Members of the House of Traitors & Frauds – Parliament?     The bankster controllers have enslaved Britain for centuries. They are
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Racist Labour MP Dianne Abbott and William Wilberforce

So Labour MP Diane Abbott gets away with racism. Now she says that she was referring to 19th century colonialism when she said, “white people like to divide and rule” but we all know she was talking about the present day. The problem with Abbott and many black people
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